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  1. Ok that will be one I need to look at when I get time over the coming long weekend. Temp fix for now is to remove the Immersive College of Winterhold Patch.esp from the Snazzy Merge till I get a closer look.
  2. I am still planning on updating. Was intending on sitting down today and sorting it out. However have to go to a (unexpected) funeral and will not be in the mood this weekend. It will get done though as I still am off to the 30th.
  3. If you say you call it Major Mass Spec I'll start calling you DarkLadyAbbySciuto.
  4. You'll have to make a decision. MO2 or Vortex. I'm having a bit of a fiddle with Vortex at the moment and will see if all plays nice.
  5. Have you set Windows to show file extensions? Just in case you might have SKSE.ini.txt instead. Have seen that happen before.
  6. Make sure you don't have a filter set and make sure you're ordering by mod index. Check down below the right pane and see if you have a filter on.
  7. It's not unusual on first start up with the whole mod list installed for it to take quite some time to load. 3 mins is longish, but doesn't surprise me. You have everything starting up and loading on first boot. Once it's all initialized future boots will be quicker.
  8. Just leave the extractor on always and just say no if you don't need to extract it. If you do happen to extract one that doesn't need it, it's usually not a problem. But try not to just to be safe. I find doing it this way makes me take more notice of what I'm doing. :)
  9. ^That. Just use the previous version. I know that's available on the SSE version. I'll update this Oldrim guide shortly when I check out what's needing to be done.
  10. And if you DO come here and moan about your game being broken.... I will be forced to get the tuna fish out. And that won't be pretty. :bat:
  11. I can't see any great issues using any of those. Just with the second mod, is your issue more that you don't want to level too fast or you're using it as more of a roleplaying thing in that your char doesn't know everything? If the former, then you can tweak the values in the ini for the Uncapper mod to not give as much experience for things like Smithing etc so that skill levels slower. If the latter, then go for it.
  12. Surely not?!?!?!?! :psyduck: That must be a sign of the dread apocalypse. Everyone run for the choppa!
  13. Double check everything's spelled correctly inside the folder as well and the correct files are hidden as per the instructions.
  14. Alright guys, behave. Else I'll have to slap a few of you with a wet tuna fish. And you don't want that, as I am a champeen fish slapper.
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