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  1. I had a misconfiguration on the database and had over-allocated resources. Should be resolved now.
  2. The recent issue with the forum revealing the database problems has nothing to do with thread size. It was a configuration on MySQL that was causing out of memory errors (I over-allocated). IPB is somewhat decent on its queries, using LIMIT's on a thread view to reduce the number of rows returned, and it caches frequented views. I currently don't see an issue with the forum, and breaking apart threads right now would only induce a placebo affect. The Wiki is the real beast currently.
  3. We had a spike in requests again today. Any reports of slowness?
  4. Performed maintenance tonight to implement some relief for the Wiki. Please continue to report any 5XX errors.
  5. Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance today (Saturday June 25) starting at 11:00 p.m. EST (2300). The Forum and Wiki will be unavailable during this time. We appreciate your patience, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  6. Testing is in the works to get a solution in place to help with the slowness. Likely won't be able to fully implement till the weekend assuming my testing pans out OK. Either way, there will be a last minute maintenance to implement when I'm ready, since I don't know when I'll be fully ready and I want to get this setup ASAP.
  7. Current caching is good. I can't test during the day, but during lower peak usage, the wiki is loading fast for me. The larger culprit is being driven by a spike in in-bound connections that starts just after 9AM server time. This directly impacts server load. Increasing the number of processes to handle more connections will also directly impact server load, potentially more negatively than the current state. You also have to take Pingdom with a grain of salt to a certain extent. It is connecting as if it is a first time user, which means there is no benefit of client side caching of all of the resources such as CSS, JS, images, and initial page view. There are a lot more resources being loaded for the Wiki compared to the Forum. A test via Pingdom in the past 10 minutes reported a little over 10 second load time, but a refresh in my browser was under 3 seconds. There are some things I can look at implementing to help reduce the stress further, but will take some time to setup and test.
  8. We had a 4X increase in normal traffic, and had a configuration issue that was rectified. Should be performing a lot better since yesterday early evening.
  9. I just implemented a fix to the site backups so that they won't affect Wiki performance anymore.
  10. Unfortunately, there's no way to search for pages created by a specific user.
  11. Very interesting. It was the single quotes in the caption portion that was breaking it. Looks like I have a bug in the Highslide extension.
  12. There is no search capability for history. MW search only searches wiki pages based on their current state, so searches won't match on text that was removed from a Wiki page for example. Two things that pop to mind you can try: You can do an advanced search to limit the pages that are searched. Sounds like you would want to limit based on the Category Mods. Not entirely helpful if the category in question contains a lot of pages like Category Mods, but it would weed all of the guides which may be enough. You can also see your history by using the menu option for your name and selecting Contributions. Not search functionality, but it will show you the edits you've made and maybe you can spot the page you edited.
  13. stoppingby4now

    Move Topic

    It is better to add a post at the end of the topic referencing the correct topic, and lock It like You did.
  14. The letter-spacing is a nice touch, and offers by far the best improvement for reading the actual header. Not going to implement width due to the pulling of the EDIT link along with it. The alterations to the headers I'm just not feeling. There is plenty of space for separation between a header and the content above it, and you're modifications are adding more. I'm sorry, I'm just not seeing the difficulty in identifying the logical separation in the current setup. I've updated the wikidev with the letter-spacing (0.02em) on the header content itself, as well as the borders on h2/h3.
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