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  1. still don't understand why this isn't even flagged for testing. if this does the exact same thing as xp32 with additional features that would greatly enhance future step packs, then why isn't this the default? what are the issues?
  2. holy crap. that video! I'm going to have to test this out.
  3. the video tutorial is gold. it's better and faster then trying to follow a text based how-to. just relax and don't worry as to how long it is. it's worth it. you'll understand the process much better if you follow along with it.
  4. it appears that the BB code in the OP needs to be corrected. very unreadable.
  5. it'll be interesting to see how your immersive animals compares to skytest. looking forward to it
  6. I agree, this is one of the greatest mods for any game that i've ever experienced. I actually think it should be part of STEP Extended
  7. would you be willing to make said file available for others?
  8. LOOT says "contains 1 ITM records. Clean with TES5Edit. ...." the step guide, nor the wiki mentions that this should be 'cleaned'. To clean, or not to clean? What shall I do?
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