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Retexture for Soup (by quilb)


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The in-game soup looks gross, I think. This is way better. It comes in Fancy and Poor varieties. The Poor looks nice an rustic, imo. There are two variations of the Fancy tomato soup as well, Creamy or Chunky.

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Nice... too bad there's no way to put the nice soups in the palaces and the bad soups in the dungeons. *sigh* I'd summon the spirit of Isoku to work his modding magic and make Skyrim tell him what to do, but I don't see this being in his realm. (Wonders of the Kitchen?).


Honestly, they do look pretty good - just not sure it's something I like enought to drop into my LO. It's not like I look at the soup all that much... if at all.

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Been using the SMIM version for a while now and they look great, it is a shame you can use different textures for different environments. Poor version for rustic inns like the sleeping giant, the nice versions for city pubs such as the Bannered Mare and the cream of tomato soup for the Winking Skeever.

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