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Touring Carriages


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Touring Carriages


This has been released shortly, it's a replacement for both Real Carriges and ScenicCarriages. It says it's much safer to install and remove but I have no knowledge in scripting, so a review by someone more experienced would be great :p


And as the other ones should add immersion!

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I think the dodgy physics was the reason Bethesda did not implement this in the first place. As far as I remember from reading about scenic carriages the functionality was there, but it was locked.


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I tested this mod last night and while there are quirks (odd physics and sometimes blinking actors on carriage) it is a very immersive add.

I fully agree!


Neo, as I am still learning how to move things around with TES5EDIT...I checked the esp of this mod last night and noticed some compatibility issues with Dungeon Quest Awareness (1 issue) and a few more with Unique Region Names. Did I do right that I created a patch for them?


P.S.: Don't get me wrong here guys...I knew nothing about modding Skyrim a few months ago nor about any of the applicable tools (TES5EDIT, MO, WB, etc...). What I have learned so far was solely due to installing and uninstalling SR following Neo's guide to the letter and also reading a lot from forums, articles, etc...but...I still need the re-confirmation from you TES5EDIT experts out there as to what I see/figure out is right or wrong!



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I am still testing this. I love it and it works, the odd physics isn't bad at all really and certainly not game breaking.


I just kept getting crashed as I approach the cart outside Whiterun and I don't know why, maybe it was this mod, maybe it was something else. So I disable this and some other stuff and crash was gone.


I will probably try again.

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New update for this. In fact it looks like 4 in rapid succession:


Version 2.2.0


Release with explicit USKP master for newest NMM.

Version 2.1.9


Update to match USKP 2.0.1 navmesh.

Version 2.1.8


Fix Helgen gates on leaving (reported by Slavemaster4u).

Version 2.1.7


Add Nimalten Wood stable stop.

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