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  1. Version 302 is public, some significant changes here. Starting to look like it did back in Oblivion days, functionality is starting to build up. Â If you upgrade from a version before 301 you need to uninstall first.
  2. Most newer Harddrives already include a Nand cache, if you don't have one it will be a significant improvement to speed up disk access (so loading the game, and interior/exterior transitions, etc). Â Just plug in an empty usb drive, right click on it in explorer, select properties, go to readyboost tab and set up.
  3. Turn off MSAA and FXAA, use only SMAA. If you have a very good video card you can use SSAA (Supersampling) in addition or instead of SMAA.
  4. +1 to that. Wrye Bash for managing mods, Mod Organiser for downloading mods. I kind of wish WB implemented a feature to allow Nexus downloads. It does, right click and select open at nexus.
  5. Currently it is, as I said 3 months ago that will likely change when RLWC 4.0 comes in a few more months. We have had every different top lighting mod in STEP at one time or another. None of them ever stay on top for long, and its always a tradeoff. Best idea is to combine the strengths of each for STEP. Â Its not that hard just rather time consuming and requiring a good eye, and luckily it is a specialty of TheCompiler.
  6. Looks good, and author just updated it today. I'll check the esp and see if he fixed it.
  7. Wrye Bash is much better at clearing showing conflicts both in the installation and plugin tabs and has many features to resolve them. Mod Organizer is a bit easier to learn and use, excells at keeping your Skyrim directory virtually clean, but makes it a bit more difficult to use additional utilities. I use it for downloading mods instead of NMM which does a terrible job of resuming interrupted downloads. Use what you like, if you are going to be installing additional mods to test them out WB has the edge, for just maintaining a STEP installation MO is a bit easier.
  8. Yup, I got the updated version. It fixed a lot of stuff. Do you guys recommend mod organizer or wyrebash? They aren't used together, correct? If I copy the mod archives from the NMM folder to downloads in MO (or whatever wyrebash uses) can I just go and install? If that works, should I deactivate each from within NMM or just replace my skyrim directory with my vanilla backup? We recommend Mod Organizer for download management and Wrye Bash to manage plugins and installation.
  9. Plus check my post on the TES5edit thread, you will be able to easily merge CoT and RLWC as you like.
  10. Probably, if another mod adds a new keyword to previously read and unread books. Release is probably late this year or early next.
  11. Holy cow, look whats planned for next release. Â Scripted combining and editingÂ
  12. Mods that use scripts for sorting or change vanilla titles/names are not really well made or conceived imo, they can cause serious performance and conflict issues. Using alpha SkyUI 3 is a much better way to go if you feel you need more sorting immediately. For the safe and sane crowd just wait for the official release.
  13. Translating the above to actual fixes: make sure your fov is set to default (if you haven't messed with it and its not listed in your ini it already is) and turn off SSAO in ENB by setting it to false in the enbseries.ini file, the line should read EnableAmbientOcclusion=false
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