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  1. That's purposeful. Mods will need to be added to the wiki before they can be added to a pack. Once everything is working the tables should show more than just the name and instructions. In addition to listing DLC requirements and such, you'll be able to set which graphics option should be used via a dropdown list.
  2. How is it set up now? Personally I think we should keep it all open unless it becomes an issue. Otherwise we'd have to manually set people to Pack Author and it either becomes a selective process, thus restricting who can create them based on our judgement, or it just ends up being busy work for us autoconfirming everyone.
  3. The wiki is very minimal as far as permissions so we can't really restrict pack editing to just the pack author. I'm still not sure why you're not able to move pages or create mod lists, I'll point Stopping to this thread and see if he can figure it out.
  4. No problem, it's awesome that you're diving right in there with it.Â
  5. Fixed it, my bad. This project is very much in an "alpha" stage; things will break, we're no where near done with it. In fact I'm going to have to redo most of the code for the mod tables anyways.
  6. Hmm, you guys should be able to, it says so on https://wiki.step-project.com/Special:ListGroupRights Z, any idea on this?
  7. No need to create another page, you can change the Pack's name by going to the Pack's page and using 'Page Tools' -> 'Move'. It's pretty self-explanatory, just enter a new name (Make sure you keep the "Pack" prefix!) and optional reason, un-check "Leave a redirect behind" and hit 'Move'. The Pack prefix is what makes the title start with "Pack:", so don't include that in the new name. I just moved your Pack into the Pack namespace, it can now be found at Pack:STEP Weather Pack (WIP). Side notes: perhaps we should make it a guideline that packs can't start with STEP unless they're "officially STEP related". All Packs will reside in the Pack namespace (designated by the prefix mentioned above). I'm not sure if I can restrict that through the form itself, but if not we'll have to update STEP:Main with buttons.Adding mod lists didn't work because your Pack wasn't in the Pack namespace, it should work now. You already added two mod lists in the form, so now when you visit the page you'll see "Add Modlist" buttons under each corresponding subtitle. Click that button and you'll be able to write out an intro and outro for that table and add mods to the list like you added tables to the page. This doesn't seem to be working for me, I'm having the issue where the popup window is really small. Did that fix not get ported over from the Devwiki?
  8. Kelmych you just made my day (I just stumbled across this thread)! If I ever get around to playing NV again I'll remember to grab this :P
  9. Farlo


    We're currently working out a new framework for the Wiki, but for now we do still need mod pages created (and filled out properly) for all the SR mods. You can create mod pages via this page, please make sure everything is as accurate as possible and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. The auxiliary guides (WB, Skyrim Installation, etc.) can always use more input, so take a glance and if you see anything worth changing, please do. We try to keep a consistent third-person writing style throughout the guides, so keep that in mind. For questions or proposals related to a specific guide, post in it's forum thread which is usually linked at the top of the guide.
  10. I don't remember filming this o.0
  11. I guess we'll see if anyone at the publishing or legal departments has more than 3 neurons connected :P
  12. They can't state profit loss, as both games are required to correctly install Skywind. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD That's what I thought, so there's literally no reason to go after these guys. If anything it'll boost Morrowind sales, there have got to be a few TES fans who haven't bought it yet...
  13. Inb4 cease and desist.I really hope Bethesda has learned enough to not go this route. I can't imagine any "lost profits" from this coming even close to offsetting the PR nightmare this would be.
  14. Guess what I'm making tomorrow! :P
  15. What do gnomes smell like? :o_O:
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