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Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM (by Brumbek)


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Discussion thread:

Static Mesh Improvement Mod by Brumbek

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It is about time this was added. Version 1.24 is out now and includes an updated BAIN wizard that I developed with Brumbek's assistance (since v1.21). The mod now includes Dwemer clutter, Nordic tables/benches, Whiterun doors, and bridges. Dev continues.


Following are screens of Vanilla. The first is DDSopt-imized vanilla HRDLC followed by the same with SMIM installed using the SMIM defaults (but with vanilla barrels and small-link pull chains). I never noticed that Brumbek had played with the rock walls and walkway borders. An improvement IMHO:


Posted Image 

Posted Image


As I mentioned on the Nexus thread, FPS is unaffected in this area by SMIM and VRAM usage is actually very slightly improved (945 Mb down to 935 Mb on STEP-default INI settings on my box, which mirrors the STEP Baseline System defined by the upcoming new Guide)... rather insignificant but encouraging.

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I am currently installing SMIM 1.26 and Skyrim Realistic Overhaul 1.6 on my newly installed Skyrim.


While installing both mods, I have found that there are some conflicts to both these mods.


My question is, should i overwrite the conflicts for smim over SRO for these conflcits? Which one looks better? What do you recommend?


==3== Skyrim Realistic Overhaul 1.6 FULL.7z














UPDATE: Well I found that the core file of SMIM overwrites some major improvments from SRO. Such as the slate, wood textures, etc

As a result, I have manually deleted the conflicted texture files in Whiterun architecture and allowed the overwrite of the furntiture files from SMIM over SRO as they are in my eyes superior.


Thanks for any help from the community

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While I appreciate the mesh adjustments from SMIM I would always choose the textures from SRO when given the choice. I read somewhere of a possibility of Staracs textures being used in a future version of SMIM but I'm unsure of its validity. Sure would have been sweet though.

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Certain SRO textures will probably not fit certain of the SMIM meshes correctly. Brumbek modified his and SkyrimHD textures to fit those meshes, and he will likely release SRO versions as well in the future (I assume according to Starac's post on the SRO thread).

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I worked with him a bit on the SMIM BAIN wizard a couple of months back, so I had not know he was out.


I emphatically support fixing Windhelm meshes as well. Those muddy steps just inside the gate look like my first-grader's poster-board art project :P

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I think Langley is looking at fixing Windhelm meshes, would be nice to see a mesh pack for there, I've been waiting a year now...


I haven't seen Brumbek in months is he back?

Langley will not fix Windhelm. He doesn't have tolls neither knowledge for this. 
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Version 1.28

SMIM'd the Lantern meshes used in 2,072 places. Now featuring a detailed new mesh with high-resolution texture.

Also fixed UV mapping errors on the large candle in the "candlelanternwithcandle01.nif" lantern mesh. USP can include this if they want to.

SMIM'd the common Cupboard mesh, which finally completes the common set.

Minor UV fixes on Dresser, End Table, and Wardrobe (and Upperclass version) common furniture meshes.

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And yet another version



SMIM'd the Upperclass Table (uppertable01.nif) and the large variant (uppertable01custom01.nif) used in Jorrvaskr. Now featuring real table planks instead of a sheet.Improved the rug tablecloth on the Jorrvaskr large table. Now with proper folds!

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