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Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One (by MannyGT)


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Discussion thread:

Lanterns of Skyrim by MannyGT

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Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One


Great concept and I've been following his individual mods with interest.  This one finally did it for me, its an esm and comes with 5 esp presets and instructions to make your own esp preset for the exact experience you want.  The default without any esp preset is Oblivion lighting.

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Adds immersion, lore-friendly, multiple options for user to pick from......Great Mod IMO

I have been using the "all in one" pack since first day released and it definitely improves gameplay experience.



About to go check out the different RCRN presets in-game now and see how they look

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I figured that his two mods would have to be combined sooner or later. Always liked seeing the lights on the bridges, but not much of a fan with them on the roads. The custom esps are really awesome though.


I wish there were the console options to disable some of the lanterns like Claralux.

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Did you know that Lanterns Of Skyrim - All In One - Main.esm does not place lights in the dawnguard areas (I of course do mean the DG compatible version)? Apparently a patch is needed for that linked to from the description page and here.


I have confirmed this with mannygt as I thought it was odd that there was no mention of this anywhere in any of the guides - perhaps there is a reason for this or perhaps we have all made assumptions in this case which is probably what happens if one spends more time modding than playing.


Anyway doesn't hurt to mention it.



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I use the Dawnguard esm. and RLO esp. my point was that there are no lights placed in the dawnguard areas unless you have this patch which made me wonder why the main mod needed to be DG compatible unless it has to do with the whole eclipse malarky.

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