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DRAUGR (by Kajuan)


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Compares added to the OP.


Sorry about the position shifts. Not sure what happened there. Could have been Enhanced Camera, which I'm thinking about uninstalling. I used the 2K version to match the HRDLC. Hair is also 2K version, but there is an optional 1K version which can be installed (making it only twice the size of vanilla hair).


There are a few points I'd like to make:

  1. Color - the color of this mod is more true to vanilla by simply giving them an aged look. AMB changes the skin color to grey.
  2. Hair - this mod covers the draugr hair. AMB doesn't. This mod also makes the hair grey, but it still looks nice.
  3. Armor - this mod covers the armors. AMB, surprisingly, doesn't.
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No, we haven't. No one has ever added that mod to testing though I've seen it mentioned a lot. If it's going to be tested, it needs a "testing" tag added. We're going to quickly push out this release due to USLEEP so get it added and we'll test it for the next release.

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My first reaction was that this one swaps the colors with Book of Silence (silver skin and red beard vs red skin and silver hair), but on a closer inspection I see that it restores some of the vanilla skin coloration and the gray beard seems somewhat more appropriate for Draugr. I'll see if I can find some time to check it out in the game.

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From the compares, overall I like it the best out of these three, but it's not as clear-cut of a winner as some of the other Kajuan ones looked at recently.


I like the gray hair as it logically makes sense for a draugr. I also prefer a yellowish tinge to the skin over gray, although I do not think they got it quite right in this mod (perhaps it is just the contrast against the walls).


However, I do not like the eyes at all. The glow effect in vanilla is a bit over the top. I think it is about right in BoS (although I would have liked a slight touch more, notice the Draugr's left eye in the first compare (to the viewer's right). However look at the last set of compares...from a distance, the eye glow effect seems even more minimal in this mod.


But again, overall, I do like it the best out of these three.

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