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  1. I'm going to do a bigger update, but it'll take a while. I'm kinda busy irl at the moment, but it's coming! 2. Artmoors town - they will be removed. I'll check what they may be replaced with. 1. The fiss version isn't needed but you may use it for convenience 2 - 7 All seems good, will check a nice to-do list 1 -3 Interesting too, adding to the todo list 4 Will check the patches to see what is nneede and add to the guides/patches 5 Will check what is included in it and compare it with what we currently use, adding to the bottom of the todo list. AND yes, a typo prevented the grass section to show up. Lesson learned. Never update guides and drink whiskey at the same time. Sorry!
  2. Inferno should be removed from the guide, I must have forgotten to remove it in one of the updates. Sorry for letting you go through this. I have done the exact thing before removing Inferno. I believe meshes from Embers was hidden in a previous version of the guide.
  3. Thanks, both issues should be fixed. I'll go through the mod to see which mods that needs to be removed or redirected to other sites. Thunderchild has actually been replaced with another mod, Forceful Tongue - Shouts Overhaul. I recommend you to try that.
  4. Just wanted to let you know that the guide has been updated, and this update is quite huge. Some highlights are DynDOLOD 3 No Grass In Objects Embers XD Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul Northern Shores SE The Grass Must Grow SunHelm Survival and needs SmoothCam True Directional Movement - Modernized Third Person Gameplay Reliquary of Myth - Artifact Overhaul Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces Window Shadows ENB Light
  5. All plugins should be checked, whether they are checked by default doesn't really matter. Right click the plugin list and choose enable all. The thunderchild plugin is the exception. Thunderchild was removed from the guide a week ago, I have forgotten to remove the patch for it. Just reinstall JK's Skyrim where the plugin comes from and install it without choosing thunderchild.
  6. Sorry for late answer here, I'm on vacation Glad you solved it, I'll definitely add to the guide that the c should be lowercase. Without the argument, xLodGen outputs to MOs overwrite folder.
  7. I have updated the guide and switched out the old Animated Armoury and replaced it with the new Animated Armoury - DAR version. This update was quite big under the hood, I had to make big updates to both the guide patches as well as the patches for my mod High-Level Loot Rarified. Make sure to update that mod too. Patches for the old Animated Armoury does not work with the new version since the formId's for whips has been changed between the versions.
  8. @kewiz I forgot to check Reliquary Of Myth, but I'll guide you through it. It looks interesting and I may add it to the guide. Use the attached patches and make sure that: Reliquary of Myth.esp is loaded after imp_helm_legend.esp Reliquary of Myth.esp is loaded after df_UnlimitedBookshelves-ImprovedClosefacedHelmets.esp Reliquary of Myth.esp is loaded after CraftingRevamped.esp df_ReliquaryOfMyth-DaedricVoices.esp is loaded after df_CraftingRevamped-DaedricVoices.esp Tools of Kagrenac.esp is loaded after Reliquary of Myth.esp df_ReliquaryOfMyth-AudioOverhaulSkyrim.esp is loaded after df_AudioOverhaulSkyrim-CraftingRevamped.esp df_AudioOverhaulSkyrim-ToolsOfKagrenac.esp is loaded after df_ReliquaryOfMyth-AudioOverhaulSkyrim.esp The mod unique uniques conflicts with Reliquary of Myth in two weapons. Load the mod last whose weapons you want. The Staff of Shegorath conflicts too, load it after Reliquary of Myth if you want it. df_ReliquaryOfMyth.7z
  9. That's a mistake, I'll fix it so you can opt out. Experience determines how fast your character levels, which I have slowed down to 50% using a patch. I could have slowed it down using Experience's ini file instead and lower the experience rewards from quests etc, but decided that the higher experience points from the ini felt more rewarding and that it was better to add a 0.5 multiplier to how much the experience points from Experience contributed to the player level. Experience does not touch the skills or how fast they level, which is why the Uncapper is needed. My settings are very basic, and it is easy to edit the files installed with my patches to create your own ini settings. Just remember to move them to their own folder so you don't overwrite your changes when you update the patches. STEP has an excellent Uncapper guide: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Skyrim_-Community-_Uncapper It is made for the legendary edition of Skyrim (not SE) but most if not all settings are identical. I'll make some versions of my Uncapper settings too, and will put them in the installer. It depends and I haven't looked at it in detail. I have used different dll loaders, depending on what the dll plugins that I used required. If I'm not mistaken, all dll plugins that I currently use are loaded by SKSE, which is in the Extenders category. You're welcome
