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  1. We both have slowed down a little with adding new sections. There are still frequent changes and working out details as well adding (or removing...) tweaks, settings and whatnot in the first part of the guide up to Flora, Grass & Water. Someone pointed TMM out which has been integrated into the guide and replaces OBMM. Install instructions for mods needing this tool will be adjusted shortly (even, they are the same, just think 'TMM' instead of 'OBMM'). I am still looking for something better than Improved Doors & Flora, Improved Trees and Flora 1 & 2. The bushes and trees look nice, but the flowers are - flat, so to speak, if nice looking from far. In the next few days I will go deeper into testing boostpatches, OSR, INI tweaks and do on top of that some benchmark-comparisons. Anyway, whoever likes to contribute, please post here =) We are always happy for tips, corrections, and your experience. Do not, if you please, directly edit the guide since this might interferes with Hishutup's and my way of tracking things. Thank you. Cheers Red
  2. As far Mo goes, I am working on it in the background - including several at this time necessary workarounds. It is planned to implement links to specific Mo instructions (or templates) in the future but at this time, Mo does not work with Oblivion as intended and may fails at important steps (like importing correct INI, TES4Lodgen.exe - runs out of memory etc). So, for now, the recommended Mod Manager to use is Wrye Bash in conjuction with OBMM.
  3. Gotcha. I did a part editing pointed out as a suggestion (in one block), feel free to delete it. I've done already (small) part of mod description and instruction (that actually happen to correspondend with some of yours) - I'll upload a mod-list somewhere for you to check out. I can adjust stuff to run with Wrye pretty easely since Wrye was my primary Mod Manager. I can create also BCF's where needed. I won't let Mo from the hook though, I'd like to see it running with Oblivion - the multiple profile & virtual data folder ability is just too good =) and i got OBMM running in Mo. Not arrived yet at TES4LOD - is scary o.o As for stutter reducing... OSR INI adjusted like that: 4gb Patch on Oblivion.exe ENBoost (https://enbdev.com/patch_oblivion_enboost_v0259.htm) -> use Wrapper version & Config files from here: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45266/ enblocal.ini: Sometimes it's not anything of this. Sometimes you simply need to recreate the Oblivion.ini - and do not change there too many tweaks, most of them actually do more harm than anything else. Tweak-Guide is quite old, I did scim through that too. I would only use following: There is also nvidiaInspector, but I did not dig yet into this one for Oblivion - I only used it for Skyrim. Then... Tes4LodGen.exe (is HDR enabled in your launcher?) & this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/40549/ To be sure, low FPS can have houndreds of reasons, acutally. GameByro isn't too bad, but has natural limits especially in exterior cells. Occasional or even regular drops of FPS is to be expected. Though... we have ENBoost now! The other thing I always did with any mod-build was adding first all OBSE plugins. No UOP - no nothing, just cleaned .esp's and with that I started a new game and played til after sewer, did a hardsafe (oh, only hardsafes please, no autosaves, they corrupt like Skyrims), jumped around the city and made sure, I did not have issues. That way I was reducing the load to find the cause in case I did. I did that with every mod-section I added, some sections required longer play-times and more developed characters. All-in-all, it actually took weeks to build something stable.
  4. Aye, that guide looks cool from looking quickly over it. I am actually writing a full fletched document. What I have could be very well combined with yours, cuz it's either supplemental or expanded on either side. I have a very rough put together Mod list (not complete at all and some things I have to test first, and might patches have to be done) and about 20 pages guide. To be sure, I am trying an approach like STEP for Skyrim which is quite - vast o.o Anyway, if you like to check out what I have now (mind, only a weekend + some hours but 2 years Oblivion modding) shout out. Edit: By the way, I think I figured some ways to make Mo work (almost) nicely with Oblivion. Actually, that is why my guide takes so long to get somewhere, 'cuz I do a lot of testing and research atm. If a serious project would run to develop an Oblivion guide, Tannin might be more inclined to correct certain things in Mo that do not quite yet work flawlessly with Oblivion.
