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Found 113 results

  1. Discussion topic: Aspens Ablaze by mindflux Wiki Link See mod page for screen compares for all versions. Those screens were created under Step WIP 2.0.0. I think "Autumnal" is the most vanilla-friendly option, and I think it is also the most realistic.
  2. Discussion topic: Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3 by z929669 Wiki Link Adds 3D hbrid trees to all versions of Aspens Ablaze Consider adding a DynDOLOD mesh rule for these aspens to be loaded with CR patch
  3. Discussion topic: Convenient Horses by mitchalek Wiki Link Compare against: Simplest Horses Simple Horse SE
  4. Discussion topic: Skyrim - A Mountainous Experience by NeverLost & DuskyB Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0
  5. Discussion topic: MCM Helper by Parapets Wiki Link This is a requirement for SPID for Footprints if that is accepted. Accepted for 2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: Blended Roads by T4gtr34um3r Wiki Link The plugin is redundant with Cathedral Landscapes.esp, so move Blended Roads.esp to Optional ESPs. Blended Roads option: Cathedral Landscapes --> Blended Roads REALly Blended Roads option: Cathedral Landscapes --> Blended Roads Bridge issue fixed in Blended Roads v1.7
  7. Discussion topic: Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 Use with these SPID configs for now (context): ODIN Spells for NPCS by oyvveg Vokrii Perks for NPCs by oyvveg A helper resource for modders which allows them to support files for distributing mod-added perks, spells, etc. to NPCs at game start.
  8. Discussion topic: Fixed Mesh Lighting by Catnyss Wiki Link On the hot files currently, this mod fixes meshes that are too bright in the shadows. Tree portion is incompatible with EVT, but the ice and plant fixes appear to be viable. Installation for Testing Modular Skip Trees Install only Vanilla Flora, 3D Snowberries, and 3D Juniper Install Artic and Landscape And Water Fixes Select nothing on creatures Place in alphabetical order in Models & Textures
  9. Discussion topic: powerofthree's Tweaks by powerofthree Wiki Link Required by SPID. Some of the tweaks sound like very welcome additions as well and will require testing.
  10. Discussion topic: Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim by Mangekyoumadara1987 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 This is a mod...more patcher...that helps distribute mod-addon perks, spells, and more to NPCs at game start.
  11. Discussion topic: Embers XD by mindflux Wiki Link NOTE: Embers XD is ENB compatible but performs nicely without ENB. Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Sconces: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Torches: Ultimate HD Torch (Step) > Inferno + Embers HD > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: Torch flames for Ultimate HD Torch and Inferno + Embers HD lick very fast. Embers XD flames lick more slowly and behave more realistically. Forge: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: FPS gain with Embers XD ... need someone to confirm.
  12. Discussion topic: Assorted mesh fixes by wSkeever Wiki Link More mesh fixes. For testing I'm allowing everything to overwrite it.
  13. Discussion topic: Simplest Horses (and other mounts) by Hackfield Wiki Link This one is even simpler than the competing mods in testing: Convenient Horses Simple Horse SE
  14. Discussion topic: Simple Horse SE by tktk Wiki Link Testing this against: Convenient Horses Simplest Horses
  15. Discussion topic: Fix Note Icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin) by 0xC0000005 Wiki Link My personal note on this one (pun semi-intended): Does what it says, gives notes the proper icon in SkyUI. Little caveat, it does so by checking for the word "note" in the name of the item. Now since some "notes" don't have the note model but are acutally books (person XYs notes for ex) at least modelwise it feels not completely perfect. Compares: STEP --> With this mod Accepted for 2.0.0
  16. Discussion topic: Picta Series - Improved Sky Meshes by TrueDraconis, Kettlewitch, & Odin Wiki Link Previously "Improved Clouds Mesh" Compares Picta Compares
  17. Discussion topic: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Redone by Sherwyn Wiki Link It would seem that we have this mod accepted in our guide in lieu of Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored, a Skyrim texture mod which works on SSE. It would seem that user LtdJorge effected this change on September 17, 2020 without anyone catching it. See the wiki page, which @z929669 added the note that the mod name changed, but it actually is a totally different mod by a different author. I do not see any discussion of this change, and given that these mods appear to be much different, I have marked this mod for testing and redirected the wiki to the original mod.