  10. @MetalheadVez Thanks! Yeah, an NPC appearance overhaul is on my todo list but is constantly being pushed down the list because of how much work it requires. The conflict resolution is pretty basic but it is a lot. Then comes the dark face bug, and facegen regeneration etc. Cathedral Player and NPC Overhaul - HMB II looks more of a compilation of texture/mesh mods than a appearance overhaul? Scramble bugs - Will investigate, maybe propose it to be included in main STEP. Horse stamina HUD - Looks great, I'll add it to the guide Dovah Sonaak - Dragon Priest Masks SE - I like it, I don't know which I like best though, Dovah Sonaak or Dragon Masks Retextured. I like them both. What made you choose Dovah Sonaak? Dumner Settlements of Solstheim - I'm not too familiar with Solstheim. I probably haven't played more than a couple of hours there. Might take your word for it and just add it to the guide... Rally's Solstheim AIO - WIll add! Open world loot - I love loot mods, and this one looks really good. I would have to rebuild very much of my leveled lists (I'm guessing here) to use this mod though. I'll take a look at the armor/weapon mods. I am not looking to replace Heavy Armory. If everything goes well, I'll release my own version of it. It has open permissions. The version I'm planning will incorporate Heavy Armory, optionally rebalanced towards Animated Armoury (which will also get a rebalance patch), with animations from Animated Armoury and Skyrim Spear Mechanic built in. They all have open permissions and the animations will be applied using Dynamic Animation Replacer. The weapon categories will use the categories from SkyUI Weapons which will allow the UI to show (mostly) correct weapon types for all weapons. I want all new weapon types introduced by Heavy Armory and Animated Armoury to feel native. Thanks for all suggestions, helps a lot!
  11. FleshFX and Reliquary of Myth has no conflicts. Alchemy & Food Adjustments, without food, conflicts with Spooky Philter of the Phantom and with Crafting Skills Revamped. Bibliophile's Arcanaeum's Book Covers Skyrim sorting patch conflicts with my Book Covers Skyrim - USSEP patch. If you use Bibliophile's Arcanaeum, skip my patch, it does very minor corrections anyways. Bibliophile's Arcanaeum also conflicts with The Choice is yours and with Better Quest Objectives. Do not us Mator Smash, I don't think it supports light plugins (.esl files or esp files with a esl flag). Even if it does, there is also no way of knowing the result of the patch without checking the result in xEdit.
  12. @kewiz Glad you found this mod list, I'll try to answer your questions: 1. I've used this setup before. I moved to cbbe because i wanted too use some armors that weren't compatible with UNP. Since you don't want to do that, this is a great option. 3. I think these mods should be compatible with the mods you listed in 2). Alchemy Potions and Food Ajustments may conflict with SimonMagus mods. I'll take a look for you, I will have some time to do that tomorrow.
  13. I just love how STEP inspires me to google search pictures of aspen trees for an hour to compare game versions of trees to real ones. I prefer Aspens Ablaze judging from these screens. They do deviate from vanilla though. If we want something closer to vanilla, I prefer RAT. Aspen Realism isn't how I pictured aspen trees at all, which is why I started googling for pictures, which made me realize that American and European/Scandinavian (which is where I live) aspen trees are different species. When googling for aspen pics, I found this: european aspen , which resembles Aspens Ablaze imo.
  14. Thanks sattyre and I couldn't agree more. Wabbajack is great for people that just want to install a whole mod list and play the game. I believe most of us modders that do this ourselves without using a batch install/automation-tool like wabbajack like the modding process almost as much or perhaps even more than actually playing the game. And if you install a mod list by following a guide like STEP, you will learn at least some basic modding skills that will allow you to install mods on top of the mod list or leave out mods that you do not want in your game.
  15. It has been quiet from me for a while here in the forum. I'm still here and updating this build. I'm just letting you know that the site has been completely rebuilt and it now also has a nexus page. I don't think there are many users atm, but it's there for anyone that wants. STEP currently seems to adopt EnaiSiaion's suite of mods that alters magic, skill, races, abilities etc. This build uses SimonMagus suite instead, for anyone that is intrested in that. Thats it! Same link as usual: https://dreadflopp.github.io/dreadsskyrimbuild/
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