  5. What he sais. I reckon that your crash issues do not have to do with SKSE at all, but with some (accidently) bad profile INI editing. For having a 'pristine' INI, you may delete the .ini files in your My GamesSkyrim folder (backup first, except you didn't change them) and launch Skyrim from SteamLibrary. Let the launcher set your resolution etc. That'll produce new .ini files in above folder. Now copy the whole Skyrim.ini, and in your Mo profile open the INI Editor (not the configurator) and highlight the whole Skyrim.ini there, then hit paste. Repeat for SkyrimPrefs.ini Mind, you'll have to do that for every profile except Default (which you hopefully never touched). Now you can repeat the Step 2.2.9 INI Tweaks section and adjust the INI files in Mo. The INI Configurator reduces the risk of accidentally edit a wrong line. Test if that helped.
  6. I did most of the texture optimization as suggested, though, I did not get to test the stuff yet ingame since I tied myself up in an attempt to write an Oblivion guide. Mo drives me crazy related to Oblivion, I tell ye... I think latest tuesday I'll get to test the textures in FNV and will give feedbag... I mean feetback. ps. sweet NVBIII =) Oh, and darn Steam. I only realised now, they kicked the option 'Do not update this game' entirely with the last big update! wtf -.- excellent for modded games really bah!
  7. 340.52 WHQL is out since 30. July. But - no news - only drivers without issues still 314.22 and 331.65.... (I run the 314 atm)
  8. How far is the progress of this guide? I've begun to write my own, though Mo gives me headaches related to Oblivion... I am used to a Wrye Bash installation and atm going step-by-step with Mo and an updated ModList which is not quite complete yet. So, yes, I am definitely interested to contribute.
  9. Okay, this is an old topic but I thought to add a very simple way for Mo first setup regarding this problem for everyone tripping over this topic. Mo v1.2.9 (and probably above) Some Infos first: when Mo gets the first time started after installation, the only profile available at this time is 'Default' and we use this one to correct the greyed out Archive Invalidation tickbox. Further, Mo creates a .bsa called ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa - if you browse to the [Archive] tab you'll see it under 'Data'. However, Mo misses to add the line to the Oblivion.ini which we have to do manually. Open the INI Editor and browse to [Archive]. Copy-paste following line to the bottom: SArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, Oblivion - Sounds.bsa, Oblivion - Voices1.bsa, Oblivion - Voices2.bsa, Oblivion – Misc.bsa Further change this entry: SInvalidationFile= ;yes, here should be nothing! [save] and exit. Now you can setup your profiles and Archive Invalidation should be available and working. As for Mo changing in any other Profile other than Default the SArchiveList to something binary-letter-format-whateva... if you did setup your Default profile correctly before creating any other profiles, you do not have to worry about this. Though, if you do use the correct entry for Archive Invalidation in the Oblivion.ini (namely ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa) this problem should not occurr! - Edit: forget that very last phrase, Mo does it anyway. Should Archive Invalidation for some obsucre reason after installing a new mod not work, try this: In Mo, disable all .bsa & Mo Management in the Archive Tab. Close Mo and start Oblivion, wait til it crashes. Press (CTRL+ALT+Delete) and open the task manager, end the Oblivion.exe Reopen Mo, enable all .bsa again and Mo Management and restart the game. Now the textures should be fine. Cheers.
  10. Actually, after installing the full guide, following textures will be obsolete since they get totally overwritten by texture mods: 'Update textures_opt', 'MercenaryPack textures_opt' and 'CaravanPack textures_opt'. May as well not optimize them at all?
