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  1. I reached out the Arthmoor and he considers them to be separate settlements, despite the name similarity. You can see that conversation here for confirmation:
  2. I always thought this was two separate towns because there is a very small difference in the name: Helarchen Creek Heljarchen However, you caused me to look deeper and it seems the names are interchangable: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Heljarchen I find it odd that Arthmoor would do the same town in town different places in different mods.
  3. Sounds like it should be fairly easy to replicate. Create a favorite group, upgrade one of the items (I assume they mean at a forge) or drop it and pick it back up (this seems obvious if you drop an item it would be removed from the group?), and then try to equip that group using the group hotkey.
  4. Correct. They will use whatever textures are installed. The sunset files are like a picture of clouds during a sunset. Theses aren't like normal clouds in that they are static for the hour or two they last.
  5. Yes, that is correct. This both do the same thing and Odin for NPCs does a lot more.
  6. Nope. Different style vs vanilla so that would likely break mandate.
  7. CW doesn't add new clouds, though I does redo sunsets, which are colored clouds. It only adds additional cloud layers for weathers via plugin. There are 28 layers that could all be filled with clouds for each weather in the game. CW simply uses more vs vanilla and then adds it's sunsets.
  8. It hides the edge of the world (horizon seam), for those not using Cathedral Weathers. Still looks fine and works fine with Cathedral Weathers, too.
  9. Any mod you find in v1 isn't going to have much conversation on the forums about it, if any. That's when I was still basically running the show alone so there was no one to discuss things with...that includes staff and the 2-3 users that actually participate in some of our discussions regarding mods for the Guides.
  10. I set all my menus to 60, as well, and noticed some smoother effects on the loading screens when I did so (used to flicker a bit). Granted, think I have vsync off due to dev and testing.
  11. This mod does the same as the one below but the latter covers WAY more (52 spells for Odin vs a handful from this mod), so if Odin is accepted the Odin INI from this mod needs to not be used. I'm not using this for Odin. I use the latter for Odin: This mod's primary purpose is to distribute Skills and Perks, altering the gameplay around Skills and Perks. It's a Skills and Perk mod and I would never consider it anything else.
  12. Yeah, it's not a bug. It just forces this behavior, which is was the default behavior for LE, I think. They changed it for SE and this mod puts that behavior back.
  13. Yes. Marked this accepted. No idea why it was under Testing as it's in the old LE Guides and SE v1 Guide.
  14. I'm fine with that. If we need any specific INI settings maintained, we can do so by including our own with with Patches.
  15. I just used 50% to give it a 50/50 chance of giving perks out to NPCs or not.
  16. The instructions are old. That is the Dev Guide and shouldn't be followed. Many of the settings were moved to the advanced GUI since those were written.
  17. If DynDOLOD is going to be moved to Utilities, it would make sense this one fits the bill, as well.
  18. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12650
  19. Seriously? First time that's been an issue. I'll try adding exclusion before disabling.
  20. Running the latest, I keep getting this message on various textures while running TexGen: It keeps doing it on various textures, all with the same content message...almost like it's running out of memory or something. Here are to of my runs: TexGen_SSE_log.txt TexGen_SSE_Debug_log.txt EDIT: It's hung a couple times on that woodwall01_n.dds normal map, which is being provided by Realistic Wood Textures. Hiding this texture results in SRO providing the texture, which still causes the error. Hiding it again so that vanilla is providing the texture results in a bypass to only hang on stonewall01.dds (provided by SRO).
  21. This mod seems to lack some polish. A quick run around and I found several issues... First up is the bark textures lack consistency in their quality. Some are on pare with EVT; however, where it really should count, it falls short. For example, on the left is EVT for comparison sake on quality, on the right is one of this mod's trees. These are huge trees, which need a HQ texture to compensate for their size. Else, you end up with have we have here, which is just a blurred texture from being stretched too much. There are also noticeable mapping/skinning issues. Second up for textures are those "ash" trees. I feel the lighting is too dark on the texture, mesh, or both. They should be more lit than they are. Third up are the floaters...they are everywhere! Granted part of this might be mod compatibility (haven't checked), but some of those are a bit high off the ground to be just compatibility. Besides the issues above, I don't mind the direction/style the author has chosen and presented. Of the issues above, the floaters would need to be address before I could vote a 'yes' for this mod's inclusion. Most of these look like simple mistakes from using the "F" key to "floor" objects in the CK. They likely hit the object bounds of another nearby object and didn't quite make it to the ground. Hitting the key once or twice more would solve all of these. Personally, I would manually drag them down to ensure enough of the bottom is in the ground to account for possible changes to the landscape by mods.
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