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  1. By chance, have you heard of Wabbajack? It's a completed automatic installer for modlists that supports several games, Skyim and Skyrim SE included. I don't exactly know how it works, but apparently you just load the modlist and the instructions present in the modlist tells the program what to download and how to install it all. Not sure of the ethical concerns (if any) or what have you, but thought I'd bring it to your attention.
  2. I've been lurking for years here and it's sad to see you step back! However, you have to do what you think is best for yourself. Good luck and I think many people here would wish you the best!
  3. For those that are not yet Humble Monthly Subscribers. If you subscribed this month, you get XCOM 2! I looked at the previous months and for 12$/month, it seems like an incredibly awesome deal.
  4. For fans of some classic games, Ultima I - VII are free for Origin Access subscribers. (So not really free but, it's only 5$/month!)
  5. You didn't like Revelations?! I loved all of 2-Revelations. I hated some of the additional things such as the base defense, but it was mostly optional. Maybe I was just so drawn into the world by time I got to Revelations. However, I agree about AC3. While I did play all the way through it and beat it, it was definitely a low point in the series. Black Flag improves on it in almost everyway though! Also, it has now launched as free.
  6. Found this from the SKSE team on their mod forum: "We are actively in touch with the SkyUI team. The major hold-up for SkyUI on SSE is actually the internal SKSE64 work to support it. Snakster did that originally for SKSE. We are investigating and will implement the SKSE64 hooks that SkyUI needs. Once that work is done the effort to get SkyUI up and running should be minimal. Whether the SKSE or SkyUI team does that final bit of work doesn't really matter. It just means that we're going to make sure we get SkyUI for SSE." Sounds like SkyUI is all but guaranteed whenever SKSE is released.
  7. Very small bug: I accidentally went to add Fallout4launcher.exe by choosing that as the first game to use BethINI with. However, I forgot that I had uninstalled FO4 (waiting til I purchase all the DLC to dive back into the game). There was no option to go back and select a new game. Even when I closed the program and re-opened it, it continued to ask me for the Fallout4Launcher.exe. Workaround: I selected the SkryimSELauncher.exe and had to go to the options and switch games after that. In conclusion, not a huge bug, just a slight inconvenience.
  8. Congrats! 20$ says your second build won't have LEDs or you'll have LEDs that you can turn off completely!
  9. I remember my first build. It was glorious. However, before you get the rest of your parts and get started, set some time aside to do your first build. Also, be very patient, building a computer is pretty easy but your first time it can take a little bit. Definitely if you take the time to learn cord management. Don't expect to be gaming for a few hours as you need time after the build to update everything, install drivers, etc.
  10. It is and even if he did select a "Heart/Romance option" he would have to select that option consistently throughout the game for the same companion.
  11. If you keep the icons on for the dialogue, just make sure he avoids continuously selecting the ones with Hearts. I can't remember what the option is called in the Options but it is on by default.
  12. Everything was fine until I went into the initial tower right after Alduin attacks Helgen. Here, after Jarl Ulfrik tells me to go up the tower my HUD completely disappears and I cannot move my character using the keyboard or look around when using the mouse. However, I can bring up any interface such as Inventory, Magic, etc with the Tab or their own respective Hotkey and I can also open up the Main Menu via escape. Furthermore, if I load up Save 1 (Right before character creation) and create a character and get back to this same point I still will have my HUD and if I continue on here instead of stopping the HUD will stay. However, if I idle (for example to change MCM Settings or Game Settings) that is when the HUD disappears, regardless of whether I change any settings. Note: I have dual monitors, though I don't think that is the issue. As I tried disabling one monitor and the problem existed. Work-a-round: So, I don't know how to solve the problem, but I do know a work-a-round and it's pretty simple. Simply, do not stop in that tower and wait until you get into the Keep with either Ralof or Hadvar.
  13. Hello, I just finished using the Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition modding guide to mod my Skyrim. The only deviation was that I did not install the two unofficial expansions nor Another Life mods. Aside from that, I followed the guide to a "T" except for changing some options that depending on the three mods that I did not install. So, I just loaded up Skyrim and started a "New Game". Once that loaded up there was no sound at all. I even waited for the dialogue to start and again the sound did not start still. Note: I created my own SR Conflict Resolution.esp using your guide as the premade one I could not use since it needed the master from Another Life. EDIT: If it matters, I have a Sound Card and do not use the motherboard audio drivers. PROBLEM FIXED! Apparently, Skyrim disables my Keyboard's Volume Control and therefore I thought I was turning the Volume up but alas, I was not. Therefore, I turned the volume up before launching the game and of course Skyrim had sound!
  14. Thank you @elmassao. This worked perfectly for me and just an addendum on step 0, I did not have to close Google Chrome.
  15. @GrantSP You are right, we do have LOOT for the plugins but there is nothing to determine the Mod list other than the STEP Wiki, which should theoretically be correct but I'm always a fan of double checking. Plus, if I look at the this and see that I can merge some mods, that would be awesome so that I don't have so many! And of course, it wouldn't be heard to get a Mod List, a simple Text File or screenshot would suffice. @Nozzer66 Thank you! However, the Dawnguard_Opt, Hearthfires_Opt, and Dragonborn_Opt are flagged as redundant. Is this supposed to be like that?
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