  11. What SRB said but also you want to go through this here first (Organising the Vanilla Textures for Selective Optimization using Batch Files) and you won't f*** up, since the batch file localisation is the same: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:DDSopt#tab=FNV_QUICK-START_GUIDE and then go to SRB's mod Optimization page: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:EssArrBee/Fear_and_Loathing_Texture_Optimization
  12. I did a new installation from scratch (once more xD) and phew... thanks for your work SRB! I've seen there are a few mods with new versions and maybe one or two that do need different installation description. Some were mentioned in the last 10 pages already, but I put them together here for you, maybe helps a bit. Version-Changes: NVAC 7.0 YUP 9.0 Reload Game Speed Fix v2.0 HH-Sandstone is actually 1.0 Willow 1.06 + Hotfix 1.06 (merge) FCO 2.1.3 FOMOD EVE Final 1.15c (move EVE FNV - NODLC.esp and EVE FNV - NO GRA.esp to optional) WFO with esp's is actually v2.8a, without esp's the noted version Special Notes on Someguy Quests Versions: NVBI: might wanna recommend v1.54 from the old file section, since 1.55 has content opening up for quest 'New Vegas Killer' which is kind of made for a 'bad guy'-playthrough and possibly not compatible within a Core/Extended guide-line targeting all styles of play. NVBII: v1.47 connects to 1.5x+ Versions of NVBI Queststarts has been altered to lv10 min. requirement; might be a note worth, that the Someguy quest mods best be played with characters lv20+ (for not so 'anal-... aye' readme readers...) Additional to both NVBI & NVBII (requires testing): 'Inheritance v1.29' which features an adaptive & lore friendly questline, partially starting out of NVBI. Installation notes: I did check conflicting files related to Roberts and Type 3 Body. I've found if the whole section 'Does this make me look fat' is installed prior to 'Looking good, Billy Ray.' may avoids some unwelcome overwrites of the armor contents of both body mods as well Book of Water/Roberts potential conflict can be taken out of the description. Maybe need to move Book of Flesh prior to Book of Steel install. Maybe I am wrong, too, though. FlashLight NVSE needs to be installed after oHUD and may should be moved in the guide to after oHUD, I've ran into troubles if installed prior and had to reinstall partially the UI section. Since Dynavision 3 might be something some players would like to install (and really, Dynavision is a basic for me sine I do not use ENB perfomance related =), consider to mention somewhere in the UI guide, that it might be best installed before JIP Mods and before oHUD, so oHUD actually is positioned right after JIP Selective Fire in MO's Left Pane. Boss/BUM Userrules: The Userrule regarding 'Animated Fan' is obsolete, Boss does recognise the mod now. Something to check: WRP - ChristineCOSRifle.esp ---> can this be moved to optional .esp like the other ones from separate mods (357retex.esp and singleshot_retex.esp)?
  13. I will test today both UIGuide & DDsOpt batches and give feedback. @EssArrBee, my Skyrim runs perfect with 1-2k textures mixed, outdoors and indoors. Sometimes stutter while certain cell transitions, but who doesn't. I figured, I'll try the same with FNV. Regarding performance on 1GB - 1.5GB GPU's (also for i3's or average laptop setups) might consider/suggest in your guide instead of Nevada Skies FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting combined with Dynavision 3 as an utterly costumisable alternative for outdoors. Here the links: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/52037/? https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/51577/?
  14. Bee, thank you very much for your answers, appreciated... where is that endorse button ?!... darn! The screenshot, right click and load in a new tab, it'll show. Though, you did answer my questions already fully without that screenshot =)
  15. Yes, sorry, MadOak, I think, I confused myself quite a bit chasing 404 - file not found & Wrye Flash errors all afternoon =) Questions were: 1) I don't seem to be able to figure it out: NMC is non-Ultimate (no dlc-package). Poco Bueno as well? 2) How far EssArrBee is with the DDsOpt guide for FNV and when I opt textures, if body and face textures are as a problem as in Skyrim. Ty redishirlord, I did that with a plugin as you suggested and my lovely bashed patch is back on the bottom.
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