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Found 245 results

  1. Discussion topic: Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE by fore Wiki Link The new FNIS is just as essential in SSE as the old one was for vanilla Skyrim. All the reasons for the old apply to the new.
  2. Discussion topic: Enchantment Reload Fix SE by egocarib/Vermunds Mod Picker Link
  3. Discussion topic: Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer Pack (SE) by Wrig675/I2edShift Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Smithing Perks Overhaul SE by kryptopyr Mod Picker Link
  5. Discussion topic: Inferno - Fire Effects Redux by AUTHOR Wiki Link Dropped in v2.0.0 in favor of Embers XD.
  6. Discussion thread: New Thinner Torch by IceKK Wiki Link This is a SLE mod that can be used for SSE. Recommend drop in favor of using EmbersXD version EDIT: I had a version of Ultimate HD Torch that included torch.nif, which is incorrect. Screenshots follow. Note that the flames are largely dictated by the mesh: Ultimate HD Torch + New Thinner Torch + Inferno Fire Effects + Embers HD (Step) Ultimate HD Torch + Inferno Fire Effects + Embers XD (swapping for the Embers XD torch.nif) EmbersXD (all torch assets) I propose we drop this in favor of the mesh used by Embers XD, since the flames look and behave much more believably with that mod's mesh
  7. Discussion topic: A Quality World Map by IcePenguin/Chesko Wiki Link Not considering for v2.0.0 in favor of:
  8. Discussion topic: 1st Person Candlelight Fix by Savaas Wiki Link Dropped as of 2.0.0
  9. This is an LE mod we are using in SE. I propose that we drop this in favor Of the Embers XD textures. See screens on New Thinner Torch and Embers XD
  10. Discussion topic: Embers HD by mindflux/artem1s Wiki Link Dropped for Step SkyrimSE Guide v2.0.
  11. Discussion topic: Gold Septim - Coins Retex by Master85/checco85 Mod Picker Link
  12. Discussion topic: Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains by ThatSpartacusGuy Mod Picker Link Dropped with BDS v3 update. No longer required.
  13. Discussion topic: Auto Hide Ammo by Kesta Mod Picker Link Dropped for the v1.0.0 release in favor of Unequip Quiver SE.
  14. Discussion topic: Lanterns Of Skyrim II by MannyGT/wizkid34 Mod Picker Link
  15. Discussion topic: aMidianBorn Blades Armor SSE Patch by SkyrimTacoMan Mod Picker Link Dropped due to the fix being incorporated into the SE version of Book of Silence.
  16. Discussion topic: Chicken Butthurt Minimizer (SE) by shingouki2002 Wiki Link Dropped for version v0.2.0b - CACO provides an equivalent.
  17. Discussion topic: Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul SE by Shurah Mod Picker Link Dropped for version v1.0.0. Replaced by AI Overhaul SSE.
  18. Discussion topic: HD Reworked Baskets by HalkHogan Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Red Dog's Smaller Realistic Ice Spike and Ice Spear by RedDog6911 Wiki Link
  20. Discussion thread: Better Circlets by Yuril Wiki Link This mod has been added to the STEP Compilation.
  21. Discussion topic: Dragon Stalking Fix by sevencardz Mod Picker Link
  22. Discussion topic: Ragdoll Paralysis Redux SE by AUTHOR Mod Picker Link Dropped due to the addition of CACO.
  23. Discussion topic: Mors Arrows Be Gone by 5133p39 Mod Picker Link Replaced by Auto Hide Ammo in v0.2.0b.
  24. Discussion topic: (SKSE64) Havok Fix by R3zy Mod Picker Link Dropped from the beta version for v1.0.0 due to the addition of SSE Display Tweaks.
  25. Discussion topic: Vistant's HD Night Sky SE by AUTHOR Wiki Link Dropped v0.3.0b in favor of 8K Night Skies.
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