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Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul (by Xarrian and Ogerboss)


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I also love Alternate Start by Arthmoor as we're talking about things that change how the game is played (or at least started).

I've just tried Alternate Start for the first time today, and I must say, this might just get me back in game!


It's so much more fun to just skip the boring cut scenes after you've seen them a thousand times before, and you don't have to do the same things you'd normally do for the first hour, regardless of the character you're playing.

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I'm not working on this yet at all, in fact I just installed Skyrim today on a fresh OS to test out STEP 2.2 and get going with STEP Thunderbolt again. My internet has been down for a week and I discovered I had been neglecting other RL issues that I am still working on. So no work in the foreseeable future. After I finish Thunderbolt and the Post Processing Pack, I'll start working on my Morrowind pack and this will get a lot of examination, probably around the holidays.

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I have tried this mod for amost 50 hours of gameplay. It is a must have if you want a realistic and challenging game. It makes the combat really deadly (you can kill the majority of the enemies with one shot, but also the enemies can do that) and it adds a lot of details to the world, some big (Like the time game, that has been increased, and the fact that the world will not level with you, the difficult is static) and some small (like when you exit from the house, this one will be locked, and all the animal and monster loot has been modified to be more realistic. you will not find money when you kill an animal, but fur, raw meat and heart, and other organic things).

I have played this mod with a STEP installation, but i had to cut off some mod's (like the werale lanterns one, for scripting problem and the increased greeting distance, because the Requiem mod has already a fix for that) in order to play. I had no CTD (exept for some freezes time to time...) in 50 hous of game, and i'm playing it with almost 100 mods.


P.S. English is not my language, sorry for possible mistakes :P

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The enemies in vanilla TES 4 (Oblivion) were almost all scaled. The game was greatly improved IMO by mods that changed this into more reasonable behavior. Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO), for example, changed it using a strategy I prefer to see in computer role playing games. Enemies had a minimum level and a maximum level, and had scaling between these two limits where the scaling depended on the player character level. The problem for me with fixed levels, a strategy that Oldschool Roleplaying Overhaul seems to use, is that combat is only interesting IMO over a narrow range of player character levels. If the enemy is much too high or too low a level relative to my character level then combat is either much too hard and frustrating or nearly trivial. Since you don't usually know what level the enemies are in any particular quest, it is hard to know when to do that quest. Allowing limited scaling such as that used in OOO gives a range of character levels for each quest over which the quest is interesting and challenging.


Of course, if you play RPG board games then either the quest itself was often setup (sometimes based on player character levels) so fixed enemy levels worked fine or the gamemaster could provide some scaling during setup if needed.

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I'm still not into gameplay-changing mods' date=' even if i'm a strong hardcore/realism/basicneeds lover. But i'm just scared of messing with them and i prefer to focuse of making the vanilla skyrim plain perfect and polished, both visually and gameplay.[/quote']

I agree with this sentiment. While I love the D&D esque leveling compared to what we have now, S.T.E.P. is meant to refine and polish what Skyrim has to offer, not to overhaul and change mechanics. Of course, since S.T.E.P. (I assume) plans to re-introduce the packs, this could always been included in one of the Realism Packs or whatever it would be called.

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