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  1. I have just finished a play through of Biraitbec's guide as of the Nexus. I found his guide and mod choices opinionated and not always in a good way. He doesn't ask you to delete all the base textures just deselect the HD textures DLCs in Steam. Not one of his decisions I have an issue with. There are a lot of much better HD texture re placers than Bethesda's official poorly made and badly optimized sets.
  2. Looking forward to playing it with my old ME3 multiplayer coop crowd, it should be fun. Not expecting depth or Fallout 5 TESVI or anything the next "single player RPG" is going to be Starfield and I am interested to see there take on that but I am expecting 2019-2020 before release. Next single player I am really hyped about is Cyberpunk 2077. I GMed the old 2013/2020 back in the day and loved that game sooo hard. I am guessing some of you weren't even born then.
  3. Can I suggest you run something like OpenVAS once a month or more against your servers to make sure you aren't drifting into the long tail of vulnerability. You can run it from a VirtualBox install from a half decent laptop. Please note that you should check with your service provider, if, when and how they would want to be informed of any pen (penetration) testing. https://www.openvas.org/
  4. The site is undergoing a major redevelopment, with new hardware, forum software and integration with Mod Picker. I am willing to wait for SSL/TLS to be included in that work. If you are concerned use a long unique password for STEP. I personally use a 24 character random string set by a password manager, which is certainly going to take longer to crack than my lifetime.
  5. The hardware isn't up to it the a single 1070 isn't going to have the grunt to deliver decent frame rates at 4K, you need a minimum of a 1080, ideally a 1080ti with a factory overclock for decent frame rates from a single card at that resolution. Your CPU is good enough but even there I would OC with a AIO liquid cooler to keep things stable. My Specs: i7 6700K (4.7 OC, Bethesda games are often choking on single threaded performance due to DX9/DX11 and scripts) GeForce® GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming WATERFORCE 8G (Factory OC and water cooling means it is stable at just over 2000mhz even during benchmarks and stress tests) 32GB of RAM 2 SSD one for OS and one for Games iiyama X4071UHSU-B1 40" ProLite 4K
  6. This is still just a proof of concept for a PHD but very interesting. Be interesting to see if anyone runs with this. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77792/? The article where I first came across the mod. https://techxplore.com/news/2017-08-tool-autonomy-skyrim-nonplayer-characters.html
  7. Hello, hope this is the right place for this but I wondered if it would be possible to add HTTPS and an SSL cert to STEP. Letsencrypt do a free automated cert service and updating the certs are handled with a simple script running under cron. I have used them myself for a while now and it has never failed to renew the certs in time. https://letsencrypt.org/
  8. xEdit defaults to FO4 at least if you already have it installed. I added "-TES5" to fix it. You might want to add that to the docs.
  9. Hello finally getting around to installing 2.10.0 from scratch. Heads up for the xEdit wiki page, the link for the forum is broken for me at least. https://forum.step-project.com/topic/1327-
  10. Jar files shouldn't need decompiling they are simply archives .jar stands for Java Archive you will need a decompiler/editor such as JD-GUI to view the various class files you will find inside. In theory, it should be doable as both are Turin complete. If you give it a try, use a decent editor such as Atom it will make your tasks easier. Good luck :)
  11. I accidentally completed the Mage's guild quest line in a recent play though. I felt like I had let myself down.
  12. I have a Gigabyte 1080 Extreme AIO Waterforce. So for me it is wait and see what the 2080 is like vs Vega/Navi. However who ever wins the performance crown, unless the flicker face bug is fixed with AMD cards in Skyrim SE, I am stuck with Nvidia. I might swap out my 6700K for a Ryzen 1800X if the benches support it. However my big tech spend this year is going to be Unifi for the house and garden.[1] [1] https://www.ubnt.com/enterprise/
  13. Sorry to ask this question and I am hugely grateful for your work on this but is there any reason you aren't using symantic versioning with Mod Organiser 2? https://semver.org/
  14. Sorry for not replying earlier in the week as I have explained in other threads I only have a few hours at the weekend to spend on Step and other mod forums. Just want to second most of what Greg has said. The Netgear comments made me smile. I saw them being sold cheap a while back and was tempted but then read bad review after bad review. Again Greg's advise on using cheap drives is backed up by some hard empirical evidence from Backblaze's publically accessible reports.[1] If you do decide to go the home NAS route down the line do your research and have some Fun. If you settle on FreeNAS 99% of what you need will be available from the GUI. If you do need to speak command line *nix to it, immagine that you are speaking to autistic yoda and you won't go far wrong. [1] https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-q1-2016/
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