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Even Better Quest Objectives (by whickus & updated by William Imm)


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My only complaints are with these (from the mod description):

Also, quests with journals that give information about the locations have the journals themselves edited instead of the descriptions.


Also, this mod does modify some of the vanilla scripts relating to some of the radiant quests. This is done so that 

  • Can you post the journal changes you made?  I'm not too keen on any in-universe written material being changed, but if you can justify the changes then I can overlook it.
  • so that... what?  Also, what kind of conflicts will this introduce?
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1. The journal changes that I made were to dunFolgunthurJournal2, DA07KeepersoftheRazorNotes, Book2CommonLegendofRedEagle and dunRedEagleRite. The changes were mostly to the description, to give information and clues about the location of the places mentioned. Yes, that means the mod will conflict with Better Book Names, but nothing a quick patch can't fix.

2. The script changes are to reset the object location for certain radiant quests, to allow proper displayal of the object's location. So, for example, if the objective of a quest was to "Retrieve the Macguffin in Lokir's Tomb", the script changes make it appear as that and not "Retrieve the Macguffin in <...>".


The original did this, but it copied over many scripts that were not needed to be modified. I only did the changes to the scripts that really needed it. I reset the location by using these lines: ( being changed depending on the script)


Location tempLoc = Alias_<Location>.GetLocation()

and adding them to the appropriate quest scripts at the right place. The scripts I modified were the quest scripts for DA09, DA10, MGR20, MGR20b, MGR21, MGRArniel04, and MGRitual05, with USKP fixes (if there) included. I also provided source code for the scripts, unlike the original mod, so that modifications/compatibility patches can be easily made. (look in the BSA for the source).

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I've uploaded two patch files. One of them is not really relevant to STEP (the one for Skyrim Redone, which was done on request), but the other, for Better Skill and Quest Book Names is relevant. I've also suggested all of theses (and kryptolyr's killable children revision) to the BOSS team.

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Going through with TES5Edit I noticed that your Dawnguard file undoes a change from the original in the quest Discerning the Transmundane.



The main ESP says "... He might know where I can find an Elder Scroll for Paarthurnax." but the Dawnguard file says "... He might know where I can find an Elder Scroll."



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Well... it was changed because the Unoffical Dawnguard Patch appeared to remove the "and Paarthunax" part from the quest description. I took it as a fix to something' date=' but if it isn't, I can revert the description back.[/quote']

You should check to see if they gave a reason why.

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