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Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP

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Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP

Hey, I need people to kind of help me with the guide since its getting to that point where, its really large and if I disappear then the guide will to.

If you want to be like a co-editor then send me a pm.

I don't have anyone else that can keep track of mod updates and editing of the guide.

Sooo, if anyone is interested then shoot me a pm.



This first post will update from time to time.

Probably every week, maybe.

If you wanna chat with me and other group members go over to Unofficial Chatrooom

And by I have.

I mean Soire(Red) has helped and merged her guide but has been absent for quite some time because of personal reasons.

I hope she is okay.

I have not heard from her in ~2 months now, I am assuming she is gone for the time being

First off, take a quick glance (yes, its long and a little strange).

There are going to be typos

There are going to be issues related to mods conflicting.

There are going to be issues with Wrye Bash

There are going to be issues with the lack of Conflict Resolution for the time being.

I took a look not to long ago and saw that CBash does a pretty good job

Mods were abandoned.

Most mods work just fine but the ones that don't will NEED to be weeded out.

In short there are going to be issues.
I cannot find all of them myself. That is not going to be a thing.
Then come share what you think.

Im kinda open to anything.


I have kinda of imitated the S.T.E.P. style of things but compressed it into one guide.

As I go through the mods, I do a quick assement from the documentation and then put a color with it.

If you disagree, make mention of it.

I am not really limited to what type of mods but I am on the content.

If I dislike it. I am not going to add it.

There is going to be a section for player homes, companions and some other things but that is latter and is not going to be something I am going to use but it will be included.


I'll be updating the intro info on the guide page eventually.

If you see something that doesn't look correct, share it or fix it.

Either PM me, make a post or fix it yourself.

You can even use the Unofficial Chat

I use the top of the page for a more up to date update article.


I am wanting a few things before more/less 'Alpha'. 


A different title, Mythic Dawn is better than the original but can be confusing

Here are some suggested ones


* MORE Making Oblivion Remain Everlasting

* Imperialist Guide to the Oblivion Planes

* Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion

* A Guide to the Oblivion Crysis

* O.T.E.P. Oblivion Total Enhancement Project




What do YOU want YOUR Oblivion to be like?

This is open ended on purpose. 

Do you want a fast pace game with pretty good combat filled with story and adventure.

So, mostly Extended with some optional mods

Tell me what you think

Color choices

I am by no means creative. So, help me out.

I mean look at this post... Terrible color choices have been made


I'll appreciate any help/suggestion/criticism/etc.
Updated: Nov 16, 2014

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Gotcha. I did a part editing pointed out as a suggestion (in one block), feel free to delete it.
I've done already (small) part of mod description and instruction (that actually happen to correspondend with some of yours) - I'll upload a mod-list somewhere for you to check out.  I can adjust stuff to run with Wrye pretty easely since Wrye was my primary Mod Manager.
I can create also BCF's where needed. I won't let Mo from the hook though, I'd like to see it running with Oblivion - the multiple profile  & virtual data folder ability is just too good =) and i got OBMM running in Mo. Not arrived yet at TES4LOD - is scary o.o
As for stutter reducing...
OSR INI adjusted like that:

 Master = {
 bReplaceHeap = 1
 FPS_Management = {
 fMaximumFPS = 60
 fMinimumFPS = 20
 Heap = {
 iHeapAlgorithm = 5
 iHeapSize = 768

 Note: if you experience stutter or lag ingame, consider to turn Heap-Replacement off and test. Or reduce gradually iHeapSize (default 450)

4gb Patch on Oblivion.exe
ENBoost (https://enbdev.com/patch_oblivion_enboost_v0259.htm) -> use Wrapper version & Config files from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45266/

VideoMemorySizeMb= ;set here your VRAM size, for example 1000 for 1GB

;Note: If you experience issues (stutters etc.) ingame and you have Vsynch enabled, disable one or the other.


  ;Note: on some systems this might be a bit heavy since it's forced to run along HDR, consider 4 instead or turn it off

;Note: FPS-Limits are managed by OSR (Oblivion Stutter Remover)

Sometimes it's not anything of this. Sometimes you simply need to recreate the Oblivion.ini - and do not change there too many tweaks, most of them actually do more harm than anything else. Tweak-Guide is quite old, I did scim through that too. I would only use following:

bUse Joystick=0
BGamePadRumble=0 ;if you don't use either
iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure=5 or 7

There is also nvidiaInspector, but I did not dig yet into this one for Oblivion - I only used it for Skyrim.
Then... Tes4LodGen.exe (is HDR enabled in your launcher?) & this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40549/
To be sure, low FPS can have houndreds of reasons, acutally. GameByro isn't too bad, but has natural limits especially in exterior cells. Occasional or even regular drops of FPS is to be expected. Though... we have ENBoost now!
The other thing I always did with any mod-build was adding first all OBSE plugins. No UOP - no nothing, just cleaned .esp's and with that I started a new game and played til after sewer, did a hardsafe (oh, only hardsafes please, no autosaves, they corrupt like Skyrims), jumped around the city and made sure, I did not have issues. That way I was reducing the load to find the cause in case I did. I did that with every mod-section I added, some sections required longer play-times and more developed characters. All-in-all, it actually took weeks to build something stable.