  18. Discussion topic: Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches by Garthand Wiki Link Creation content will not be unofficial patched by Arthmoor's USSEP. Creation content and USSEP will be supported in AE by Garthand. This will most likely be a needed patch/link between USSEP and CC.
  19. Discussion topic: Smooth Shores Patches by Step Modifications Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Mesh Patch for Various Mods by ShatterRock Wiki Link Install the following. Need to decide if we are merging all or installing each just after the mod being fixed. I prefer the latter for testing, but we may want to merge ultimately for the guide: Assorted Mesh Fixes - SMIM - Blended Roads Patch Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - Assorted Mesh Fixes - Solitude Mesh Fixes Patch Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - ELFX - Unofficial Material Fix Patch SMIM - Quality Addon - Unofficial Material Fix Patch Unofficial Material Fix - Assorted Mesh Fixes Patch The "SMIM - Assorted Mesh Fixes Patch" is not needed. The blacksmith fix is already included in 'Flickering Meshes Fix' and the bridge is included in the "Assorted Mesh Fixes - SMIM - Blended Roads Patch" file.
  21. Discussion topic: Convenient Reading UI - SE by uranreactor Wiki Link Quality of life improvements for the book menu: Adjusted book position on the screen Faster book opening animation Faster page turn animations Configurable book/note font size Configurable bottom bar elements Compatible with any font replacer No more laser-printed book integrated Mod Accepted for 2.0.0 See this post and following posts. ESPFE plugin. Can be added/removed anytime. The main benefits for me are the configurable font size (smaller than vanilla by default, no more giant text intended for console users), the faster animations and the ability to hide the reading UI. NOTE: If used with STEP, the fBookOpenTime=500 setting in the 'Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch' INI should be removed so that users can adjust as desired in 'Convenient Reading' INI. Vanilla > STEP > STEP + Convenient Reading UI Suggested Convenient Reading INI edits: sBookStealTextColor=0xFF0000 to display 'Steal' in red Adjust iBookFontSize and iNoteFontSize according to taste/preferences Compatibility with Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim (by mfcfbro): The 'Realistic Print' option of Font Overhaul conflicts with this mod, and the former wins over the latter when sorted alphabetically in the UI modgroup. If Convenient Reading is to be accepted in the STEP guide, I'd recommend not checking the 'Realistic Print' option in the FOMOD installation instructions of Font Overhaul, to avoid the conflict and have Convenient Reading work as intended. Following are some screenshots to illustrate the effects, from left to right: Standard STEP: Font Overhaul with 'Realistic Print' option installed, without Convenient Reading Same + Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul Font Overhaul without 'Realistic Print' option installed, with Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul
  22. Discussion topic: Enhanced Atronachs - With Levelling and Luminosity by Raxyx Wiki Link This mod is recommended to be used by Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim, which is in testing. It mainly appears to make the atronachs scale better as the player levels by increasing their damage output. No longer are Storm atronachs the only viable atronach at the higher levels. I think this sounds like a good improvement upon vanilla based off the description.
  23. Discussion topic: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored by Rathinosk Wiki Link The wiki page was directed to the old Skyrim Legendary Edition forum mod topic. I am creating the correct page here in the Skyrim Special Edition mods forum.
  24. Discussion topic: ElSopa - HD Iron Tools Redone SE by ElSopa Wiki Link A new one by ElSopa. Currently some of these are provided by Rally's, Hulk's and other mods, but we have several of ElSopa's mods too. Worth a compare against current Step. Created the wiki page and set Baseline to 1K for testing (vanilla = 512 for many of these.)
  25. Discussion topic: CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project by Jelidity and Parapets Wiki Link Looks useful.
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