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Lepidoptera Of Skyrim (by Impulseman45)


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The author suggested to install after "Critter Fixes" to overwrite. In relation to STEP, i should also reinstall "Critter Fixes" without the "Monarch Wing Fix" and "101 Bugs Support" optionals? (and obviously deactivating "101 Bugs", which i only used as a texture replacer). 

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If 101Bugs was replaced with this one, would insects be adequately covered - what about bees, torchbugs, and dartwings?  Personally, I don't see how extra insects really need to be added to the game mainly because it just unnecessarily complicates alchemy with too many types of insect parts.  On the other hand, I would like to know that the few remaining insects are all getting a nice reworking and not just the Lepidoptera (butterflies & moths).


EDIT: My biggest concern are the dartwings.  I think I actually like the look of the vanilla bee over 101Bugs version (based off the compares on that mod's Nexus page).  I think 101Bugs torchbug looks overall better than the vanilla one.  101Bugs also somewhat improves the look of ants too.

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I don't understand why the author claims that 101 Bugs needs to be removed. Lepidoptera changes the texture paths inside the meshes for all moths.

So there shouldn't be any conflicts and you should still be able to use 101 bugs for everything that's not covered by this mod.

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I think the author was saying that you can't use his textures with the 101Bugs meshes. I would personally rather have proper meshes than a few extended bugs in the game. The ants are never noticed. The others I'm hoping that Kryptopyr covers in her mod and if not, there are some alternatives. After looking deeper into 101Bugs, I'm not liking how that author did a few things.



Can you confirm or not if these meshes have shadow casting turned off or on?

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