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  1. As mentioned in posts before, the number of plugins that players can successfully use seems to vary. It might even depend on load order. I haven't had a problem with this in my FO3 game(s) but others have reported this issue. Since we don't understand it we don't have any recommendations on how to improve or fix it.
  2. I'm glad you find the guide useful. I periodically search through all the new and modified FO3 mods on Nexus, but there aren't usually very many that seem appropriate for inclusion in the guide so the the guide isn't updated often. I have one question on your original comment about Roy's recommendations. Did you mean that Roy recommended not using Quick Autoclean? The current version of xEdit 4.00+ (e.g., 4.02)does Autoclean or Quick Autoclean; it no longer works the same as xEdit version 3 when cleaning.
  3. Since Roy is the expert on deleted navmeshes (and lots of other things), this will be put in the guide when it's updated. Thanks for the information.
  4. When the PC leaves Vault 101 the game engine needs to do a lot of processing to get the surrounding area setup. If it gets overwhelmed it is common to see the kinds of problems you mentioned. You didn't mention the stats of your system; these matter a lot when you have added mods that add to this processing load when leaving the vault. Did you wait a little bit of time near the vault before moving toward Megaton This often helps at least a little. You might find some useful information in the FO3 guide on the STEP site (see my signature clock).
  5. Make sure that the DynDOLOD Resources SE archive is fully loaded. Some of the missing items mentioned above are in this archive. I have sometimes had some missing file problems when installing this archive, including some of the specific ones mentioned. On my system sometimes MO2 takes a very long time to install this archive while other times it is fairly quick. When fully installed on my system the folder in the mods directory is approximately 146 MB. I tried installing it several times before I was satisfied with the result. I posted my experience with this on Sheson's DynDOLOD SSE topic. Several others have mentioned a problem with missing files. I don't think there is much Sheson can do about it since the archive does contain all of the files.
  6. Yes, the set of DynDOLOD Resources files that were installed were incomplete. The 7zip file I downloaded seems to be complete. There is a problem when installing this archive file on my system with the FOMOD installer in MO2 (it also happened with the previous version of the resources file). There is a small window that blinks on and off very rapidly while MO2 is installing this archive. I have not seen this with any other archive I have installed in MO2, and sometimes the installation process does not install all of the core files. I ran the installation again, and this time I think it has all of the files it should have. Thanks for the help.
  7. As always, thanks for the wonderful DymDOLOD and all the help you provide in using it. I recently generated DynDOLOD using version 2.63. I needed to update the LOD so I downloaded the most recent versions of xLODGen and DynLODGen. I ran xLODGen and Texgen without any errors. When I ran DynLODGen I got an error that generated a bug report. The bug report file and the log file are in this archive file. What should I try next?
  8. I haven't had this happen to me so I don't know anything else to suggest. I have the Mod Organizer 1 Legacy version from the Mod Organizer 2 page as mentioned in the guide. I am currently running Windows 10 version 1809.
  9. I hadn't heard this before; it could be correct. GamerPoet got his information about the deleted navmeshes from Roy Batty who is the expert on this aspect of Fallout 3.
  10. I don't understand why those fields are missing; in the Record Header field of FO3Edit 4.0.2 I see Signature and FormID that are missing in your screenshot. Do you see these fields in other records or are they gone from all records? Did you download the Part 2: Cleaning the DLC text file; you might want to do this to make sure nothing is forgotten. Did you make the changes to Options mentioned in the video? In FO3Edit 4.0+ there is an additional Options tab (Expert) and two of the changes were moved from the General tab to this new tab.
  11. One of the instructions on the Merge page, step 8 of the "Create Merge", seems to either apply to a different version of zMerge or else I am doing something wrong. Step 8 says " Click the data tab make sure Copy General Assets is Unchecked (anything else can remain Checked) then hit OK. When I ran zEdit 0.6.4 Portable to create the Weather Systems Merged then on the Data tab I got 4 sets of information: Plugin Data Folders, Bethesda Archives, MCM Translations, and INI Files. I don't get a "General Assets" area or the associated checkbox at all like the one shown in your screenshots. There is a checkbox in Bethesda Archives which says "Build Merged Archive" with a further choice of Extract, Copy or Ignore. If I am seeing the correct menu on the Data tab what should be checked or chosen? I have always found your guide very helpful and even periodically wonder how you ever have the time to maintain it.
  12. This post provides the answer; a version is available that uses the new Nexus interface.
  13. The Mod Organizer 2 page on Skyrim SE Nexus includes an updated version of the Mod Organizer 1 Legacy application that is supposed to work with the new Nexus API.
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