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  1. Wish you all good luck and i'm excited to see the results. Thanks for all your work you do.
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated when those things happen, even if they are minor.
  3. Your development looks great @dreadflopp. Thanks for your nice guide. It's a great addition to STEP.
  4. I'm thinking of modifying my newly made STEP with some of the mods and instructions made here. Which mod is better, the mentioned NARC or Critters Ain't Snitches?
  5. "Don't load a from a save when first launching after a fresh Guide installation but rather Start a new game!" Don't load a what from a save? It's either: Don't load from a save when first launching ... or Don't load a save when first launching ... (this might not be correct this way but might be formed into a proper sentence) I already read it more then once
  6. Magic! I have it in my list and so far could start without a CTD.
  7. I'm also right there at the tree generation. Now it says: Generate tree LOD (this should be greyed out as 'N/A', due to TreeLOD=0 DynDOLOD.ini setting) Create texture atlas Generate tree LOD so it's written twice. Btw i don't get the explenation. I should ensure that it's ticked but can't because it's geyed out? Just let it out if it shouldn't be ticked. I'm a bit confused Another small mistake is under First Lunch: "Don't load a from a save" the first a can be left out. Seems like there where 2 versions of a sentence mixed up.
  8. Descriptions mentions: "If you have DynDOLOD installed, use this version instead." and as you have DynDOLOD when following the guide it might be the option to choose for STEP? Wiki page for it doesn't mention any preference and both Main Files are fairly new, so i didn't know if there was already any knowledge about which of the two versions is better and if one could even be harmful.
  9. "Armor and Clothing Extension" is twice in the recommendation but i get Smithing Perks Overhaul after the first time. Rest fits, so i think this is a mistake.
  10. I might want to add, that the Missing Master Notification in MO2 gets handled with mods later from Section Locations(, if anyone is wondering if they oversaw something).
  11. Are the Recommendations out of date, or are the other options, not present in it, not STEP friendly? As the file is old enough, i assume, that only the recommended options should be taken.
  12. Should "Remove Small Rocks v1.1 - High Compatibility" file be considered?
  13. In Root Files Installation at 3.: "Keep this archive open for the for the next steps." double for the. I cant change it in the forms, as it is greyed out for me, so you have to do it
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