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Diverse Priests (by Captain Lhurgoyf)


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Discussion thread:
Diverse Priests by Captain Lhurgoyf
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This mod seems very along the lines of a few mods already in STEP. In this way I thought I might bring it to attention. The mod is known as : Diverse Priests.

In the similar way that Consistent Older people, or appropriately attired Yarls works this seems to aim to do the same. In the game many of the priests show no diversity to what they are wearing in regards to their respective god. This mod takes the different colored robes in the creation kit and puts them to use. 

It may not be much of an issue, but it adds a nice little bit of change in my opinion. Thought i'd see the opinion of this =)

Accepted for STEP v2.2.5
--Thanks to WiliamImm for creating the mod page, Eliian for posting the initial screens, and Kelmych for the detailed analysis.

Dropped in STEP 2.2.9

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No, all the textures exist in the vanilla game. All this mod does is change the inventories for the priests. I may have created new robe entries too as I don't know if the textures were actually assigned to anything. But the mod itself is just an ESP.

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I like that it changes the colors of robes providing some diversity to the different priest groups. It changes the robes on 21 priests. There are a few small problems with it:

  • it overwrites (ignores) changes to Senna added in Update.esm in Skyrim 1.5 that, along with some other small changes, made Senna essential,
  • it has a conflict with Consistent Older People on two priests (Alessandra and Nura),
  • like most mods, it doesn't include any of the small Unofficial Skyrim patch changes, and
  • like almost all mods, it overwrites the changes made by Bring Out your Dead.
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