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Rustic Clothing (by Gamwich)


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I disagree that these aren't worth getting excited about, and I think what's already released is certainly worth including in STEP.  The improvement is significant over anything else that exists, and while it might not cover all clothing yet, the textures that have been released are in a finished state.  STEP similarly includes other mods that aren't yet "complete" in coverage and sometimes even mods that retexture a single item.

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I don't particularly like Gamwich's style for leather, but otherwise, these textures are just...





P.S. Nice, thread gets refreshed by new reply and some imbecile instantly got reminded to downvote my other post even further. Very funny.

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That same can be asked of all the mods currently in testing. The answer is time. The mods currently being accepted are mainly because the Staff have been using them during gameplay. The community needs to jump in to do some work if they want us to look at mods we've yet to personally use. Else, we'll get to them when we get to them.

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I'm really enjoying Gamwich's clothing textures. The speed with which he is updating is amazing. He is already on version 12. To my mind this overhaul is akin to the work that Cabal has done with the armors. I think given time it will be viewed as the new clothing standard. This is a significant improvement over vanilla.

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Agreed... and now that he has significantly more done, I certainly have no problems recommending them. All are in vanilla style, nothing outlandish, so I think it means mandate for Core inclusion. Assuming nothing major changes in that regard, of course, over the next updates.

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an update (version 24.0) has been published by gamwich today


I'm actually having a look into some example and it seems totally in the vanilla lore and better for some clothes than what we have in the actual step choice


Of course it's depend on everyone's taste.



VERSION 24.0 adds the Jester outfits, both male and female. The original textures were an eyesore, to be honest. They looked more like pig farmers, since they were covered in muck. Hardly the garb an entertainer would wear. They are now more fitting for a bringer of merriment. The coin buttons are a not so subtle reminder to their audience that these entertainers make their living off donations.

The current mod contains the Wench, the Barkeeper, the Chef, the Blacksmith, the Miner, the Prisoner, the Beggar, Farm Clothes 01, Farm Clothes 02, the Mourners clothes, Farm Clothes 03, Farm Clothes 04, the Merchant clothes, Fine Clothes 01, Fine Clothes 03, the Wedding Clothing, Yarl Clothing, Yarl Clothing 02, the Graybeard Robes, the Redguard outfits, the Thalmor outfits, The Sheogorath outfit, the Mystic Tuning Gloves, the Emperor/Empress outfits, the Yarl Clothing 03 outfits, the Executioner outfit, and the Jester outfits.


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