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  1. UPDATE: DinoSystem is on Indiegogo and Greenlight!
  2. I always forget about that page, thanks Z for updating them for me!
  3. First week of November the game will be on Greenlight for voting ;) Yes, you can!
  4. Yeah, that was the purpose of the video, to give the impression it is "just" and ecosim, while suddenly showing it is actually a survival sim into an ecosim! I wish i could show a little more of the survival mode though, but the video is already too long for a trailer.
  5. Hello guys, TheCompiler here, Has been a long time since i've lurked in the forums, and i'm quite amazed too see how far the team is pushing the project, i can't still believe it! Some of you might be wondering why i disappeared for so long, and that's the reason: DinoSystem Trailer I've been developing this game for a year now, hope you suys like what you see. Remember it's still pretty much a WIP UPDATE: DinoSystem is on Indiegogo and Greenlight! TC
  6. I'm a compulsive clicker haha! I'm using a simple yet powerful tool called construct 2, which is basically HTML5. I'm no programmer, but C2, if well mastered, allows to do plenty of things. I don't know how i could incorporate a programmer work into the paradigm, unless he's an expert in Construct 2 who can improve stuff i'm messing with.
  7. Hello dear Steppers, TheCompiler here, as some of you may know already, i'm developing my own game; the game is called "DinoSystem", and it's a fusion between simulation and survival: a whole, totally emergent natural ecosystem will be simulated in the game, the player will be able to influence it, micro-manage it or just sit there and watch, or join it and try to survive as a human, forsaken, improbable, time traveller who's stumbled upon a dinosaur world 65 millions years old (no im not a creationist, i've said time machine!). The interesting part is that everything is emergent, dynamic, not tailored for the player, so expect to see the ecosystem collapse, if hunting too much triceratops causing their extinction... The game will be featured on Kickstarter in a months or two and it's going to market later on, if everything will go fine. Some screens can be found Here, note that most of the descriptions and media are obsolete, and do not represent the game as it is now, or as it will be at the end. What i need: A 2D artist with some experience in terrain texture, and possibly some things like animals, rocks, poop (yes poop) and stuff. Show me your work and possibly do something for me on the fly, and you'll be officially part of the dev team in the texture department. PS: i'm italian, so in case you work with me keep this in mind, that will explain many things about my weird behaviour :P
  8. No, i sould say thank you for building this modding community in the first place! STEP would have been not the same without you, there would be no community, just an italian guy struggling with a PDF :P
  9. I would go for the non-fireball version. For me it's just personal preference, since i hate mod items in my spell list, or inventory, they break immersion for me. Also , it can be easily fixed with the console.
  10. What a coincidence, i've just started a let's play YT channel yesterday (only 2 video parts, Dark Souls). I'm planning to do more games, Skyrim + STEP included. One thing to notice is that i'm not native eng :P EDIT: if you want to check:
  11. I consider how potions and food work in Skyrim as a design inconsistency. Why the hell should i be able to pause the game, heal myself and be virtually immortal (as long as i get countless potions and don't get oneshotted) ?? Same applies to stamina and magicka.
  12. New features are really welcome, expecially the script order fix thingy. Thanks Tannin for your work!
  13. I'm quite expert with tes5edit building compatibility patches, i can give support as well.
  14. Hey, that has been my idea for a long while :P Yeah let's do this!
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