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Convenient Reading UI (by uranreactor)


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Convenient Reading UI - SE by uranreactor
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Quality of life improvements for the book menu:

  • Adjusted book position on the screen
  • Faster book opening animation
  • Faster page turn animations
  • Configurable book/note font size
  • Configurable bottom bar elements
  • Compatible with any font replacer
  • No more laser-printed book integrated

Mod Accepted for 2.0.0 See this post and following posts.

ESPFE plugin. Can  be added/removed anytime.

The main benefits for me are the configurable font size (smaller than vanilla by default, no more giant text intended for console users), the faster animations and the ability to hide the reading UI.

NOTE: If used with STEP, the fBookOpenTime=500 setting in the 'Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch' INI should be removed so that users can adjust as desired in 'Convenient Reading' INI.

Vanilla > STEP > STEP + Convenient Reading UI


Suggested Convenient Reading INI edits:

  • sBookStealTextColor=0xFF0000 to display 'Steal' in red
  • Adjust iBookFontSize and iNoteFontSize according to taste/preferences

Compatibility with Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim (by mfcfbro):

The 'Realistic Print' option of Font Overhaul conflicts with this mod, and the former wins over the latter when sorted alphabetically in the UI modgroup. If Convenient Reading is to be accepted in the STEP guide, I'd recommend not checking the 'Realistic Print' option in the FOMOD installation instructions of Font Overhaul, to avoid the conflict and have Convenient Reading work as intended.

Following are some screenshots to illustrate the effects, from left to right:

  • Standard STEP: Font Overhaul with 'Realistic Print' option installed, without Convenient Reading
  • Same + Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul
  • Font Overhaul without 'Realistic Print' option installed, with Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul


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6 hours ago, z929669 said:

What's meant by laser-printed? Does the font on the pages look more like handwritten ink or something?

Yeah that's the idea. It's supposed to make the text slightly less sharp (akin to bleeding ink) and less super black. To be honest I haven't paid attention to this aspect and didn't really notice it. It doesn't change the font itself, or the paper textures.

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8 hours ago, Mousetick said:

Updated OP with a note about compatibility with Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim.

Is the issue caused by FO overrriding /interface/book.swf? I have this mod sorted just after FO in my MO left pane. We'll probably just use this ModGroup sort order if sorting alphabetically is the cause.

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19 minutes ago, z929669 said:

Is the issue caused by FO overrriding /interface/book.swf?

Yes that's it. But it only happens if you select the 'Realistic Print' option in FO's FOMOD. This file doesn't get installed otherwise. It's not part of the Font Overhaul per se, it's more like an add-on. I'm recommending that this option not be selected in FO because a) its function is redundant with Convenient Reading's 'No more laser-printed book' feature and b) it "breaks" Convenient Reading.

TLDR: You don't need FO's Realistic Print option if you use Convenient Reading. So make your life easier and don't select it. Then there will be no conflicts and installation order won't matter.

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Just to affirm install options for this and Font Overhaul, I'm posting some screens. I agree with Mousetick that placement of this mod alphabetically is fine as long as we don't install the FO "Realistic Print" option.

Most vanilla-like options for FO:

Without this mod:

SkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-16-21-57.jpgSkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-22-00-58.jpg

With this mod (defaults for font size, adding Mousetick's suggestion for 'steal' font color, & reverting this mod's settings to Skyrim defaults [ bHideBookBG=true & bHidePageTurnButton=true ]):

SkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-34-40-19.jpgSkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-34-57-89.jpg

Step options for FO:

Without this mod:

SkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-25-43-67.jpgSkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-25-59-71.jpg

With this mod (defaults for this mod's INI):

SkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-29-16-46.jpgSkyrimSE 2021-12-12 13-29-44-83.jpg

My suggestions for both mods: Defaults for FO but using vanilla note font instead of the FO default. Default INI for this mod except for sBookStealTextColor=0xFF0000.

SkyrimSE 2021-12-12 14-05-14-54.jpgSkyrimSE 2021-12-12 14-05-23-37.jpg


Alternatively, we can consider using the FO default note font and consider setting bHideBookBG=false for better readability of the 'steal' option when it's present. I don't think the page-turn instruction is necessary, but I could go either way with these other settings.


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