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  1. Hi sheson, I would like to ask how we can combine 2 different tree mods (not touching the same trees) when one has 3D hybrid LOD and the other not? I am talking in particular about combining the mods A Little Tree Mod WIP and Aspens Ablaze with Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3. Both have different TexGen and DynDOLOD (tree mesh rule) settings suggested by their authors. How do we get around combining these rules? For DynDOLOD generation do we keep the tree mesh rules as suggested by T4 (since it touches a lot more tree models) and we add separate rules for each aspen tree touched by z following his general tree mesh rule suggestion but for each aspen tree individually or there is a way to group rules i.e. per-mod-basis? What happens to TexGen generation as also there both authors seems to suggest different settings? Thanks for your time and reply!
  2. Not that I know of...but to be honest the author of "Lanterns of Skyrim II" should know better.
  3. Sorry for the necro... Is there any chance you can update your LoS script patch for LoS II for SSE? Base scripts between LoS and LoS II are not the same. Thanks!
  4. Hi sheson, It seems that the version you uploaded above works just fine! Tested it with MO2 version 2.2.1 Alpha Build 2. Thanks a lot man!
  5. It happened again with the newest MO2 alpha build (2.2.1 Alpha 2). I guess I will make the MO guys aware by linking them our discussion sheson.
  6. Okie. As a matter of fact I will download the latest MO2 dev build (2.2.1 Alpha Build 2) and test again... If this bug still occurs then I will direct them to this thread.
  7. I see. Yeah I have noticed the discussion going on that thread you quoted me but I didn't think that it was relevant. Are the MO2 guys aware of this bug or should I post on their discord? Thanks sheson!
  8. Hi sheson, Using MO 2.2.0 & xLODGen Beta 42. I have set it up in MO correctly (using xLODGen almost since its release, so the setup is not an issue), but I am facing a very weird behavior. xLODGen stops at times its terrain generation with a "Invalid lod settings" pop-up window. I never had any invalid lod settings in all the mods I am using (most of my ***world.lod files are loose; I have extracted the BSAs) so I thought I should check these files to see if I can spot anything. After a lot of testing what I spotted was that xLODGen, during generation, arbitrarily replaces some of the original *world.lod files in MO with its own that seem to be quite corrupted. Let me give you an example (results of my latest test last night): This is a screenshot of my setup: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v253jktkkzstgi9/Screenshot%202019-05-13%2011.12.56.png?dl=0 xLODGen was doing its thing and then just after generating "mannyGFOworld" (from The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal mod) it stops and the "Invalid lod settings" window appears. Then I opened the mannygfo.lod file and its contents are completely invalid...have a look pls: Which simply means that xLODGen copied the contents of its log file for the given world into the actual mannygfo.lod file in the lodsettings folder in MO !!!! I went through all the *.lod files in MO and found another one (arnimadagonrealm.lod from Beyond Reach mod) that xLODGen had replaced the contents with the log file of BSHeartland which in turn was a worldspace that I hadn't even selected !!!! From what I have noticed through my various tests, which actual *world.lod it corrupts is completely arbitrary. I have the feeling that since xLODGen halts complaining about an invalid lod settings file; then there is strong possibility that one the files it corrupts should be for a worldspace not yet generated and when xLODGen comes to its generation it then sees the corrupted file and stops. If I do 1 worldspace at a time then no corruption appears. Any thoughts please?
  9. From what I understnad Mathy was referring to "his models". In other words, what he simply says is to do not attempt to run Skyrim 3D Trees with DynDOLOD to generate 3D Tree LOD. Not because DynDOLOD is a "bad thing"; on the contrary, it is because mathy has not created any optimized-hybrid tree meshes for this sort of generation. It was just a bad wording from his side.
  10. Regenerated everything using the new 2.39 Beta. No more injected records and everything is working great! Thanks again sheson!
  11. Hi Sheson, Can you please have a look at this xEdit screenshot at records 1,2,3,4? https://www.dropbox.com/s/nimd5lf4f6851iy/Screenshot%202018-06-22%2000.18.35.png?dl=0 DynDOLOD seems that, for some unknown reason, is assigning the wrong index at the FormID of the specified parent worldspace cells. Record 1 should have a mod index of 2F and not 2E and comes from Helgen Reborn. Record 2 should have a mod index of 5E and not 5D and comes from Hammet's Dungeon Pack. Records 3 & 4 should have a mod index of 8E and not 8D and come from Darkend. Using DynDOLOD SSE 2.38 (haven't tried the Beta 1 yet), but this behavior did not happen before. At least not in early beta of 2.37. Any thoughts? Thanks! EDIT: I should have posted this to the SSE DynDOLOD topic...apologies sheson...can you move it pls?
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