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  1. It's been a while had to study for some certs to move up in my job but im back at it and playing again. I already have my build set, but nice to see the guide is still being updated.
  2. haha adding more at this point scares me but im willing to try it out. Think I finally finished my load btw. Hishutup take a look at these mods and tell me what you think. Maybe it could be included in the guide, I have it in my LO. Pretty much appeases OCD people and people who are lore nuts. Allows you to stack up books neatly on the empy shelves of your houses in oblivion, Go to first edition in the imperial market and buy "A treatsie on Book Keeping" to get the spells https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/6262/? Marks Books with a (READ) tag if you have already read the book https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18434/? Pocket Guide to the empire, pretty much the book that came with the special edition oblivion in 2006, has a lot of lore about the different provinces and what not, as well as lore about cyrodil. Purchase at first edition in the imperial city market. https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9877/?
  3. So far it seems my performance is the exact same.
  4. I added raevwd in, will post results performance wise
  5. oh really? oh really? I thought it was the same thing lol. Maybe I'll throw it in. Ever since I got my titan x pascals the increase in vram has caused alot less stuttering for me, so it wouldnt hurt to throw it in the mix :) do you think it would be okay to use both? or would be wise to use one or the other? I know you said they both don't do the same thing but they both affect performance.
  6. hishutup, I rechecked the guide, abd realized you had RAEVWD in it. Just want to know your reasoning for this over the t4all, does it have better performance look better? etc. I might just have to try it myself and see how I like it.
  7. @ancient 2. 4gb patch causes random CTD's you would get an uknownversion.exe as the fault path and I believe this is because the laa alters the oblivion exe. Also it is not needed with ENB boost, OSR's heap replacement, and moreheap in play. 5. No floating weapon is included in Enginebugfixes Not sure about the other questions you had but hishy will be able to answer those.
  8. So when reverting back to the Old OOO that weird googly eye problem goes away. Seeing as the new OOO doesn't fix much I think I will just use the previous version to get rid of my googly eye problem.
  9. New issue. When using OOO and better Cities, some of the better cities characters have weirdo eyes. It seems like there are two separate meshes or textures for the eyes that are fighting for each to be in the middle here. This would be an easy fix, all I would have to do is remove the texture or mesh but OOO and better cities are BSA's.
  10. All hail hishutup for solving my issue :)
  11. I opened the ck to try to find the purchasable items and I don't even have the slightest clue in how to find them lol
  12. Hey guys I using frostcrag reborn de isolated version, and it comes with if's problems but I fixed most of them, they were just missing mesh issues that can be found in the other frostcrag version. So I only have one issue. Basically when you buy the alchemy lab it does not show up and I assume This is something as easy as enabling it in the construction kit but the problem is I have no idea how to use the ck. If any one can tell me how to do it, it would be wonderful :)
  13. Yeah re did it again and got the tear. Only thing that makes it go away is deleting the mesh from both packages.
  14. hmmm, so I forgot to anneal when I put back in the ANCastleCourtCircle01.NIF mesh and when I did anneal I got the same tear, so I just deleted both the meshes from qtp3compat patch and quarls so get rid of the issue. Now to figure out what the hell is causing me to CTD in skingrad outskirts with better cities. pretty much finished through the advanced mods section
  15. yeah pretty much UOP, quarls, qtp3 compatibility and better cities together is what would cause it for me. Still odd you didn't encounter the same issue as I have.
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