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  1. I did get it working. I pretty much reinstalled it using the mods FOMOD installer rather than using the FOMOD plugin for MO. I lost my install for my mods awhile back, so I'm reinstalling everything right now. There is a new fixed FOMOD version on the Nexus so I'm seeing if that one installs correctly using the plugin. Fingers crossed.
  2. It may not be an issue for everyone. I saw how to fix it on the mods page at the nexus in the post section.
  3. I had to turn the Fomod Installer Plugin in the settings tab of Mod Organizer from prefer true to prefer false. This way the Fomod included with the mod would activate to install the correct files. I hope that clarifies. EDIT: I'm using Mod Organizer v1.3.8.
  4. Found the issue. I needed to turn off Mod Organizer's FOMOD installer plugin to allow for the internal FOMOD to activate. This installed the required files. Thanks for the help. EDIT: For clarity to anyone else having the same issue, click your settings button in Mod Organizer. Click the Plugins tab. Select Fomod Installer from the list. Double click prefer and change the setting from true to false. Exit out of the settings tab, and reinstall Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux per the STEP Guide instructions. Once it is installed, go back into your settings and turn the preferred setting for the Fomod Installer back to true.
  5. I have no idea what's causing the issue. I went back and reinstalled everything per the instructions. Same error. I had this issue before with ALL greatsword scabbards before installing BSW. When installing I'm choosing the Dawnguard and Dragonborn options. I'm choosing Meshes-Default. And Fullsize scabbards. EDIT: Reading the changelog of the mod itself shows that there should be one. Perhaps the issue is with the FOMOD installer not installing it properly for me. I'm gonna try manually installing the required fields.
  6. Hiding the mesh files in GSaSR for Ebony blade results in this. Looking over BSW, I'm pretty sure a sheath isn't included, and that is more than likely the problem.
  7. Looking through everything, it looks like its cause by Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux. Its the only file that include ebony blade meshes. If I had to guess, it looks like it creates a mesh and there is no installed texture to go with that mesh from any mod. Have I installed something incorrectly? I followed the STEP guide to the letter, and everything appears in order. I noticed a similar issue for all greatswords when I installed GSaSR as I was testing each mod before I installed BSW. Could that have been installed incorrectly? I installed it using the instruction on its Wiki page.
  8. I'm using STEP Core v. Baseline build. I'm using Mod Organizer and the mods are prioritized in the order they are listed on the guide. I somehow missed Wiseman303's critter fixes when installing though I doubt this is causing the issue. [spoiler=Load Order]Skyrim.esm Update.esmUnofficial Skyrim Patch.espDawnguard.esmUnofficial Dawnguard Patch.espHearthFires.esmUnofficial Hearthfire Patch.espDragonborn.esmUnofficial Dragonborn Patch.espSkyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esmHighResTexturePack01.espHighResTexturePack02.espHighResTexturePack03.espUnofficial High Resolution Patch.espCutting Room Floor.espAppropriately Attired Jarls Redux.espSPTConsistentOlderPeople.espDead Body Collision.espGuard Dialogue Overhaul.espWeapons & Armor Fixes_Remade.espWeapons & Armor_TrueOrcish&DaedricWeapons.espClothing & Clutter Fixes.espParalyze.espWeapons & Armor_TrueWeaponsLvlLists.espRaceMenu.espSkyUI.espTradeBarter.espViewableFactionRanksBothDLC.espSkyFalls + SkyMills + DG + DB.espRun For Your Lives.espPoint The Way.espSkyrimImprovedPuddles-DG-HF-DB.espHearthfireChimneys.espMoss Rocks.espMoss Rocks_DB.espRealisticWaterTwo.espRealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.espSFO - Dragonborn.espSkyrim Flora Overhaul.espBeards.espBrows.espORM-Arvak.espExplosiveBoltsVisualized.espElemental Staves.espGQJ_DG_vampireamuletfix.espDawnguardRuneWeaponsFXSReplacer.espPilgrimsDelight.espSoul Gems Differ.espDragonShoutVoice.espADS.espAOS.espInvisibility Eyes Fix.espaMidianBorn_ContentAddon.espimp_helm_legend.espIHSS.espImproved Combat Sounds v2.2.espAuto Unequip Ammo.espBetter Stealth AI for Followers.espClamsDropPearls.espNausicaa's Tweaker.espNonEssentialChildren.espThe Paarthurnax Dilemma.espGildergreen Regrown.espRelightingSkyrim_Legendary.espELE_Legendary_Lite.espTraps Make Noise.espWhen Vampires Attack.espWM Trap Fixes.espSTEP Core Patch.espDynDOLOD.espBashed Patch, 0.esp
  9. It still reads as "Download and install the "STEP Texture Compilation" optional file." on the Guide page. It is fixed on the individual mod's page though. Unless its being fixed as I'm typing this. Also should it be mentioned to uncheck the "--- Screens ---" folder or is there a reason the screen shots are installed?
  10. Is his edit incorrect? Funny how I was just installing this, and it was edited. Which is the correct option to follow the guide? Also the full sized sheath's for the mod are not loading for me. It keeps the default sheath mesh and obviously the textures are not installed for that mesh so I just see a bright purple strap. Any ideas?
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