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  1. I do agree that small conflicts are not really problematic, however if it's conflicts that stop followers and npcs from following you though doors for instance, they can easily be fixed by following the tutorial I've posted here. Open Cities compatibility patches don't work in the same way as normal patches between say 2 mods that affect the same city, and using an older OC "patch" will simply cancel any update to the mod that's being patched, and potentially break stuff or CTD if something's been deleted from the mod in an update. Unless the mod was reworked from the ground up in the last 2 years, Open Cities does not load the city interior at all, it uses a copy of the vanilla city that it adds to the Tamriel worldspace. You could throw as many mods that affect any city worldspace, what'll happen is that Open Cities still won't load the changes those mods do (unless the changes are made to the exterior of the towns, of course). Therefore, OC patches require that one rebuilds all the elements that have been made to the city worldspace directly into the tamriel worldspace. So basically, it's more of a "remaking the entire city mod (except interior cells) but using OC as a master" kind of deal. Navmesh conflicts are completely pointless, since OC should be loaded after anything that might affect the navmesh near city entrances. I do remember seeing a Tes5edit script that helped immensely with automating OC patching, but I'm not sure if it was one of the default ones, or one by Mator, or even by someone else. Here's an explanation for anyone curious as to how exactly OC works : Skyrim works using a few worldspaces and a lot of cells. The worldspaces are of the number of 9 or so IIRC One for skyrim itself (called Tamriel in the game files), one for each city that has a loading screen, and one for every region in the DLCs. So what open cities does is basically copy the Riften, Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun and Markarth entire worldspaces into the Skyrim one. It copies the quest markers, the NPC spawners, and everything, plus it changes the doors into functional ones. It also changes all the teleporters from interiors in the cities (think tavern/shop doors) so that when exiting a building, you find yourself in the Skyrim worldspace, and not in Riften's worldspace for instance. Since city changing mods affect the city worldspaces, any changes done to them will not be read by the game, since it should not have to load the city worldspaces if everything is working correctly.
  2. I edited my post after you posted your comment, so you might actually miss my reply Sadly, most of the new mods I haven't even heard of, so I can't comment on those...
  3. Had I known that, I would not have discussed the majority of mods I tested in private messages only :| I'll check out the list and try to point out which mods I might have tried and that turned out to be really bad and not worth the effort. :P EDIT : Here's the feedback I can provide, I hope it'll help you a bit at least : Raven Rock Expanded : This actually used to be in my game before ETaC, but I felt like it didn't accomplish enough, plus iirc, it had a bad navmesh and other minor issues (don't quote me on that though)Books of Skyrim : Absolutely great mod, loved it. Just had to be patched to work with other solitude mods. I had it on my personal game too, and didn't uninstall it.Towns and Villages Enhanced - Villages : This one never made the cut for REGS, and since it was never updated, I'm quite sure the problems in it are still there (mismatched terrain textures, horrible navmeshes, crashes etc... )Windhelm/Riften Docks Pathways : In the old REGS versions those two wouldn't have been compatible with whatever mods affects the outskits of towns, but I'm guessing that's solved now.Darkwater Crossing : Tested and working just great (Well... It's an Arthmoor mod after all). I just personally preferred ETaC and its additions to the south side of the bridge.Volkihar : Arthmoor's version is clearly the superior one here, be it on the nexus or on the workshop. I had always hoped that this mod would be updated (had to jury rig it so it would work nicely on my game) but clearly that's not going to ever happen. :|Tes Arena Skyrim Frontier : Huh, this mod is still being updated? I remember testing it back when it was released and after a year but it wasn't up to par yet, I'm guessing all the kinks have been ironed out since anyway. Really nice to see this level of dedication.Stendarrs Beacon Enhanced : Don't remember why, but this mod definitely was considered for addition then removed from our list.I know it's not much, but this is all the information I can recall from memory, and judging by the list, it looks like you've already weeded out the low quality or incompatible candidates.
  4. The thing about Microsoft though, is that with DX12, they've introduced a multi GPU option that would enable me to almost double my FPS with an RX 480 combined with a GTX780 set as secondary, as long as the game supports multi GPU (and a couple already do)
  5. Regardless of the specs, I would advise against buying an HP laptop. I've owned two pavilions dv7, and unless you like having a jet engine in your house, with a graphics card that stops working after mere months, you'd better off be buying from another manufacturer. Their desktop PCs are good tho, it's just that they seem unable to get fans working on laptops.
  6. While I personally feel very concerned about the matters that SJW and BLM people pretend to care about, as they affect me directly, I still find most of the members of those groups to be just crazy delusional individuals who are just looking for excuses to blame everyone and everything with no apparent reason at all. The problem is that SJW have managed over a few years to undo par of what real feminism has achieved over the last century. By letting those degenerates accuse random people of sexual harassment, assault, racism and the likes, without any semblance of proof and without any repercussion for them ruining the lives and reputations of their targets (sometimes even pushing them to suicide), the true causes that movements like feminism stand for have started to lose credibility, and the very term has become derogatory and associated with the "feminazi" crowd.* I've seen examples of SJWs telling native americans to shut up cause they knew nothing about "being oppressed" and "segregated" since they were "white cis males". As for BLM... Heck, even the simple name of the group "Black Lives Matter" disgusts me despite my father being Black. At the end of the day, when you look at their actions from an Euro POV, they just look like a less violent KKK that targets whites instead.
