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Player Headtracking


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Major (?) update is out


Since 2.0 there are multiple versions available:

- Not While Moving: No headtracking is done unless the player is standing still or sitting.

- No Corpses: The player doesn't look at corpses.

- No Corpses + Not While Moving: Combines the above two.

- Standard edition: Player also headtracks while moving and also tracks corpses

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Updated again to v2.6

Version 2.6 - Gets rid of all Headtracking related warnings in the Papyrus log. This means an increase in stability, performance and responsiveness. Just overwrite the old files and follow the instructions presented ingame.

Sounds awesome.


Previous changelogs:

Version 2.5 - Fixes a recently introduced bug that causes talking actors not to be prioritized.

Version 2.4 - Fixes the bug that makes the player not look at dialogue targets. Prevents headtracking of mannequins. Now setting HeadtrackingTimer to 0 will disable the timer altogether. Added an extra check to the No Corpse tracking mode to make sure no corpses are looked at ever.

Version 2.3 - Implemented ingame customization and facial expressions (only towards actors who have a non-zero RelationshipRank towards the player). Also a new method of uninstallation. Read this page again!

Version 2.2 - Fixes the player animation "hiccup/twitch" when not tracking anything. Implements far more realistic conditions when the player headtracks actors: Uninteresting actors are only looked at for a short while (3-4 seconds) unless the player is almost directly facing them. When an actor starts a new AI package the timer is reset and the player regains interest in the actor for a while (to see what (s)he's going to do). Paarthurnax should now be headtracked properly even from a large distance.

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Version 3.0 is up ! :)


" Half rewrite of the mod. Now requires SkyUI 3.1 since customization is now done in SkyUI's Mod Configuration Menu. Added an option to toggle Headtracking of non-talking actors. Fixed several glitches. Included source code in the download! "


Warning: mod has been uploaded 16:34, 12 January 2013. But as of today (12:43, 13 Jan 2013) Maegfaer wrote : " Yes, there are some errors, looked like I mixed up two versions of a file. I'm very sorry guys, I'll upload a new version asap. "


So we better wait until he fixes it before we try it..

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