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  1. Sorry for format. These are shots with and without enb, generally the brighter ones are without. Double apologies for lack of consistency. Not super savvy with this whole process. ... didn't think to do enb on/off for this last one The one thing I see super clearly in every one of z's shots; ice, floes, snow and so on all have very different coloration / value that make each part of them look almost like completely different objects. each part sticks out from the others and makes them noticeable. In my examples with Glorious Glaciers and Majestic Mountains landscape snow / ice, the tiling is way less noticeable and each part of the equation works better with the others, as far as I'm concerned I don't have compares here as I don't have a STEP install, and I'm not sure a vanilla compare would be valuable. * as I said previously, this is with my setup which is not STEP; what's relevant is likely that I'm using Obsidian Weathers. Both shots are without ENB.
  2. lol I am terrible at this! the examples are all of my setup, which is glorious glaciers and majestic mountains landscape textures
  3. Sorry for format. These are shots with and without enb, generally the brighter ones are without. Double apologies for lack of consistency. Not super savvy with this whole process. ... didn't think to do enb on/off for this last one
  4. Sounded like you guys had decided to stay with the current set-up, and the pictures are not in any way representative of STEP, it's my own thing I've been working on (off and on) for years now, so it seemed irrelevant to fix them... unfortunately I don't have a good place to host screenshots apparently and I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong posting those images... ...I think that did it. One way or another, I find T4G's landscape textures to be the best overall, and they work very well together, with the exception of a dirt road texture (apologies i don't know the name of exact texture) that has a slightly cooler color to it than I'd like, but it's a pretty small compromise. I spent a REALLY long time looking at snow / ice textures and for my tastes, these are the best.
  5. I wonder if you guys have taken a serious look at the landscape textures included with majestic mountains. There's a couple textures in the forest valleys where the coloration isn't quite right (at least for my taste), but overall his are my absolute favorite and I've really spent a lot of time checking out differing landscape texture packs - specifically I find his ice and snow textures, along with Glorious Glaciers are the absolute best for overall, and of course I believe they've been developed specifically with majestic mountains in mind. Sorry I don't have compares, but here's a screenshot from my game; enb active, not STEP https://imgur.com/gallery/9nQCzYa https://imgur.com/gallery/KYP7dCT
  6. I did see a post on Nexus about it, just most of the information there appealed highly ambivalent. Submitted an error report on the Discord, I'll post back here if I learn anything. Thanks for taking the time GSD!
  7. Simon Magus is a great mod author who has sort of followed in the footsteps of EnaiSiaion, making mods very similar to Ordinator, Apocalypse, etc. But Simon's are much more lightweight and closer to the mechanics and implementation of vanilla. At least, that's how he (and users) describe his mods. I can't honestly say much more about them as I've never used them; only discovered recently, and I'm in the middle of a play-through. Mysticism I never understood why so many people seem to feel magic is underpowered in Skyrim. I've played through as many builds of vanilla Skyrim characters as I could possibly think to make, and mages were usually the most over-powered. The very beginning can be a little tricky, yeah; conjuration will help a lot with that, and grab a follower. I have found that most of the time when people say stuff like that; they weren't actually playing a 'straight' mage. They don't trust the magic system or something, so they wind up wearing armor, and using swords or bows or whatever. If you're going to play a pure mage, you want to be wearing clothing; ie the outfit they give you in the very beginning of the game that is perfect for a mage character. You want to take perks in whatever school of magic you want to build your mage around (alteration mage armor perks are essentially a necessity) and you don't want to use other skills too much. One thing to remember always in Skyrim; anytime you are using skills that are not your main combat skills, or directly supporting those skills, you are by proxy making yourself weaker. You level up, the world levels up with you, and you have not increased your ability to deal with the challenges of the world.
  8. Using the 'latest loader' from the OBSE site didn't change anything. MO2 still gives me that error, and the MenuQue log still appears fine... from what I can tell.
  9. I've been playing with Honed Metal for quite some time now and haven't had any issues that I'm aware of... Really love it. I can still have custom enchanted gear if I don't want to play an enchanter, or quality armor without being a smith. Make sure to grab 'Honed Metal Voiced' as well, adds little audio files for the various interactions that make the whole thing feel a lot more like part of the base game.
  10. Yeah, MO2 is not in the games directory and not controlled by UAC Box is definitely checked ... Didn't replace the .exe from 'latest loader' package on the OBSE site. I have now... it was my understanding that loader wasn't used anymore unless dealing with CS?
  11. Yessir. It was your post about that the other day that turned me onto the fact that there is proper support now for Oblivion...
  12. MO2 is giving me this error; You have one or more script extender plugins which failed to load! If you want this notification to go away, here are some steps you can take: • Look for updates to the mod or the specific plugin included in the mod. • Disable the mod containing the plugin. • Hide or delete the plugin from the mod. To refresh the script extender logs, you will need to run the game and/or editor again! The failed plugins are: • OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue_OLD version 0 (OBSE_Kyoma_MenuQue.dll, MenuQue - OBSE Plugin) reported as incompatible during query. I installed the most recent version I could see available, v16b. Not sure what gives. I'm certain OBSE is installed correctly and working, and my MenuQue log seems to indicate everything is groovy? (a million thank-you's to the MO2 developers. Wouldn't be considering modding Oblivion without that force-load workaround)
  13. ...Am I to take it that MO2 and Oblivion is now at least semi-officially supported? Back when I tried it I was having issues with MenuQue / HUD Status Bars that I just could not get resolved.
  14. Honestly I think Rudy's night sky is likely very similar to what's happening with JonnyWang's, I just like his star field texture a little better. I do have reasons though to be using that instead; namely that I'm using both Rudy ENB + ENBLight. Had major concerns that ENBLight would destroy my FPS but it hasn't seemed to affect it at all (outside of candles... nordic ruins and lots of candles around does start to drain FPS... but I live with it cause it's so awesome everywhere else), and really does some amazing things with lighting in the game. Anyway. Slightly off-topic.
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