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  1. Ganda


    I won't have internet for a few months so support will be limited to hishy. I only have internet during classes :/ Try running relinker on the command line like this: path_to_relinker.exe --debug And paste the output into pastebin and paste the link here (uhhhh the output should be in the same folder as the relinker executable. Or in your home folder. It's been a long time alright?)
  2. Ganda


    Hishy needs to change that link. Can you send me the source file? Also, is the modname built dinamically? If so, there's nothing relinker can do about it
  3. Ganda


    All major bugs have been squashed and this is no longer being worked on. If any major bug comes me or hishy may take a look at it. The last version will be available at the relinker nexus page.
  4. Ganda


    This is no longer being worked on, the last version will be available under the misc section at the relinker's nexus page.
  5. Ganda


    First, try decompiling the offending pex file with champollion, If it works, put a link to the psc here
  6. It's poiting to the releases page, not the latest :p But you're right, the users will most likely use the latest
  7. Ganda


    Alright I pushed a fix that was supposed to have been pushed about a month ago, so... uhmm... yh xD check if it works with the new version.
  8. Just a tiny thing, you should have the Relinker link point here: https://github.com/GandaG/relinker/releases/latest so the latest version is used (I highly doubt anything will ever break by using the latest version :p)
  9. Would you mind stopping making awesome guides? You're making the rest of us look bad
  10. Hishy has started to port realistic boat bobbing over to SSE, he just needs some daily lashes as a reminder :D
  11. Wow, more spain, thanks xD Pretty sure the brits did worse, the americans got the big countries right mostly and were confused with eastern europe (even we - southern europe - are)
  12. Ganda


    yup, that's good, send me the 4 files :)
  13. Ganda


    Since relinker produces no errors I'll need both the original pex and the relinker output pex (and if you could decompile both and also send me that I'd really appreciate it :D)
  14. Ganda


    Awesome, I'll push it in a bit
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