  7. Regarding all that's been posted here recently, I'd like to just say that I do not have any problem whatsoever with people taking over and changing the mods listed in the pack drastically, as long as it stays a mod pack curated for STEP. I have nothing against providing compatibility instructions/patches for other packs (I did my best to support SRLE as well as the STEP packs after all), but if REGS were to just become an expansion for an existing pack, then I'd rather see it remain dead. Just a note though, people are saying IC is incompatible with Nernies, but is it also incompatible with the REGS version of the mod? Cause all the REGS version does is add a few, very small expansions to the city outskirts, where there was nothing at all in the first place. I don't own the game anymore (used to use Steam Family) so I can't even check how ICAO works in that scenario.
  8. They're actually doing that from what it seems. They're also removing spawn points/pokéstops/gyms in medical facilities to stop people from strolling in there, but that also is a downer for the kids who are stuck in hospitals and were able to catch Pokémons during their daily walks. No way to make everyone happy and safe, I guess. :|
  9. Not gonna lie, while I'd never use a bot because that just ruins what little purpose there is to this game, I have resorted to some live map apps (Such as Pokévision) with the GF to get the rarer pokémons in the area where I live, cause otherwise it's just a collection of pidgeys and rattatas where I live (caught 100s of each and evolved a lot of them to get stardust/xp), with a total of 2 Pokéstops and 3 gyms for the whole town. I wouldn't actually have done it if the tracker worked though, but the fact that you don't know where that draconite on your tracker is was plain annoying, so instead we'd just load a map of the area, see if there were any interesting Pokémons, and run like crazy to catch them before they despawn (most rare ones despawn in 5 minutes so that makes for one hell of a run ), but even that got boring pretty fast. We tried to catch them on our usual jogging route, but that resulted in encountering no more than 5 pokémons in an hour.
  10. Honestly, I've tried Pokémon GO for some time now (am currently lvl 15) and today's update was the final nail in the coffin for the game as far as I'm concerned. It's just a pointless game that serves no purpose whatsoever. You walk around aimlessly with a feature that was supposed to tell you how far you were from the Pokémons that are in the area, but that's been deliberately broken by Niantic because their servers couldn't handle the stress a while ago and has now completely been hidden. You just keep doing the same thing over and over again : walk randomly in hopes to find a Pokémon, throw balls at them, and hope that the game/server won't crash when you finally manage to hit em leading you to losing the pokémon. I thought this was going to make my running sessions more fun, or make me go out more, but to be honest all this served to was to annoy me because I always had rare Pokémons around but no way to know where they were (the tracker just tells you they're in a radius of a few kilometers, so good luck figuring out the exact position) Not to mention that if you don't live in a city's center, you're basically out of luck since there are no Pokéstops to replenish your potions/balls and there are far less spawns, with all of them being Rattatas, Pidgeys and other useless ones.
  11. Skip the Settlements part, the immersive college, the realistic inns by perseid, and Nernie's villages. You MIGHT be able to install ETaC if there is still an immersive citizens patch and that it's been improved. (If it's not been improved you'll get some minor pathing errors) You might also get some issues with the ORS mods. And don't use the REGS STEP patch since it's out of date, it's not needed anymore regardless.
  12. Most people will surely have seen it coming by now, but I'm sorry to say that this guide is now officially dead. There are plenty of reasons behind this, the most important ones being : - The lack of time/motivation to keep the guide updated (This applies both to Nearox and me, I would assume). As it turned out, uni life in France takes a heavier toll on my free time than I expected. - The absence of an internet connection which makes it very difficult for me download all those big mods and keep them updated (I'm relying on wifi hotspots atm) - The final nail in the coffin which was the inclusion of Immersive Citizens in STEP; That mod is virtually incompatible with half of the mods in the guide. patching some of them would in fact be relatively easy, but mods such as ETaC or JK's would take hundreds of hours to patch (and would need updates to these patches every time a mod is updated). I know that missjennabee has released a patch for IC, but I'm afraid it is nowhere near perfect to say the least (even though I only checked it on Tes5Edit, not in the actual game). It seems to just fix the most blatant issues, which is good for most people but doesn't really hold up to the STEP standards. But ultimately I would like to thank everyone who supported this guide. I've really learned a lot more about modding by creating it, and it enabled me to finally give something back for this great community. I'm really grateful to all the people who participated in this thread. And I'd like to especially thank Nearox for co-authoring the guide and going through all of those hundreds of mods with me at the start of the project, as well as all the following people (in no particular order) as I consider REGS to be the result of our collective effort : MonoAccipiter, Gandaganza, Keithinhanoi, Kelmych, Astakos, Malouz, Noobzor, Thernn, TheBloke, & Ogham. That's pretty much all I have to say... D: If anyone is interested in reviving the guide, I would gladly welcome the offer and even help with theoretical knowledge (especially concerning the process of patching mods/navmeshes)
  13. You can also get a coupon from GMG if you put the game in your cart and leave the site, then wait for a day. Not sure if you'll get anything better than that 25% code that Neovalen posted. However the cart trick works for all games, just don't abuse it. Personally, I think I'll wait until they release the premium edition of the game, that way I can have it for 60 bucks with all the DLCs, it'll just mean I'll miss the release of the first 2 DLCs or so.
  14. You can use the patches except the STEP one, which you won't really need anyway since it's sure to be out of date by now (and never was really useful, it just carried the behaviour and outfits of a few NPCs from ETaC). Also, concerning Immersive Citizens, I've not yet had a look at it, but according to Nearox (who heard it from the author), patching it to work with ETaC and similar mods would take hundreds of hours, which is obviously something no one is willing to do. If that's in fact true, then the guide would never support IC.
  15. It shouldn't be, the REGS version only adds new areas that are totally empty in the vanilla game, therefore there should be no room for conflict.
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