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  1. I'll vote... 256 for LOD16 1024 for LOD32 I just can't see any difference on LOD16 even in the snowy areas. Blew it up and it mainly looks like noise in the grand scheme, where there are slight differences. However, 1024 is a good improvement for the snowy areas, marsh, and tundra. (based on compares) @DoubleYou What was the size difference between 512 & 1024?
  2. If the 512 for LOD16 is getting rid of that banding, then I agree...if that is something else, then I can't really see much difference even in the area you pointed out. Not worth it, imo unless if gets rid of banding. As for LOD32, I totally agree that 1024 is a good improvement. However, from 1024 to 2048...not worth it again for the same reason as above. The difference isn't perceivable or just looks like noise is being added. I'm at 1080p, so if you're at a high res, that might be why you're seeing more detail change?
  3. This Guide has been updated The Guide has had a bit of a rewrite. All of the relevant information is still there, however, all remaining game-specific content has been reworked to be applicable to all games. Any game-specific content will be hosted within their Gamespaces or on subpages and linked to from within the Guide. Doing this focuses this Guide on ENBSeries, itself, rather than content specific to any single game. During this rewrite most of the "fluff" from the content was also removed, meaning if it wasn't adding anything relevant to the content it was removed or condensed. The additional random updates completed were: Several headings were renamed Removed or converted some unnecessary Alerts to FC templates Replaced the preformatted boxes with syntax enabled boxes All instruction sets were condensed using Spoilers Most of the ELE content was removed (most modules were never realized to full-release states before JawZ retired) As content expands for ENBSeries, it will likely be moved from this main Guide onto subpages.
  4. Templated updated The TOC for the Template:Alert was outside the "noinclude" area, thus the template was forcing a TOC to display even on pages that had __NOTOC__ set. The template page's TOC has been moved inside the "noinclude" area to fix this issue.
  5. Template has been updated Updated on Live and Dev to remove the optional "content title". It's no longer needed now that all the pages have been converted to use PageTitle.
  6. If you're using MO in portable, then you can just take the entire MO folder and move it to the other PC. Paths and stuff should match to make things easier, else you may have to update some paths for tools, game, etc. If you installed using Instance, like we recommend, then you should just be able to take your profile folder and move that to the other PC after you've installed MO on that PC separately. Still, you may have to adjust paths, etc.
  7. Ah... I was looking for something like that but couldn't find it! The developers of the forum software have not made it easy to track down settings.
  8. I checked the spam logs and I don't see your email in there, but that could still be the issue.
  9. My guess is it's the usual email address.
  10. @z929669 Brought some of the information I already stated onto the wiki: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/NoMansSky:IndexDevelopment#How_it_works
  11. No idea where you got that idea. Entity is a header on the Index page; they're related to GameFiles. The headings on the Index page were arbitrarily decided upon. They're simply how the content was decided to be arranged for the Index. How is this confusing you? It's an Index... ...why are you trying to reinvent names? It's an Index, call it an index... Ugh...I have a bad feeling you still don't get how it's all put together, but I'll see what you mock up.
  12. And, yes, I insist to do it their way. We brought them onboard, we need to continue to support what they were doing on their other wiki, else, the offer should have never been made. So, yeah, we may have some specific things for NMS. I've said it many times, it's a different game and they do things a different way. We need to stop trying to cram it into the "Bethesda box" that everything else is built around. I agree that we can reuse were it makes since so tutorials are just Guides (but even our Guides are subcategorized into tools, etc). Keep in mind that all this which is reused will have to be able to be drilled down into just NMS-specific "guides" or "references". See those pages now for examples.
  13. You're creeping into thing you don't need to creep into...focus. Index...index...index. Ignore everything else and lets focus on the Index. The rest can come later.
  14. I added some basic descriptions to the table on the page: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/NoMansSky:IndexDevelopment#Top-level_Cats
  15. Reference is just a general category to hold all references of a subject. So content about Global files may not cover a specific GameFile, or needs to be listed on the Index because it's been manually listed. Therefore, it's captured in just the Reference Cat. Tutorials should be self explanatory. It holds all content that are tutorials (teaching you do to something). All this has already been explained above, I think.
  16. Okay, but per the two questions you posted and are now gone: GameFiles || content that covers an actual file of the game. So a page about camera globals files would be categorized as a GameFile, but also a "Global". Textures and meshes would be categorized as a GameFile, but also a texture or a mesh. Etc. The Index is just that, yes the ending of a book. That is what they wanted, Lo2K said:
  17. So is what you're saying that the top-level Cats (like, NoMansSky Index, NoMansSky GameFile, etc) should be properties and then defined by the text that I currently have in the Property column on the Index conversion table? So... [[GameFile::Global]] [[Index::Global]] [[Resources::Global]] If so then we'll have both Cats and Properties that are mainly 1:1? Cats used for general categorization and Properties used for refining those Cats into specific lists?
  18. Discussion topic: Windrex by WinderTP Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Step NoMansSky Resource Files by Step Curators Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Space Station Interior Fix by Lo2k Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Sensible Planetary Charts by aFaern Wiki Link
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  25. Discussion topic: PSArcTool by Periander Wiki Link This topic is held for consistency purposes. Please use the topic below for PSArcTool discussion, support, etc:
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