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  1. Discussion topic: MystiriousDawn's HD Lensflare by MystiriousDawn Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: FO4 SUN by ramccoid Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Icy Mesh Remaster by Bionic Wiki Link It looks like someone finally fixed these ugly meshes.
  4. Discussion topic: Power Armor Hud No Transparency by hellstorm102 Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Roads Redone by Doodlezoid Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: LC's UHD Fungus Brain by Thecrusader93 Wiki Link Brains!
  7. Discussion topic: Far Harbor Pine branches 4K by MediAsylum Wiki Link From the screens, this looks like a very well-made, vanilla-friendly texture upgrade for the Far Harbor trees.
  8. Discussion topic: OpTicTrukZ's Plants and Herbs Revamped by OpticTrukZ Wiki Link These look very vanilla friendly.
  9. Discussion topic: Glowing Glass Fix by Kouta554 Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Security Overhaul SKSE - Some More Locks by PRieST47 Wiki Link Add-on for Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations
  11. Discussion topic: PSRO - Peripheral Scope Reticle Overhaul by The Seekker Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: Creation Club Open Helmets by Imperial2000 Wiki Link Since we are using ICH already, I think this would make sense to patch the armors added by CC.
  13. Discussion topic: aMidianBorn Content Addon by CaBaL, kryptopyr Wiki Link Could this be a good complement, and a good way also as guide to install the LE aMidianBorne- mods? Testing notes Install the Main File at same position of current aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE in Step 2.1.0 (disable that one) Install the Content Addon just after Do not disable aMidianBorn imperial light and studded or aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour mods Sort with LOOT This version essentially incorporates WACCF and needs a bit of patching, but it should work 99% without doing so. To account for some of this, the patch can be installed
  14. Discussion topic: Fixed Mesh Lighting by Catnyss Wiki Link On the hot files currently, this mod fixes meshes that are too bright in the shadows. Tree portion is incompatible with EVT, but the ice and plant fixes appear to be viable.
  15. Discussion topic: Glacier LOD Meshes by Phlunder Wiki Link Higher quality glacier LOD meshes. Oldrim page, but works on Special Edition no problem. Should be an easy compare/add. Mod testing notes: Install ONLY the Main File. Do not include the Cathedral landscapes textures. To maintain compatibility with Just Ice in LOD, run TexGen against the Step mod list, and copy/rename the following file in the TexGen Output ... textures/landscape/glacierslabnoalpha.dds textures/landscape/glacierslabnoalpha_n.dds to textures/lod/glacierslablod.dds textures/lod/glacierslablod_n.dds
  16. Discussion topic: Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Revamp by Step Modifications Wiki Link This is a revamp of Bellaches Pack with cleaned textures, upscales to better match HD DLC sizes, and many corrections to specular maps. Texture sizes are meant to resemble vanilla, however, a new 4K option is provided for the mammoths; since they are such large animals.
  17. Discussion topic: Retexture for The Scroll SE by MisterBanana17 Wiki Link This is a port of an LE mod that retextures the scrolls (the LE works fine in SE to). It enhance the feeling of finding scrolls in dungeons and so in a very suttle but nice way makes the scrolls feel a bit more "magic".
  18. Discussion topic: Armor and Clothing Extension by kryptopyr/Gamwich Wiki Link Note: Also nstall the SPID add-on with default config as of 2.1.0.
  19. Discussion topic: Solitude Mesh Fixes by MrNeverLost Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Better Dyndolod Red Mountain Plume by MrNeverLost Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Embers XD by mindflux Wiki Link NOTE: Embers XD is ENB compatible but performs nicely without ENB. LATEST COMPARES (v2.5.6 GLOW OPTIONS) Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Sconces: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Torches: Ultimate HD Torch (Step) > Inferno + Embers HD > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: Torch flames for Ultimate HD Torch and Inferno + Embers HD lick very fast. Embers XD flames lick more slowly and behave more realistically. Forge: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: FPS gain with Embers XD ... need someone to confirm.
  22. Discussion topic: Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Warmaiden's Holes by wSkeever Wiki Link Fixing a hole of Warmaiden but conflict with Whiterun Mesh Fixes. Picture test with current STEP. 1st Picture without mod. 2nd Picture with mod.
  23. Discussion topic: Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy by Gorgulla Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: Gloomy Glass - All transparent materials revised by SpringHeelJon Wiki Link Gloomy Glass balances the environmental effects on all transparent material files that is intended to replace Glowing Glass Fix. Gloomy Glass includes 13 BGEM files that are in Ultimate Window Overhaul and 132 BGEM files that have no conflicts.
  25. Discussion topic: Inferno - Fire Effects Redux by AUTHOR Wiki Link Dropped in v2.0.0 in favor of Embers XD.
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