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  1. Hi, long time no see. Mod got updated, the v4+ is now expected to be much better in term of seamlessness. If the argument of v3 about making it closer to its LE equivalent still stand, I'd recommend you guys consider Mors Arrow begone instead, which is superior if equipping/unequipping is to be favored over simply hiding. Also, I haven't used STEP in a very long time so I don't know exactly how oyu're proceeding nowadays, but if you wish to include the mod into the compilation, or re-host it locally, or even make adjustments needed, you're welcome to.
  2. Thanks, it's building now. Though that also mean the worldspace got corrupted somehow Symptom: Map menu go completely awire when opening it from certain exterior cells. Ignored duplicate CELL data for 34,-24 Data from -32,-32 to 34,34 I fully get the meaning of the first line (exactly what you explained in the previous post). Not so sure about the 2nd though ?
  3. [Roscrea] Generating LOD [Roscrea] Gathering CELL and LAND records. [Roscrea] Land height: -140000, Water height: -8000, Scanned: 4361 CELL records, Found: 4357 LAND records for area [-32,-32] to [34,34] [Roscrea] LODsettings: Level 4 to 32 stride 128 from -32,-32 to 0,0 [Roscrea] Exporting terrain mesh data for LODGen to F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Terrain_Roscrea.bin [Roscrea] No options file found: F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\TES5LODGen_Roscrea_Roscrea_Options.txt [Roscrea] Saving LODGen data: F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Terrain_Roscrea.txt [Roscrea] Running "F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen.exe" "F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Terrain_Roscrea.txt" ============================================================ Skyrim Object LOD Generator Created by Ehamloptiran and Zilav Updated by Sheson Log started at 12:43:27 Game Mode: TERRAINTES5 Generating terrain LOD for worldspace Roscrea Reading F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Terrain_Roscrea.bin Error processing terrain data F:\Modding Tools\LODGen\Edit Scripts\LODGen_Terrain_Roscrea.bin Un élément avec la même clé a déjà été ajouté. System.ArgumentException Log ended at 12:43:27 LOD Generator: finished (you can close this application now) Can't seem to generate terrain LOD for this custom worldspace, and I have absolutely no idea what's wrong... The bit in french say "An element with the same key has already been added". I tried to look up in my registry in case there was some leftover in here (install path of xedit and xlodgen may have changed recently), but didn't find anything
  4. All right, I was indeed being too optimistic ^^ thanks. Sorry, I missed the info about pre-rendered textures not being supported. And thanks for all the extra convention details :)
  5. Hi, Opening a separate thread as this isn't exactly for conventionnal use, and because TexGen is a bit of his own tool which don't have its dedicated mega thread. Sorry if that was a bad idea. So, I was hoping I could be lazy: I have a set of retextured vanilla cliffs/mountain/etc (Basicaly anything that use MountainSlab texture) which are their own forms (as in, at the end of the day, I want to have access to both the regular vanilla meshes, and the retextured ones, not just a simple retex). Now, to give them LOD... My idea was to copy paste the vanilla LOD into its own folder, give the files proper prefix, and then point my new duplicated forms to them. After that, I would batch edit the texture path on those LODs nifs to point to new lod textures matching the mountainslab. In order to make work quick and easy, rather than editing dozen of low rez textures, or re-decimating the retextured nifs (because I actually need to do this not once, but for 3 full sets...), I hoped I could simply override the vanilla mountainslab texture with those new ones, run TexGen, and that it would give me all the textures I need. Problem is: Aside from high detail LOD using the normal texture, those have their own dedicated texture. For instance, mountaincliff02_lod_1.nif use MtnCliff02LOD.dds. I hoped TexGen would be able not only generate mountainslablod.dds but all those needed variant as well (which I could then rename / move to a different folder, and use for retextured LODs). But it didn't. Was this just a too optimistic assertion on my end, or did I failed something in my process ? I haven't modded Skyrim in a while, so I apologize if I missed something obvious, but I'm almost sure that if I download a simple retex for the mountainslab, running texgen and rebuilding LOD would allow me to have all mountain LOD levels properly textured as well ?
