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Race Menu (by Expired)


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Race Menu by Expired

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Making a character just got a lot more awesome. I haven't tested yet but it looks damn good.




The RaceMenu was redesigned with the intention of using SKSE to allow for more in-depth customization of your character.


  • Numeric display for all sliders
  • Categorizes all the vanilla options to the SkyUI look
  • Search filter by name (Same as SkyUI)
  • Color ANY tint, including hair with an AARRGGBB value
  • Loads/Saves settings when re-opening the menu
  • Light On/Off (Spawns a white light directly infront of your character)
  • Zoom distances adjusted to be closer to the face when In and slightly further when out
  • Adjust player height
  • Adjust player bicep size
  • Adjust player breast size (Only works for meshes that support skeletal scaling e.g. BBP)
  • Basic plugin interface
  • Controller support
  • Works with any race, including custom races
  • Doesn't modify any vanilla assets (Unlike my Extended Slider Colors mod)
  • Multi-warpaint support
  • Warpaint texture hotswapping (Custom warpaint)
  • Display racial skill bonuses
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Here's a warning, and here's one you should heed: Do not use version 2.0.1. Why? Because it WILL cause your game to crash when loading a save. Neovalen and I spent HOURS and HOURS trying to figure out what was going wrong, thinking it was the body mods malfunctioning. Turns out, it was this. Use 2.0.0, and stick with it.


EDIT: Then, Expired released a 2.0.2 update that is supposed to fix said crashing, shortly after I made this post.

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This mod needs renaming in the guide (it's RaceMenu without space).


Also, could anyone explain what's Chargen Extension? It's by the same author and obviously the two mods are supposed to work together, but the description is a bit unclear, and the screenshots with all the cartoon faces aren't exactly helpful. Both mods contain the same SKSE chargen.dll plugin. Uh...

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It is an API that allows modders to add in more facial morphs. I've seen stuff that lets you change things like the bridge of the nose, nostril size, or the size of the iris. Guys can get really specific with the morphs they make and you can tweak every little thing on a face.


Racemenu includes the DLL but that only does some other things like the height, arms, head sizes, and chargen extension actually extends it to things other modders came up with. Those are in the optional files.

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