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  1. List is now last checked & updated on October 3rd. I think SPID and 'powerofthree's tweaks' (as a prerequisite for SPID) might now be fairly important to continue, with several mods in the guide dependent on SPID (Add-on from 'Armor and Clothing Extension', 'EEOS', 'SPID for Footprints', 'ODIN spells for NPCS', 'Vokrii Perks for NPCS' ...).
  2. Thank you both, list is now last checked & updated on October 1st
  3. Thank you. This is exactly why i've been omitting Oakwood, Helarchen Creek and also Oblivion Gates from my STEP install. (With all the additions from AE there is already this feeling of 'Overcrowdedness' in Skyrim) Maybe STEP would consider communicating these mods as optional?
  4. Thx, list last checked & updated on September 27th
  5. Nice, thank you, i just put it in the list Btw, did you go through the whole list? (Because i am quite unsure if mods like 'Fizzle' are even relevant in this regard?) Edit: @Aitch Thank you, i guess i'm lucky i just had finished a full install in game version 1.6.353 before going abroad for a while last week. Not sure with the new game version and state of updates this would now be even playable ...
  6. Most likely, but it will be a few weeks before we do anything. First, we have some site maintenance planned that will take up a few weeks. When that is done, see where everything sits and decide what to do from that point. I had a similar impression when i was trying to update the 2.1.0 / 1.6.640 comparison list. Most likely there won't ever be a carbon copy of the current guide with everything updated, but i'm looking forward to what you'll discuss and do then
  7. Hi. Can i use Alpha 98 with my current STEP setup, all still in game version 1.6.353? (I think i have A 97 installed now) Thank you ...
  8. Updated to 2.2.2 for game version 1.6.640
  9. Created the topic with the first two sections Edit:
  10. Starting a list for all the mods in the current STEP guide, which are in need to be updated (or already are) to work with the current game version 1.6.640. I'm listing only relevant mods in each category (please correct me if i missed anything). For a more comprehensive view on SKSE dependencies please see https://modding.wiki/en/skyrim/users/skse-plugins
  11. I thought about setting up a list here on the forum listing all mods in the guide that need to be updated and already are, but i guess it wouldn't make that much sense with a follow-up update announced ...
  12. While just re-installing this mod, i noticed for the first time the second visual option 'Whiterun Exterior Grass', which should also stay unticked? It's not shown in the guide Fomod image, that's why i'm asking. Thank you ...
  13. Discussion topic: Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Glazed and Nordic Pottery by wSkeever Wiki Link Suggested by the author of Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod to use in combination with his own mod. This could be set alphabetically under 'Models & Textures'
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