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Found 130 results

  1. Discussion topic: Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes by wSkeever Wiki Link This fixes a bunch of small layout glitches by repositioning objects and replacing meshes in the Shalidor's Maze area, and it adds sunlight. Install: if used with Assorted Mesh Fixes, they should overwrite it. There is an ESL plugin, which must be enabled. Conflicts: there is a minor conflict with Atlas Map Markers, which AMM wins using LOOT. It must be patched if sunlight is desired (see below). Otherwise no conflict with the current WIP STEP setup as far as I can tell. Before > After of one of the more noticeable fixes: Before > After of sunlight and shadows - only works if conflict with AMM is resolved: See Nexus page for more comparison screenshots.
  2. Discussion topic: Armor and Clothing Extension by kryptopyr/Gamwich Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Enhanced Vanilla Textures - Shrines by Step Modifications Wiki Link Compares are on the mod page.
  4. Discussion topic: Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix by wSkeever Wiki Link Do you like tentacles and/or mesh fixes? Personally, the more mesh fixes, the better, except when it comes to sorting them all out when they overlap. I'll admit this one is kinda "niche". Refer to the Nexus page for screenshots. Or you can go to the entrance of the Derelict Pumphouse in Blackreach to see for yourself. Install: wherever and whenever, it's just meshes. Pros: doesn't overwrite anything else in the STEP guide. Cons: a bit pointless and unnecessary perhaps. Compares: Current STEP --> This mod
  5. Discussion topic: Embers XD by mindflux Wiki Link NOTE: Embers XD is ENB compatible but performs nicely without ENB. Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Sconces: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Torches: Ultimate HD Torch (Step) > Inferno + Embers HD > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: Torch flames for Ultimate HD Torch and Inferno + Embers HD lick very fast. Embers XD flames lick more slowly and behave more realistically. Forge: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: FPS gain with Embers XD ... need someone to confirm.
  6. Discussion topic: JS Shrines of the Divines SE by johnskyrim Wiki Link Ren's HD Shrines has transparency issues with ENB. I decided to test this competing mod to see if it provides a viable replacement. Compares: Vanilla --> Shrines of the Divines UD SE --> Ren's HD Shrines --> JS Shrines of the Divines SE
  7. Discussion topic: Shrines of the Divines UD SE by Tall-n-Mighty Wiki Link I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. I chose 2k options in the fomod for all options. Compares: Vanilla --> Shrines of the Divines UD SE --> Ren's HD Shrines --> JS Shrines of the Divines SE This mod is a simple texture upscale just to remove the blurriness of the original textures. Since Ren's HD Shrines and JS Shrines both take significant artistic liberties in redesigning the mesh, this may be a more welcome variant as far as the Mandate is concerned.
  8. Discussion topic: Aspens Ablaze by mindflux Wiki Link See mod page for screen compares for all versions. Those screens were created under Step WIP 2.0.0. I think "Autumnal" is the most vanilla-friendly option, and I think it is also the most realistic.
  9. Discussion topic: Skyrim Redesigned WIP by Dracomies Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Retexture for Soup by quilb Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire by quilb Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: Nightingale Prime HD by AncientVampire and ZeroFrost Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: N-R HD Display Case by Kobayashi345 Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: HD Misc by PasteAuthor(s) Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: HD Dark brotherhood door by KinderBueno Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: EASIER LOCKPICKING - Without Cheating - Nordic Retexture by Gamwich Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour by CaBaL120 Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: aMidianBorn imperial light and studded by CaBaL120 Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3 by z929669 Wiki Link Adds 3D hbrid trees to all versions of Aspens Ablaze Consider adding a DynDOLOD mesh rule for these aspens to be loaded with CR patch
  20. Discussion topic: Fixed Mesh Lighting by Catnyss Wiki Link On the hot files currently, this mod fixes meshes that are too bright in the shadows. Tree portion is incompatible with EVT, but the ice and plant fixes appear to be viable. Installation for Testing Modular Skip Trees Install only Vanilla Flora, 3D Snowberries, and 3D Juniper Install Artic and Landscape And Water Fixes Select nothing on creatures Place in alphabetical order in Models & Textures
  21. Discussion topic: Realistic Water Two SE by isoku/SparrowPrince/TechAngel85 Wiki Link
  22. Discussion thread: HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire by skyrimaguas Wiki Link
  23. Discussion thread: Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised by Aron Wiki Link
  24. Discussion thread: Skyrim Redesigned by Dracomies Wiki Link
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