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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for the update. It's awesome to see that there is still life in REGS. It's always been one of my favourite packs.
  2. Lucidity Sound FX has updated to v1y, so there is no need to also install the update (which upgrades version v1x to v1y) as per the instructions. Apologies if I am reading this incorrectly.
  3. Personally I think it demeans STEP to give an open platform for ideological views. I have some strong opinions on the above but I don't log onto STEP discuss them. It's the wrong forum for that kind of discussion. All you will end up doing is alienating a section of the community. Let me finish with a quote from Melaran to get back on topic. 'Look at that. I've told you to watch your tongue and mine is waddling. I've said enough."
  4. Here is my feedback from a relatively long term user. I still use REGS in pretty much its current form. Over time I have removed some of the location mods - mainly thirteen oranges - because they didn't quite fit into my sense of Skyrim. They made the world feel smaller by filling up the blank space. My preference nowadays is too expand existing locations with mods like Greater Saarthal and Old Hroldan Ruins. I've dropped most of the Enhancement section of REGS over time - simply because those things didn't bother me enough to need a mod to fix them. I also tend to toggle on and off the quest mods depending on the play through I am doing instead of leaving them permanently in my load order - that's no reflection on the mod selection - just how I like to do things and it gives more purpose to my character's story arc. I stopped using Interesting NPC's for a few reasons but keep the excellent Inconsequential NPC's permanently in my load order. Anyway, hope that helps as some feedback.
  5. Haha, well I'm no expert. Just sharing my experiences. Try deleting your "infected" saves and see if that helps resolve the problem. Cheers
  6. I've had the dreaded save game bug once before. From my research it is very rare and has been around for a long time, well before CACO came on the scene. The solution I found was to load a save prior to the bug infecting the game. For me that was about 10 saves or 3 hours back then delete all other saves after that point. It fixed the problem and didn't involve changing the load order in any way. It's a bit of an unknown and from my understanding has the potential to spread to saves in other profiles so it doesn't appear mod related but more to do with the saving mechanic. Is this accurate? I have no idea, it's just what others reported. The process I used worked however there are probably other solutions available. I've always loaded iNeed after CACO without any issues. I don't use LOOT.
  7. You should check out this youtuber. They have lots of great tutorials and have helped me out a bunch! Sorry, couldn't help myself :p
  8. Ghosts. No. However I can't logically explain the incident that happened when I was housesitting an old semi in Bondi for a friend. Middle of the night I felt this heavy dark "presence" in the room. The owners cat was sleeping on the bed with me. It woke up and started hissing aggressively at something only it could see in the room. Very freaky. I got up and let the cat out of the room and it ran around the house like it was insane. As I walked to the bathroom I passed through the living room and the temperature in that one room was freezing cold, like ice, in the middle of the Australian summer! I didn't sleep there again after that. When my "friend" returned I asked them if there was anything strange with the house. They casually said, "Oh yeah, it's definitely haunted". Handy information to know before agreeing to housesit! Aliens. Yes. Saw a UFO when I was a kid.
  9. Gamwich just posted that once he finishes the vanilla clothing (he only has the robes to go) he will start work on the DLC clothing! This would no doubt include the HF children's clothing, DG Moth Priest robes and the DB Dunmer outfits, Telvanni and Cultist robes. Honestly I am a huge fan of this overhaul. When viewed in game the clothes look stunning. There is no comparison to vanilla. It will be interesting to see what he does with the College Robes.
  10. I'm with Tech. My 760 4GB is plenty enough to run Skyrim. I'll probably upgrade when FO4 GOTY comes out and use alongside STEP pack recommends for all the cool mods.
  11. Finally found some time to work on the controller setup. I'm applying SRB's format to Antimicro. Could someone please tell me what the keyboard buttons are for the following and whether they are default in the F&L MCM setup. Thanks Vision mode Stealth Sprint. Is this Caps Lock? Is it a toggle? Ammo Select. Is this 2? Fire Mode Weapon Down / Zoom Out Weapon Up / Zoom In
  12. @baronaatista. It's a valid concern because we have all seen this happen. Now, I can't speak for Kryptopyr, but I can assure you she is very good at keeping within the boundaries of a mod's scope and isn't prone to feature creep. If you take another look at the change list you will see that everything is related to alchemy and cooking. The overall goal is to make using the mod a much more rewarding experience; fixing vanilla harvests, improving ingredient sounds, tweaking skill gain, new ways of acquiring ingredients, informing the player, etc. As for updates, well only time will tell of course. Chesko has recently announced on his Skyrim Survival Website that "Last Seed was developed in close collaboration with Kryptopyr, author of Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul, in order to ensure maximum compatibility. Last Seed is designed to work extremely well with CACO, much like Frostfall and Wet and Cold". So as you can see there is more planned for CACO moving forward.
  13. CACO has updated to 1.2. There are quite a few additions. Check the change log for full details. Randomised number of eggs in all bird’s nests and chicken nests now spawn every 24 hours.Over 40 new load screens that feature CACO-related alchemy tips. Can be toggled off in the MCM.Completely overhauled all of Ingredient sounds, including the addition of several new custom sounds. Ingredients now use more appropriate sounds and don't just default to the same generic pickup/drop sounds.70 new sulphur deposits added to the sulphur pools south of Windhelm that can be mined with a pickaxe.When doing the Farming Job quest, the player will now be paid for multiple crops instead of receiving 1 gold per item. You can adjust the number of crops required for payment using new MCM options.Squash and Potato plants will now yield multiple items when harvested, and the yield of BYOH potato plant has been increased from 3 to 5.Increased the speed that the Alchemy skill levels by 25%.Edited the vanilla alchemy recipes and alchemy-related texts so that they reflect the changes CACO makes to the ingredient properties.Flesh can now be harvested from NPCs using any dagger or a scalpel without the need for the Anatomist perk.Reworking of bombs so they no longer edit Race data and are useable by vampires.Damage Undead poisons now work correctly.Added items to vendor lists for easier availability.Bug fixes.
  14. Thanks Grant. You are a champion! Shame I couldn't convince you to travel to Sydney to do my F&L installation. Although there is only so much beer we could drink before the install would have exploded into a fiery mess! @darkside. I'll be happy to share my results. I think SRB's controller layout is ideal and closely mimics Skyrim. I just hope I can set up AntiMicro the same way. I'll let you know. Cheers. Edit* Found this link which will be helpful in setting up AntiMicro. It can recognise when keys are held, walk zones can be set on the joystick and profiles saved and shared. Plus it's free and open source. It's looking like a winner! Thanks Audley for the recommend. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=575872286
  15. Thanks Grant. However I'm still drawing a bit of a blank. I downloaded the entire file and in the windows sub-folder there is a file AntiMicro_64.wxs. Problem is my computer can't recognise a .wxs file extension. https://imgur.com/lb9cU9y I'm wondering if this should be dropped into the xbox 360 controller folder, wherever that may be hiding in my computer? Trouble is I can't find any instructions anywhere. My Google Fu is waning. What surprises me is that normally this sort of information - Games, controllers, PC's should have a plethora of instructions on the net. Perhaps Audley and I are the only ones using controller! Why isn't there an executable in the main folder in the download? I'm clearly missing something. :)
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