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Loading Screen object rotation

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I never knew this, so if this is a common knowledge, please excuse my ignorance :) I discovered this tonight! Just a cool little feature. Hold the left mouse button on any loading screen and you can rotate the displayed object by moving your mouse left and right, and zoom in and out by moving up and down! Pretty cool!

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Yes, a very cool feature indeed. Which brings me to my question.


Recently in a mod-showcase on youtube I noticed somebody's loading screen model doing this rotation AUTOMATICALLY, similar to the "Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem" by Brumbek


It's a pity, I can't recall that specific video. So, did anybody here maybe already got his hands on such a mod?


Thanks in advance,


SPA aka SparrowBlack

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Yeah I've know that for quite a while.  BUT I just found out 2 other things recently that I should have known:


--If you hold down the interact key (by default 'e' on PC) on an object, you can manipulate the object (move it, carry it) without adding it to your inventory.

--If you hold down the interact key on an NPC follower, you can tell them to do something (wait there, pick up something, etc.) without having to talk to them and go through menus.

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