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  1. Though it all seemed to be working before I learned that I had failed to install Interesting NPCs correctly and update Cuyiama NPCs and this only became apparent after the update. All sorted now, Skyrim no longer resembles Sleepy Hollow. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, just updated and started a new game. All seems to be fine but some NPC's have missing faces or heads. I can just see the teeth. I have not changed my install other then the updates so this shouldn't be happening. Is it likely to be one of the merges that might have caused this perhaps something to do with Interesting NPCs. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks in advance
  3. I manually downloaded it and re-installed. Got off the boat at solitude so I think that has done the trick. So onwards. Get LodGen going then off to shops. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks very much for the help. Fingers crossed I can try out a new character some kind of cross between, Indiana Jones, Star lord and Tasselhof Burrfoot.
  5. It would appear that that was the problem (Landscape Overhaul by Luxor), should I replace it with anything, reinstall it or leave it out and just get funky with the rest of the finishing line? Is it a mod problem, I guess I could explore that myself, but feel it wont look quite so spiffing without it.
  6. Ok I'll try that. Not really used the discord before but had a look. I'll check out landscape overhaul before I try anything else. I reinstalled Statues either way it's entirely possible that I messed up somewhere. Hopefully it'll be something like one of the landscape mods.
  7. Hi splendid peoples, I updated and redid all the merges then on the finishing line I opened a new game and coc jumped to all places on the list no probs but just to check I decided to take wander from Meridia to Solitude on the higher path and got a ctd as I turned towards Solitude. I seem to be having the same trouble as before with ctds in certain areas. This time I know none of the final page patches are responsible as I have not run these yet so I'm thinking reinstall all the mods which is a pain but I do not know what is causing the problem. I noticed various problems and mistakes I had made with the merges before especially with removing un-needed esps which it would appear I had not done consistently. Now that I have I'm still getting these problems. My system should be able to run this guide as it always has done in the past with similar load orders and graphics in OldRim so that should not be a problem in the new 64bit version. So before I re-do the full install I would love to hear any ideas or short cuts to finding the culprits that are stopping me from getting near to Solitude, Windhelm and Dawnstar. Thanks very muchly in advance of any proffered wisdom,
  8. Thanks I'll look into that. I did the statue coc test on the finishing touches page and had no problems, certainly did not crash until near the junction with the docks or up to the city which is past Merida. I'll re-install anyway just to be sure.
  9. I am currently updating my install which I am not varying from the guide in any way, I will be redoing all the merge and finishing pages post update. I have a couple of questions with respect to some specific event ctds I had before the update. Every time I tried to go near Solitude, Dawnstar or Windhem. Fine in other cities. Is this likely to to with errors in patching DYNDOLOD etc.. or with specific parts of the install. I'm not expecting a specific answer but am hoping that this sort of locational ctd is typical of a certain type of error. In other words I am hoping to narrow down my search for answers before I get carried away and reinstall the whole thing. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Lexy. Hopefully that's it am updating now. Was thinking that it was likely something to do with Windows so fingers crossed. By the way I first started with this when STEP was a pdf. file you downloaded from the nexus and the followed the instructions. I helped out a little with STEP packs back at the start and following Neo's guides in every form. What you have created here seems incredible for the sheer amount of time and effort involved, it's amazing how involved it has all become. So for my part, thanks very much for all your work in bringing this amazing game to life. Windows updated and problem solved.
  11. Hi, thanks for the response Memoso. No luck, it still comes back with the same error. I've reinstalled it multiple times. The program runs fine outside of MO. Hopefully it is something simple but at a loss otherwise. Though other people have had a similar problem in the past even the same one, the very few solutions offered do not seem to work.
  12. Hi, been out of skyrim for a while. Have completed the install for this pack and it looks great even before completing the last part. I'm wondering if I can get away without the bashed patch. I can't get WB to load through MO and have tried many things to enable this including forum and online searches and the solutions presented but no luck. Apparently it wont load because there is a file in use by another program. Anyway I'll keep looking for a solution to this problem but in the short term can I generate a similar patch through SSEEdit or Mator Smash and or just ignore the bashed patch? Many thanks in advance,
  13. It runs pretty damn good for me with no fps drop and all effects on. I'm running a 4gb 670. Sure you could max it out with your system.
  14. This is cool, really glad YASH is getting some love, really awesome piece of work. Personally always preferred Requiem but YASH is perhaps closer to vanilla or STEP values. Great work.
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