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Dear Diary Dark Mode - SkyUI Menus Replacer SE (by uranreactor)

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Dear Diary Dark Mode (texts - warm color) by uranreactor
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This version fits well with Vanilla Skyrim. It is highly customizable and  in combination with SkyHUD by Fhaarkas it is great (scalable compass and bars). It has a very nice start-menu and a favorites menu with and additional shouts tab. The only thing which I do not like to much are the red buttons.

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It's very nice, works very well, and can be customized according to user preferences.

I didn't care for the original Dear Diary "Paper" mod but this is completely different. The "golden" UI gives me faint and distant nostalgic vibes for Morrowind.

7 hours ago, Pug said:

The only thing which I do not like to much are the red buttons.

You mean the red arrow that points at selected/equipped items? Yes it can feel a bit out of place somehow but I quickly got used to it.

I don't like the 3D cursor but it's an option that can be skipped in the FOMOD installer.

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