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  1. Has been updated for both SE and AE. Note that some features have been "disabled" because they're buggy and/or can cause performance issues, but it's unclear from the changelog (and the outdated mod description) if they are still implemented and off by default, or entirely removed. Out of precaution I have set 'GetEquipped Fix' to false in the INI. Refer to changelog, bug reports and comments for more details.
  2. I've been using this too. It's great. I install all possible options and let it overwrite everything - like Flickering Mesh Fixes. It can overwrite everything because it incorporates the changes of the meshes it conflicts with (when FOMOD compatibility options are selected). FOMOD options: Modular Flora + Trees + Ice + Creatures Vanilla Flora + 3D Snowberries + 3D Junipers None Trees + Assorted Mesh Fixes + SMIM + Aspens Ablaze Autumn Arctic + Landscape and Water Fixes + Unofficial Material Fix Before: STEP Base (vanilla exterior lighting) + DVLaSS > After: STEP Base + DVLaSS + Fixed Mesh Lighting
  3. The guide instructs users to install SMIM Lanterns (option checked in FOMOD), and then later on the SMIM meshes are overwritten by this mod, effectively making the SMIM meshes and textures useless. So I'm confused about the real intent. Which lanterns are actually desired: the SMIM ones or the Ruins Clutter Improved ones? /meshes/clutter/common/candlelanternwithcandle01.nif from Vanilla > SMIM/ELFX > Ruins Clutter Improved:
  4. I wish I could tell you but I have no clue about LOD stuff in general and DynDOLOD in particular. The mountain cliffs in question are not in the distant terrain, they're right there in your face and form the boundaries of the Labyrinthian area, with the stone walls built into them. All I can tell you is what the MA did to enable exterior lighting and allow sun to shine through properly: Remove the 'Fixed Dimensions' flag and center field on the Shalidor's Maze worldspace record (that's this tiny edit which conflicts with Atlas Map Markers). Make mountain cliffs meshes bordering the area double-sided. Flag those same meshes so they cast shadows. Replace the vanilla meshes with the custom meshes via cell record edits, so the custom meshes are only used by this plugin and only in those cells. That's all there is to it. The remainder of the plugin relates to the layout & object placement fixes. Edit: The same MA have another mod No Sunlight Through Mountains in which they say: All the jargon reads like gobbledygook to me. Perhaps it all makes sense to DY?
  5. By the way I'd been meaning to follow up on that. The SMIM FOMOD options for 'Ropes - 3D Dungeons' are misleading: Dungeons 3D Ropes and Glorious Scaffolding Dungeons 3D Ropes If you select #2, you might think you only get 3D ropes. That's not true. It also installs all the scaffolding meshes - which is good! The only difference is that the "questionable" wood textures are not installed.
  6. I'm just going to hide the faulty Solitude mesh from Flickering Mesh Fixes for the time being, reverting to original SMIM. I don't want any sails on the windmills...
  7. Yeah but won't all windmills get sails then? Seems that would be a pretty drastic change.
  8. At the risk of sounding cynical, I suspect the switch to a newer toolset (Visual Studio) for AE was not borne out of a desire to improve anything, but was rather a requirement from Microsoft to release AE on the latest Xbox consoles. Let's not forget BGS is now part of MS. After all, all the CC content packaged with AE was already available for SE 1.5.x and was designed/supported for SE. Skyrim 1.6.x on PC is just a side-effect, and as usual PC users got the shorter end of the stick
  9. I think its Solitude Windmill mesh is bugged. It assumes the rotor has sails and it uses a non-existent texture. SMIM > Flickering Mesh Fix Anyone else can confirm?
  10. A few remarks and clarifications: In the screenshots above, 'Before' is STEP without the mod, 'After' is STEP with the mod. It's not possible to hide 2sided_mountaincliff*.nif. As I said, these are unique meshes used exclusively by the plugin, they don't overwrite anything. If you hide them, they disappear from the landscape and all that remains are the walls. Without the mod, the mountain cliffs meshes used are from 'Majestic Mountains' and 'Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes'. With the mod, the 2sided_mountaincliff*.nif meshes appear to be tweaked versions of vanilla meshes. According to the MA, the custom 2sided meshes are necessary "so that the sun doesn't shine through the backside of mountains." The mod has no dependency on any specific lighting setup. It simply enables exterior lighting, it doesn't matter which is used. The screenshot showing sunlight and shadows above was taken using vanilla exterior lighting.
  11. Yes. Original GDO is A and UHDAP patch is B. The lower volume in B seems to be consistent with the voice volume in UHDAP. Voice line A has more hiss and other noise than B, but it's pretty subtle.
  12. I don't know how I'd be able to test them in-game because these specific GDO voice lines are heard only under specific circumstances and the trigger logic is in GDO. I converted them to WAV and I can hear a difference in quality when played on a music player with headphones. Whether it's worth installing yet another (incomplete) patch mod for that, I don't know. You folks can decide. I've attached one sample for A/B testing. Can you tell which is which? voice line A.wav voice line B.wav
  13. Discussion topic: Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB by wSkeever Wiki Link I've had this in my modlist for a while and I don't even use ENB so I have no idea if it's effective or not. I'm posting this in case it helps with the ENB setup STEP is using. It's reportedly similar to the ENB transparency patch for Footprints. Should be easy to test: they are just mesh replacements. They don't even overlap with any other mesh fix mods - and I've got a crapton of them! Just plug and play. Refer to the Nexus page for pictures and more info.
  14. Discussion topic: Guard Dialogue Overhaul - UHDAP Patch by mnikjom Eckss sharrken Wiki Link Guard Dialogue Overhaul - UHDAP Patch (by mnikjom) restores the "HD" voices from the Unofficial High Definition Audio Project for use by GDO (which comes with its own voice files). Not all of them, mind, but a large portion of them. Not sure why, the patch MA only says "Not everything is covered yet. I wasn't able to find some voice lines." There is no plugin. Can be installed anywhere/anytime, the loose files from the patch will override GDO's BSA.
  15. The mod uses custom meshes for some mountain cliffs apparently in order to prevent issues when exterior lighting is enabled. Upon closer inspection, these meshes look inferior in quality than without: Before > After Caveat emptor. Edit: For clarity's sake, I should mention that these custom mountain cliff meshes are used exclusively by this mod's plugin, and as such, the visual degradation (depending on taste) is limited to Shalinor's Maze cell(s). They have no impact on the rest of the world.
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