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STEP Texture Compilation (by TechAngel85 and the STEP Team)


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Discussion thread:
STEP Texture Compilation by TechAngel85 and the STEP Team
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Dropped in v2.2.9.2


| STEP Texture Compilation Mod
| Version: 1.2
| Authors: The STEP Team
| Changelog:
| 1.2
|  - Added Recolored Pines and Improved LODs for SFO Basic
|  - Added Tree Billiards and LODs for DynDOLOD
| 1.1
|  - Removed a file which was left in by mistake
| 1.0
|  - Initial Release
The STEP Texture Compilation is a collection of varies files used (with permission where needed) by STEP. Where no credit is given the files where created by the STEP Team.
========== Landscape Textures ======================================================================
Below is a list of files included and credited to their respected mod authors.
textures/landscape/dirtcliffs (all textures from aMidianBorn Landscape by CaBal)
textures/landscape/roads (all textures from Langley's Texture Workshop by Langley)
textures/landscape/dirt02.dds (Langley's Texture Workshop by Langley)
textures/landscape/dirt02_n.dds (Langley's Texture Workshop by Langley)
========== Recolored Pines and Improved LODs for SFO Basic =========================================
- Original SFO work by Vurt
- Original vanilla enhanced LODs by Rennn
- Modified for STEP by z929669
Included in this compilation are the re-colored pines and improved LODs we did for Skyrim Flora Overhaul (SFO) Basic. These pines and LODs better match the snow and other textures in STEP and the LODs look more natural in the environment. They were once offered by Vurt on the SFO page; however, aren't any longer. Therefore, we're now offering them in our compilation.
Future releases will likely include detail improvements to the LODS as well as some color modifications to Vurt's other pines. View the included screenshots to see the differences.
***** Changelog *****
- Blurred the foliage background at the edges of the alpha to yield a softer edge and better blending of LOD with surrounding environment.
- made some modifications to the LOD and snowy pines
v1.0 Initial release
- Improved LOD match for all trees
- Made Vurt's snowy pines a bit 'snowier' and removed some of the yellow tint
========== Tree Billiards and LODs for DynDOLOD ====================================================
Included in this compilation are some of the files needed for Dynamic Distant Objects LOD (DynDOLOD) in regards to STEP. These files are located in:

A texture compilation from various mods (used with permission) to ease the STEP install. Currently only contains a few landscape textures.

Removed from the guide because it has been added into the STEP Compilation in STEP
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I know it's not. Just saying you and Ess's back and forth reminded me I need to send out another batch I've been waiting a week or two in between messages in case it's an inbox thing with the nexus and the author getting a lot.

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Hey guys, thanks for your constant hard work. I found a little typho in the Mod Notes of the Texture compilation file, it says that users must download the "Optional" when the file is a "Main" one.

I found a typo in your typo report.  ::P: 


Thanks for pointing it out, it's fixed now.

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I found a typo in your typo report.  ::P: 


Thanks for pointing it out, it's fixed now.

It still reads as "Download and install the "STEP Texture Compilation" optional file." on the Guide page. It is fixed on the individual mod's page though. Unless its being fixed as I'm typing this. Also should it be mentioned to uncheck the "--- Screens ---" folder or is there a reason the screen shots are installed?

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Screen shots are just to show what the Re-colored LODs and Snowy Pines part of the file does.


This file really should be optional, but I guess a few notices on the mod page would work. Actually...I need to make a FOMOD for this now that I think about it more. Some parts need to be optional for users who are installing other mod options such as SFO 2.+ or not running DynDOLOD for whatever reason. I'll work on this in the next few days. It's getting late here and it's back to work tomorrow.

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