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I took a quick real through and almost everything you suggested is what I have known. There was some interesting bits.

for heap size i tried 1024 and worked well... MaxAnisotropy=8 can easily be max out to 16 when using ENB.

Note... water blur... Ignore this...


I'll take a peak at what the difference is between windowed and fullscreen. performance/feel 

I can take the lead one the application side of things if you want.

As for ENBoost... I noticed little difference in the memory. I run 2x 6970s and I remember there were issues with multi card as well as the full potential on my card wasn't being utilized fully. When I was running two cards I saw 0 fps increase... literally... Both cards were working though, my guess was it was the engine since it has issues. I might take a look into a memory purger that is installed in the background.


as for BCFs

      At the end I was going to include an archive full of them.




You can edit what ever you feel like. The only problem I have is I don't know how the wiki handles two edits at once....

yes I like dots...

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Say user 1 starts editing a page and then user 2 comes in and starts making a small edit like correcting a typo and saves it. Then user 1 finishes his work and makes a save. The type correction will be reverted because user 2 started after and ended before user 1 so the change is not taken. One way to avoid this is to work only in the section you are currently editing. There are many [EDIT] links, usually anywhere that a header (anywhere that some amount of '=' are used) is used. If I only edit one section and someone else edits a different section then only that part is saved and nothing gets reverted.

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Yesh that is what I was worried about... And weird because that is the exact situation that I was thinking... But shouldn't be a problem since across the world and whatnot...

Thats crazy and a little creppy how being across the world is a thing that is just normal.

Edited by hishutup
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Been following this, for a little while, both of you are doing a great job, keep it up and thanks....


Trying to get OBSE and Mod Organizer to play together, as it seem that Mod Organizer has a known issue, inapplyimg the OBSE virutal folders.Found the below possible solution, others claim it works well.Note just use the correct path to Oblivion.exeHere is the things you have to do:1.  In MO go to settings, workarounds and set the load mechanism to Script Extender. Click Ok to exit.2.  Next start the Modify executables dialog to create a new executable.3.  Give the executable a title. I called mine Steam.4.  In the Binary box navigate to where you have steam installed. In my case it is D:SteamSteam.exe.5.  In the arguments box add the following argument -applaunch 22330. Click add and Ok.6.  In the selector next to run select your new executable and press run. The configuration panel will  open up. Click play and enjoy.Load all OBSE Plugins, directly into the OblivionData folder, best way is to use Wrye Bash.I think that step 1 is all you may need if you have the retail version.What do you think?

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I have class today as well a test so quick answer... When I was playing with MO and Oblivion there were minor issues with Archive invalidation. I wasn't planing on immediately implementing MO... Since there are issues with installers. Ill figure it out later tonight...

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ah, Archive Invalidation. MO's doesn't work with a particular Cleaned Oblivion DLC for some strange reason

In the guide, I am going to be sticking with OBMM's AI

Edited by hishutup

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Got into modding Oblivion tested without cleaning- works

clean all mods - Crash at startup

Tried to figure it out - got mad stopped modding

Came back with DLC and UOPs - worked

Clean DLC - Crash at startup

Re installed all dirty DLC and when one by one

Found the troublemaker- Couldn't figure it out Stopped modding

Came back trying to get AI to work and there were issues because ini's for MO had not been generated yet.

I open the game everything worked....

Closed and active MO AI and boom crash at start up.

Removed the Archive invalidated!esp


Tried OBMM's worked ever since


It was a lot more painful than that but its close...

Edited by hishutup

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As far Mo goes, I am working on it in the background - including several at this time necessary workarounds. It is planned to implement links to specific Mo instructions (or templates) in the future but at this time, Mo does not work with Oblivion as intended and may fails at important steps (like importing correct INI, TES4Lodgen.exe - runs out of memory etc).


So, for now, the recommended Mod Manager to use is Wrye Bash in conjuction with OBMM.



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So all those boxes with directions that are created by indenting a line with one or more space and can be customized. It has to be done with CSS, but the procedure is pretty simple. Make a page with the same name as the guide and add .css ( the end then copy post this into it:

<source lang="css" line>

     color:F77D00;  <--Hex color can be changed to whatever you like, but google wiki web colors

pre {


Then you only have to use one space and it will indent 40px automatically. To add a CSS page to your guide you have to put {{#css:User:Hishutup/OblivionGuide.css}} somewhere on the page. The bottom is a good place so it's out of the way.

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