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How to use 3d Trees with Dyndolod?



So I renamed my 3dTreesnext generationforests.esm to Skyrim.esm so Dyndolod could pick it up, however now when I go into skyrim I have no trees at all, including trees that should be rendered and trees on the LOD. I'm sure I am missing a step of some kind when it comes to this, could use a little bit of help to find out what I did wrong. Just incase anyone needs it my load order is bellow.


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Read https://dyndolod.info/Official-DynDOLOD-Support-Forum#Post-Logs which DynDOLOD log and debug log to upload when making posts.

Whatever ever it is you are doing, this is not how modding or usingxEdit, xLODGen, TexGen or DynDOLOD work at all. They load plugins like the game does. There is no need to rename plugins. Renaming plugins is going to result in issues.
Use a mod manager. Install these tools properly and start them from the mod manager. See https://dyndolod.info/Installation-Instructions

See https://dyndolod.info/Generation-Instructions how to run TexGen and DynDOLOD.
Notice that there are no instructions to rename any plugins but it says to finalize the load order. Do not invent unnecessary steps. Report the actual problem instead.

Replacing plugins with another means, that whatever the replaced did, will be missing from the load order at generation time and plugin requiring it as a master will have unresolved form ID errors. LOD is made for the load order at generation time, if the load order changes afterwards, then LOD might not match or work correctly.

See https://dyndolod.info/Help/Ultra-Tree-LOD how to generate 3D tree LOD. Under Requirements is says:
Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Install Skyrim3DTrees and Plants 3dLOD Resources. There is no need to rename 3D tree LOD model files. DynDOLOD automatically falls back to the standard object LOD filename convention.

I suggest to to learn basic modding practice by following a modding guide.

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