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  1. Discussion topic: Smooth Shores Patches by Step Modifications Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: powerofthree's Tweaks by powerofthree Wiki Link Required by SPID. Some of the tweaks sound like very welcome additions as well and will require testing.
  3. Discussion topic: Fixed Mesh Lighting by Catnyss Wiki Link On the hot files currently, this mod fixes meshes that are too bright in the shadows. Tree portion is incompatible with EVT, but the ice and plant fixes appear to be viable.
  4. Discussion topic: Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 Use with these SPID configs for now (context): ODIN Spells for NPCS by oyvveg Vokrii Perks for NPCs by oyvveg A helper resource for modders which allows them to support files for distributing mod-added perks, spells, etc. to NPCs at game start.
  5. Discussion topic: ENB Helper SE by aers Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: AI Overhaul SSE - Official Patch Hub by mnikjom/SpiderAkiraC Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: Flickering Meshes Fix by nicola89b and gururaj20000 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0
  8. Discussion topic: Solitude Mesh Fixes by MrNeverLost Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Better Dyndolod Red Mountain Plume by MrNeverLost Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Embers XD by mindflux Wiki Link NOTE: Embers XD is ENB compatible but performs nicely without ENB. LATEST COMPARES (v2.5.6 GLOW OPTIONS) Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Sconces: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Torches: Ultimate HD Torch (Step) > Inferno + Embers HD > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: Torch flames for Ultimate HD Torch and Inferno + Embers HD lick very fast. Embers XD flames lick more slowly and behave more realistically. Forge: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: FPS gain with Embers XD ... need someone to confirm.
  11. Discussion topic: Lore-Corrected Races by TechAngel85 Wiki Link This mod alters the races heights based upon established lore to give each race a unique height. As the author, I'm a bit bias but the biggest question would be how does this differ from: In a nutshell, Lore-Friendly Race Heights is simply giving you the Oblivion values for the races. However, Lore-Corrected Races attempts to logically gleam the height for each race based upon established lore and what the texts say. As such, the values are not vanilla nor are they Oblivion. In some cases they may be either one, or both, or neither. This also doesn't have the issue of the Bosmer males being too short.
  12. Discussion topic: ENB Light by 4109 Wiki Link EmbersXD seems to have built in compatibility for its meshes so ENB Light should not overwrite them (will need to hide or not install this meshes) Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes is completely overwritten by this mod (so hide these as well)
  13. Discussion topic: Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim by Mangekyoumadara1987 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 This is a mod...more patcher...that helps distribute mod-addon perks, spells, and more to NPCs at game start.
  14. Discussion topic: Unique Map Weather Framework by doodlez Wiki Link This mod adds the ability to provide different weathers to different world maps. I may utilize this in the future to change the weather of some of my maps that don't really fit the default weather paradigm (such as Blackreach and the Soul Cairn). Accepted for v2.0.0.
  15. Discussion topic: Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine by Shikyo Kira Wiki Link This mod replaces FNIS and is the tool that seems to support the most mods anymore. I have tested it out with STEP, and I ran into no issues, and it enabled me to try out a few different other animation mods that require it. It is pretty much plug-n-play. I had been having issues while testing with an FNIS generated skeleton where my character would entirely disappear, which I believe to be due to an animation\skeleton bug. It will be difficult to tell if this fixes it, as it was an issue that typically would go away upon relaunch of the game.
  16. Discussion topic: Majestic Mountains Creation Club Landscape Patch by DoubleYouC & StepModifications Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: AMUMSS by Mjjstral & Wbertro Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB SE Bthardamz by rudy102 Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project by Jelidity and Parapets Wiki Link Looks useful.
  20. Discussion topic: Grass Cache Fixes by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Use a SSE 1.5.97-created grass cache in SSE 1.6.xxx without NGIO dependency to allow grass LOD in SAE. Related Topic s - Please do not post here about downgrading or swapping between SSE/SAE. Get 1.5.97 without a backup Run 1.5.97 and 1.6.xxx on same PC via MO Kezyma's Root Builder for Mod Organizer
  21. Discussion topic: DynDOLOD Resources SE 3 by Sheson Wiki Link This topic is for use by Step Modifications. It is not an official forum for DynDOLOD. See the link below for those: DynDOLOD Support Topic Accepted for v2.0 of the Step SkyrimSE Guide
  22. Discussion topic: Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod by Novelyst Wiki Link Looks promising.
  23. Discussion topic: Step SkyrimSE Guide Resources: Nexus Mods Please submit feedback or bug reports about the 2.0.0 guide to this topic.
  24. Discussion topic: Simplest Horses (and other mounts) by Hackfield Wiki Link This one is even simpler than the competing mods in testing: Convenient Horses Simple Horse SE Accepted for version 2.0.0 to replace Convenient Horses.
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