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  1. I can't wait to try this stuff as I'm finally getting the computer today.
  2. This seems like it will be a candidate for the step compilation
  3. It seem he cant stop and won't stop.
  4. It's crazy to think that's it hasn't even been a year since the introduction of merge plugin standalone. It feels like the difference between a pre and post atomic world to pick a random example.
  5. I definitely do though I'm divided between that and overencumbered. Will probably mix and match if I do it.
  6. Diversity does the same thing and is more constantly maintained.
  7. The story was kind of weak and cardboard yeah. To be honest most of my wanting to get back is to try out dc interiors since my fondest memories of fo3 was methodically working my way through dc building by building and more of that would be really appealing.
  8. Hmm Is trying TTW on for size a good idea? On second thought better to wait a bit as I'm just jumping back into this.
  9. Alienware 17 R3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5 Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ (Quad-Core, 6MB Cache, up to 3.5GHz w/ Turbo Boost) 17.3 inch UHD (3840 x 2160) IGZO IPS Anti-Glare 400-nits Display 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 at 2133MHz; up to 32GB (additional memory sold separately) 256GB PCIe SSD (Boot) + 1TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage) Intel 8260 2x2 802.11ac 2.4/5GHz + Bluetooth4.1 Intel Driver Intel 8260 Wireless Driver Mostly a C&P Job but I think i got all the relevant junk. Fallout 4k Gaming MLG!
  10. Also at last my new computer has arrived now the question that remains what do I try to set up first: Skyrim or New Vegas?
  11. You know I forgot the context of the forum and thought this was about decescending into kleptomania.
  12. When you get started modding following a guide you never appreciate how much time it takes to do it half way correctly. One Afternoon turns into a holiday weekend turns in a week turns into a fortnight. Until you've been doing it for months and you realize that the game ctds every 20 minutes and you don't know why and yet you still download an extra dungeon because you still want you're next hit. Even though at the rate you're going you wont get to that cave until 2025!
  13. Ouch! Yeah I never got far enough to have that problem but my condolences.
  14. I got like 12 hours into F:NV in about 8 months of serious modding. I also came to despise carriages and helgen until I finally realized what LAL did.
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