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  1. Upon closer inspection of the files, Vokrii patch is skill-based too. They have to have the skill level in that skill to have the "chance" to get the perk. It's not as detailed as a personal patch would be, but it will work just as well as the Odin patch as a blanket approach. I have no issues using these for now. I think I would eventually want to create a more customized approach with the perks, though.
  2. Enemy (R)Evolution does a lot more too: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/37228?tab=articles So we could use the one you linked for ODIN and Vokrii while keeping some of the changes that come from Enemy (R)Evolution. EDIT: Upon close inspection, I would say the one for ODIN would be okay as NPCs will only get the spell if they have the skills to cast it (according to description). FIZZLE will also help in this department so NPCs don't end up with OP spells. However, I can't say the same for the Vokrii patch. It seems it just randomly assigns perks based on a % chance (according to description). Perks are a personal thing and I would rather see a more thought out approach to applying perks on a per NPC bases, rather than a blanket one based on chance. I, mean, you don't need a mage with heavy armor perks running around.
  3. In some case, yes. But the bigger fires are pretty fast and harsh when they're stacked, like in the farmhouse inns and large fireplaces. These could be toned down a bit. I agree. I think he just needs to tone it down in the main mod a bit. Compared to vanilla, they're all a bit too big. Not sure I care for the style in the braziers, yet. In vanilla, these are wider to fit the brazier. They're more piles with a "shaftier" style of flame with this mod. Possibly, but this also needs to be toned down in the main mod. I always use a particle setting of 4500 in BethINI so particles should be maxed out in most scenes for this game. For a fire, that's just too many particles coming off it too quickly. I love the effect, but that animation could be reduced by 50% of the particles and lengthened by 50% and it would be far more realistic. Honestly, it's likely just the cost of designing to support ENB. I know Sparrow and I have been at our wits end before attempting to support ENBs with RWT's assets. Finding that right balance is a very tricky thing to do.
  4. The only difference is I installed the yellow option since it's the closer to vanilla. I can try the orange, but it's just a color change. The issue of them being too big and intense will remain because that is coming from the mesh. Inferno's fire was a bit fast, but so is Embers XD. I've been around fires my whole life (grown up in the country) and experienced everything from campfires to bonefires to pasture fires. The flame animation is too fast in all the mods I've every tried so I gave up on factoring that in a long time ago. If Embers XD is chosen, we should pick the color that matches Luminosity the best since it's providing the ambient color for the interior spaces. The color of the fire source should match the color of the light produced. I have my own lighting mod that is complete for most farmhouse and Whiterun. It's more on the orange side because I was going for real-world interpreted into game-world. The color temperature of natural fire sources is 1800-2000K, which is fairly orange so I will try the orange version.
  5. So what's with the volcano of particles from the fireplaces and pits? Have you been in Riverwood's Inn? That one looks like someone tossed gas on it! The flames are a bit too bright and intense, imo. I ran around Riverwood and Whiterun looking at all the different ones. It would be good, if it wasn't for that intensity. The flames are also too big...they're busting through cooking pots. ...and that flame is far too big for that small firepit. The flames are up higher than the pots... There is are more issue when you really start looking around.
  6. This is essentially a resource for mod author, allowing them to more easily use SPID. There is another mod in testing that has a preset already done for Vokrii. EDIT: Correction, it has a preset for Odin, not Vokrii. We could use this to make our own for Vokrii or there might be one available elsewhere. In either case, this isn't a mod for users. It would be something we could use to make our own presets for the Guide.
  7. I think what I did was allow Vokrii to overwrite SPO and then was going to forward anything needed via the STEP Patches. This mod makes the choice of using the SPO perk tree over Vokrii's layout, so that would need to be determined if it is desired or not (I think I prefer Vokrii's). The final question to really ask is if we accept Vokrii, is SPO still needed/useful? (I would say it's not.) I find it curious that there's not been an official patch for it on their Hub.
  8. Discussion topic: More Informative Console by Linthar Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Regional Save Names by powerofthree Wiki Link
  10. MM's Doc say this: Basically, you can use either or to accomplish the same thing, however, DynDOLOD is recommended.
  11. Discussion topic: Better Dyndolod Red Mountain Plume by MrNeverLost Wiki Link
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  17. That metal in vanilla is actually suppose to be bronze and should match the Snow Elf ruins textures, the only other place you'll see that metal. That's the only complaint I have. It no longer matches those textures from vanilla.
  18. There's no reason for the Guide to have it. Most of what I do is to reduce support, in all honestly, and I've seen no additional support from having it in the Guide...so I have no idea why it's such as issue for @Omniguous. Obviously, I still see no point in dropping it. Removing it really only prevents accidental edits to masters, and again, no additional support has resulted. I've run with it since it was available and will continue to do so on my end. You guys do what you want.
  19. Remember in vanilla all NPC just go to the local inn, however, adding in any mod that changes this behavior (AI Overhaul) will throw off the compare. AI Overhaul has likely changed where some of the NPCs go so the inns aren't overcrowded, like in vanilla.
  20. This mod is suppose to be the successor to Embers HD. I kept an eye on it for a while as it wasn't anywhere near on par with Embers HD for the longest time. Might have developed enough to take a look now. It's colors were particularly bad for the longest time...far too orange to "feel" realistic in the game. I'll have to try it out when I get some time. Mesh There are a few graphical effects that (like flares), but most mesh.
  21. Yes, please post back if it fixes it. Honestly, the documentation on the Nexus page is confusing and not straightforward.
  22. For starters, documentation: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:XEdit#Launch_Arguments I think I originally had some text saying they were optional, but it's been edited so many times, who knows. Do you need them for just the Guide? No, not really. We're not instructing users to do anything that requires them. Honestly, the concern just sounds like over-zealous caution, but if the staff want to remove the arguments, they can have at it. However, if you don't know what you're doing...learn? There's nothing that you're going to do that isn't fixable. You're not going to learn anything without breaking some things first, but to each their own.
  23. You have something installed wrong because there are no conflicts. This mod is a mesh. Ultimate HD Torch is just textures.
  24. Yes. Not all conflicts are desired to be "resolved" via the patch. Some are just overwrites to other mods that are desired conflicts.
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