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Oxygen Meter (by powerofthree)


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21 minutes ago, Mercury71 said:

Tested it and it works nice.

Yep. There's a nicer version, but it hasn't been updated for latest Skyrim AE: Oxygen Meter 2. It also apparently has compatibility issues with some other UI mods, that I haven't experienced myself.

Funny story: As I was testing some other mods, I noticed that the meter didn't show anymore when underwater. Convinced that there was something wrong with this mod, I went on a troubleshooting spree. I couldn't figure out why the meter would show some times, but not others. It turns out God Mode gives waterbreathing ability :doh:

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Works for me and is a good enhancement that removes the issue of not knowing when you are about to start drowning. I think it fits the Mandate, since in reality, one whould know when one is about to start drowning, but this is impossible in a game without an indicator. It's subtle and non-invasive, IMO.

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