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  1. Aha that's nice to hear :P Btw I already had issues with Skyrim becoming unstable once in a while with just SRLE + Explorer's. Did you manage to get everything stable with LOTD? That would be extremely impressive. Or maybe it was just my old video card being overloaded.
  2. Wow this looks like an amazing guide. You have come a long way in your guide writing ventures Darth :) It has many things that I've always wanted to include in a playthrough (and also in my guides). In fact this is probably the ultimate compilation of addons to put on top of SRLE. I wish I had the time to mod and use this guide, but every year I seem to have less and less of it. Either way, major props!
  3. There is now a light version of ICAIO though, which is according to author compatible with everything (said to be same level of compatibility as W&C). Would it be an idea to have ICAIO-Lite for Core, and ICAIO-full for the Extended pack? It would greatly improve STEP Core compatibility with other popular mods out there.
  4. Ehh damn, stupid hungover me completely missed that :P
  5. On the ICAO description page it says that the plugin should be positioned above Realistic Water Two and below Deadly Dragons. However, LOOT doesn't do that by itself, at least not for me. Shoulnd't there be meta LOOT rules for these?
  6. @ Nazenn: In consideration of the above, could I ask you if you have had any useful user reports recently on JK Lite - ICAO compatiblity? Going through the nexus comments I can't find many, but perhaps some people wrote you a PM. Great to read there yesterday that you received some more information from Shurah specifically concerning JK Lite! I guess the only way to really know how compatible the mods at this point is by doing extensive in-game testing? Thanks in advance
  7. I did, even had it in SRLE - EE for a while in the beginning for testing. But removed it eventually cause I really didn't like the visual style of the wayshrines and it is kinda redundant. Skyrim in the end is not that big of a world to travel, and in case you disable fast travel then BFT will take care of most of your needs.
  8. Why remove them though? I mean they can be simply overwritten in MO, or is there another reason for it? I like to preserve a clean SRLE profile.
  9. In the Enhanced Landscapes options, there's no mention of installing the SFO billboards however in the special installation instructions you say to remove the current vanilla and SFO billboards as they are included in EL.
  10. What's the reason for leaving ICW packed in the BSA?
  11. Looks like the 'High Definition Base Game Textures' are not available for download yet at Optimized Vanilla Textures. I can only see the HD DLC texture pack.
  12. Just noticed that UNP Female Armors has an update file UNPB Hide Armor Fix which is supposedly necessary "For users of the optional UPNB meshes ONLY!!! Fixes the weighting problem in the hide armors for those users.". Shouldn't this update be installed?
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