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  1. that look ok to me a lot of users say Truth ENB is quite good. I know Lext update a tweak version of Pheonix today as well.
  2. I have the same issue argument is -sse -o:"E:\Skyrim Special Edition Tools\xLODGen\SSELODGen_Output" But when I run v34 beta it creates a new Skyrim Folder in E:\Skyrim the houses the textures and meshes generated from xLODGEN there instead. This has recently started happening it behaved as expected on v33 Beta
  3. it did not need this time as this was only to update SKSE plugins to the latest versions. Now due to USSEP and Ultimate Combat you could if you wanted to update FNIS, BASH, SMASH, zEdit but the wife has said it is not strictly necessary this time around.
  4. Friendly Fire setting won't affect Ingo or Sofia since they run on the own Follower Framework and the vanilla one so setting from iAFT won't affect them.
  5. Summermyst isn't required by any of Lexys custom CR patches but i would double check her consistency Patches for missing masters if they have any you will need to clean them.
  6. basically it like this: Vigour - deal with injuries. Ultimate Combat- Deals with enemy AI Wildcat - Combat No, we currently don't use TK Dodge but I think it can be used safely although I have not actually played the game in a very long time so my advice what not be worth much.
  7. yes, I went before the review board and the let me out on good behaviour. Actually been super busy Work has been manic the last few months.
  8. As Lexy has said you run LOOT outside of MO2 at least once so the master list updates and also populates the mod groups also make sure your firewall isn't blocking I know Windows 10 can do that sometimes.
  9. Can't believe it after 133 hrs I have finished the main Witcher 3 but now on to the DLC's. Not enjoyed a game this much since Dragon Age Origins which is only one of a few games I played through to the end plus all the DLC's.
  10. mmm that doesn't sound right pre Wyre bash should have around the 240 mark post-Wyre bash in shoudl do down to the 200ish mark. Also this guide comes with Lock Overhaul.
  11. thanks for the critic of the guide I say this straight off the bat the guide is old and virtually abandoned now mods have changed updated but the guide has not, also I have no time to maintain things anymore. Also, most of the users who were using this LE guide have moved on to the SSE version that my wife Darkladylexy created and maintains.
  12. Don't worry you haven't started any war and yes even my Wife has said certain areas are a bit too dark she mention that if she was to rip out ELFX what would she replace it with and she is unsure. She also moans about Immersive Citizen Compatibility and has said she was done with it but she ripped that out yet either. Lighting and ENB have always been very difficult cos they're so subjective and depends on individual play styles. I do agree over playability and realism. My question would be if ELFX was to go what would replace it? cos there really are only 3 choices ELFX or RLO or Relighting Skyrim.
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