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Rustic Death Hound (by Gamwich)


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i had gruesome death hound installed as well but as soon as i saw Gamwich had word is black magic again i was like yep install now. I don kind of wish me would make  an huge uber pack with everything in instead of having to lots different mod pages but that is up to him.

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Well, someone should imprison Gamwich to stop making good quality textures.


This means more testing for us ::P: The textures itself is good from the shots, but I haven't got any copy since my HDD is full already...

I don't think you really mean that.  I'd rather be busy testing good quality textures than wishing someone would create good quality textures. ::D:

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The darker version looks better imo, worth adding into the next STEP update.

"Better" is truly subjective in this case, since the textures are of the exact same quality. One is closer to the vanilla coloration, while the other is frankly scarier. What is better is simply a matter of personal preference.

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