  6. (for those interested, Beta 6 solved the segment issue yielding invisble water. Forgot to post this in the public thread). [OLDRIM] I think you can update the recommendation to bump up quality by a fair margin for LOD32. Even with 5, fine details around cells that have water tend to get a bit wonky, and yield some innacurate shape for the map. Still didn't try to build for skyrim worldspace, but I think it should be easy to spot on the morthal swamp or similar area. At 3, I had virtually everything alright. However, I think I'll have to bump up the vertex limit for LOD32 and quality Going to play with brightness/contrast/gamma a bit later. It might be due to custom textures, but the noise around road meshes still show pretty awful seams (that's not exclusive to lodgen's LOD mind you). Really wish we had the possibility to select noise.dds on a per-worldspace basis :( bad bethesda! A request if there is an update in the pipeline (or is there an expert mode somewhere like there was for dyndolod ? I believe this feature was in), and it's simple enough to introduce: Ability to build only 1 level of LOD at a time. Typically to test out different settings for map (only LOD32), or for the aforementioned experience to try to get around road seams (only need LOD4 to make those test). Will post feedback on the quality for lod32 and noise workaround settings tommorow, hopefully with a few pretty screenshots :)
  7. Okay, 1st set of tests on a small worldscape: Performances and simplicity of use are just incredible. Cell border protection is absolutely magical, not just in game, but also fix awful seams on the worldmap other tools used to produce. Haven't played much with quality settings yet, as it's a small worldspace, I'm not sure LOD16 even show up unless I go near the very edge of the map, so performances are always good (tried with all LOD level at quality zero). However, I got one big issue. Water height seems to be good only for 1 cell of the chunk, not all of them: Any hint ? The default terrain height compared to default water height in the plugin is ridiculously huge. But I'm not sure that's the issue, since there is one cell per chunk that actually seem to have proper water level ? The far away ones seems to be alright, but i'm not sure they got generated by lodgen, I think they're just extra loose lod files without actual landscaping in the plugin. The part at the bottom of the screen which is alright is the limit of the loaded area. Edit: Ok, actually, the MultiBound of the water in the generated files all have zero as Z extent, where vanilla files have the full height (so for a -8000 water level, 4000 of z extent positioned at -4000). Might be the issue ? The vertices seems to be at a pertinent height so I really don't get it. Edit2: No... I'm really confused. Adding a shader to the water shape just to see the shape seems to indicate it's actually ok: Edit3: More investigation: Look like the multibounds for water have the default BSCP_CULL_NORMAL, while Vanilla files have BSCP_CULL_ALLPASS. Still doesn't solve it though. However, I think I found it. The BSSegmentedTriShape only have a single segment in its Segment array. That's about the only thing left in the files that look off. Edit4: That was it! rebuilding the segment array manually in nifskope did the job
  8. Congrats! Out of curiosity since I've been kinda out of the loop for a while now: Who's still actively maintaining aside from you Tech ?
  9. Doesn't look bad ;) I think another guy also made a guide with a copy of the initial instructions and re-used all the flair things already, so you're just one more :P And yes, mine is utterly outdated, which is why I said I'd remove most of the actual mods and just leave the proper "setup advice" up. Just need to find an hour or two to do it.
  10. No, no patreon. I don't need fund/money, nor external motivation. I just do things I want to, when I feel like it ^^ Besides, I'm officially stopping it, for several reasons. I'll strip all the outdated info and mod list (experience have shown that what matter for a guide is just the amount of mod you put in here, to make sure you have all the hyped ones, and how much caps/colors/emphasis you use to claim that everything is fully compatible and work perfectly, actual quality/consistency doesn't matter). I'll leave up the part about putting a decent modding environnement for FO4, and that'll be it.
  11. Nah, I just kicked Cortex' *** :P Yeah, I do intend to focus more on immersion (gameplay... I don't know. "Immersive Gameplay" definitely, but overall gameplay mods are a very sensitive subject... they're always so subjective it's hard to find something that really suit you). The core problem is... mod's amount/quality. I find the Nexus empty. 1 week back in, and I feel like I already found everything which is interesting and/or have potential. :( On an other note, there is a serious issues with WET. I still need to investigate what's causing this, but it's giving weird grey halos to everything that's between the camera and the water plane (typically your gun in 1st person). I started to make a few adjustments on some tools versions. Bringing the current version to something up-to-date shouldn't be too big of a job. Expanding it too something really cool... well, that's an other challenge ^^ Everything seems to lack maturity.
  12. So, I'm not Jesus or anything like that, but I just kinda resurrected. I can't say I'll have as much time as I used to "back in the days" (a job and a girlfriend are 2 things most men look forward too... but once you got both, you realize how much time it's taking away from your geek-self). Still... new PC is finally ordered and on its way! With an i7 at 4.2Ghz and an 8Gb 1080 GTX, plus the rest of the setup that match... Let's just say the geek in me should arise soon, which will include a serious (and much needed) guide update Big hope now is that NeMo (or whatever they decide to call it) is available soon enough so I can write the guide around it.
  13. Yes, that would be the order. But I have no idea if the current state of VIS is still up to date. But Merge Plugin now have FO4 support, so you might want to use it instead of merging manually.
  14. Necro!! Not Skyrim, but Morrowind. Japanese Manga opening-style :P Edit: Mmmh, Wrong thread right ? I don't remember if there was one just for skyrim-related vids
  15. I started to look a bit more seriously into this. 2 questions / remarks In xeMasters, the GetMaster take an index argument as Integer: 1) I believe this should be specified as an unsigned value (either with those fancy cardinal, or something smaller like whatever SByte are in delphi... "ShortInt" by the look of things ?). 2) As for the "Integer" type itself... I've read something on a freepascal wiki page that "Integer" in pascal could be either 16 bits or 32 bits. Though the "official" (?) Delphi documentation state it's 32 bit without any comment on the subject... any insight on this ? Edit: Ah, and while I think about it... do you intend do distribute it as is with an installer and have the lib in the PATH so various tool can access it easily, or rather have each tool shipping with the lib ? (or try to discover it on its own ?) Edit2: And one more questions about your naming conventions: what do the underscore mean for arguments like "_id" ?
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